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September 14, 1988


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                              September 14, 1988

                            President's Board Room

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  L. J. Arnold, F. M. Asche, G. E. Bunce, R. A. Comparin,

                    P. K. Edwards, P. P. Feret, V. R. Fu, G. R. Hooper, M. G.

                    Squires, F. W. Stephenson, and E. R. Stout


  MEMBERS ABSENT    M. R. Geasler, W. G. Huber, J. C. Lee, D. F. McTaggart,

                    M. Potts, J. Randolph, H. H. Stoevener, and W. L.



  INVITED GUESTS:   M. D. Shelton, R. A. Teekell, K. A. Wilkins





      a.  The search for the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs and

          Research Administration is well under way.  The search committee

          has met to review the thirty-one applications received and has nar-

          rowed the field to twelve candidates.


      b.  The Academy of Research Excellence resolution had its first reading

          at the University Council meeting on September 5th.  The Council

          would like more information on how the Academy would work, etc.

          This information will be supplied when Council refers the matter

          back to the Commission.


      c.  Budget update.  Core operating dollars continue to be a problem be-

          cause the federal formula funds in no way keep pace with salaries

          so a larger and larger proportion of the Core allocation has to go

          to salaries.


      d.  Three Center Director searches are in various stages of initiation

          at the present time.  These are for the Center for Adhesive and

          Sealant Science, replacing Hal Brinson; the Systems Research Cen-

          ter, replacing Dick Nance who has been named the Dahlgren Profes-

          sor; and the AgriBioTech Center, replacing Acting Director Gary



      e.  Two site visits occurred recently.  One in May by a USDA team to

          study the feasibility of a proposed biotechnology facility.  The

          other was for the proposed NSF Science and Technology Center, put

          together by the Materials Sciences group in engineering and chemis-

          try.  Feedback from both site visit teams was very positive.


      f.  Funds have been requested from the short session for the relocation

          of the Seismic Observatory from the campus to the grounds of the

          state hospital at Catawba and for planning funds for the proposed

          biotechnology facility.




      The Minutes of the May 11, 1988 Meeting of the Commission on Research

      were approved as distributed.






      Dr. Fu reported that this committee originated in the Faculty Senate

      and Commission on Faculty Affairs.  They met several times during the


      Spring Quarter and reviewed a number of statements from other universi-



      Dr. Fu guided the members through the Committee's proposed Statement of

      Professional Ethics and Responsibilities pointing out additions and

      changes.  The Statement has been presented to the Faculty Senate and

      was forwarded by that body to the University Council for first reading

      at its next meeting.


      Dr. Arnold expressed concern about item 6, "Uphold the academic freedom

      of their students AND COLLEAGUES ...".  She asked if this was going to

      be distinguished from those aspects of upholding academic freedom that

      are part of the grievance process and how that would be divided.  She

      feels there might be a multiple jurisdiction there that would create

      more problems instead of resolving problems.


      Also, she would like to see involvement of the Provost in the appoint-

      ment of the committee.  She felt better balance could be achieved if

      two nominees from each college were submitted to the Provost for ap-

      pointment.  This process would 1) enhance the stature of the committee,

      2) give the Provost greater confidence in the committee, and 3) give

      the Provost and his advisors the opportunity to think about things that

      perhaps the Faculty Senate and its President might not think about.


      Dr. Edwards asked the rationale for the proposed appointment procedure.

      Why not involve the College faculty association?  They now forward nom-

      inees for election or appointment to a variety of offices.  This would

      be only one more.  Dr. Bunce asked if this would be an alternate proc-

      ess to having the Provost make the appointments.  It would.


      Dr. Hooper asked for clarification on item 12, whether this item gave

      the avenue for reporting violations or whether this obligated the fac-

      ulty member to report suspected violations.  Does this make failure to

      report a suspected violation unethical?  Dr. Fu responded that report-

      ing suspected violations was a responsibility.  Dr. Arnold suggested a

      change to "Violations must be reported in writing".  Dr. Arnold also

      pointed out that there is no provision in the statement for an individ-

      ual to be confronted by his accuser.


      Dr. Feret raised a question about item 7.  He feels that it glosses

      over a potentially important problem, especially with regard to this

      being a guideline for a young Assistant Professor at the University.

      He agreed with the fist sentence, but suggests that the second sentence

      be strengthened to read something like, "Particular sensitivity should


      ration and submission of research papers that find their PRIMARY basis

      in graduate student DISSERTATIONS, theses or reports.  (Highlighting

      added to show inserted text.)  With regard to item 9, Dr. Bunce ex-

      pressed the feeling that this item deals with professional behavior,

      not professional ethics and really does not belong in the statement.

      Dr. Fu pointed out that Item 9 is not new.  It is part of the present

      statement in the Faculty Handbook.  Dr. Bunce raised the question of

      why not work through the Department Head, and Dr. Comparin agreed that

      working through the Department Head should be the first step.


         MOTION was made by Dr. Arnold that the Statement of Professional

         Ethics and Responsibilities be referred back to the Faculty Sen-

         ate for consideration of the suggested revisions by the Commis-

         sion on Research.  Motion seconded and approved.




      In 1986 the Appropriations Act of the General Assembly issued a mandate

      that SCHEV "... evaluate the effectiveness and productivity of such

      centers in furthering state interests and objectives, and shall recom-

      mend to the Governor and the General Assembly such modifications in ap-

      propriations and funding policies as it deems appropriate."  The Center

      for Coal & Energy Research and the Principal Assessment Center are to

      be reviewed during 1988-89; the Water Resources Research Center in

      1989-90; and the Center for Volunteer Development in 1990-91.


      In 1986 there was an AD HOC committee of the Commission on Research,

      chaired by Walter Hibbard.  The "Hibbard Report" so-called, calls for a

      review of all centers, laboratories, groups, etc. on a five-year cycle.


      Provost John Perry has given the Commission oversight responsibilities

      in the review process.  The Commission now needs to decide how to pro-

      ceed with the state-mandated reviews and our own internal review of

      centers coincidental with that.


      The Chairman will ask Drs. Stephenson and Bates to work with him on

      drafting detailed procedures for reviewing centers which will then be

      brought back to the Commission for approval and implementation.



  The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.  The next meeting will be September

  28th, at 3:30 p.m. in the President`s Board Room.




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