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September 13, 1989


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                              September 13, 1989

                            President's Board Room

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  L. J. Arnold, F. M. Asche, D. M. Denbow, W. L. Flowers,

                    V. R. Fu, E. G. Henneke, G. R. Hooper, W. G. Huber, P. L.

                    Knox, J. C. Lee, J. Randolph, R. S. Russell, H. H.

                    Stoevener, E. R. Stout, L. A. Swiger


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   G. E. Bunce, M. Potts, M. G. Squires, W. L. Stutzman


  INVITED GUESTS:   R. A. Teekell






      a.  Dr. Ernie Stout informed the Commission of the new Technology De-

          velopment Center in Advanced Ceramic Materials funded by the CIT.

          The Director is Jess Brown.


      b.  Dr. Stout also provided an update on the Commonwealth Centers -

          those centers of excellence funded by the State Council of Higher

          Education.  Of the 7 preproposals forwarded to SCHEV, one will un-

          doubtedly be recommended for funding.  This is the Interdiscipli-

          nary Center for Applied Math.


      c.  Dr. Stout updated the group on the Commission on the University of

          the 21st Century.  They were scheduled to meet at VCU on September

          18, and the topic was to be research.


      d.  Dr. Gary Hooper updated the Commission on the Waste Policy Insti-

          tute.  The Waste Policy Institute is close to becoming reality.

          The articles of incorporation are now being acted upon.  A director

          has been hired.  His name is Dean Eyman, and he starts October 1.

          He comes from Martin-Marietta and is a Ph.D. from Michigan State

          University.  Office space is being rented in the Corporate Research



      e.  Dr. Stout reported on the Navy composites program which we are pur-

          suing along with a consortium of other universities and industries.

          It is for a very large Navy program in composites manufacturing

          technology.  The funding is written into the House side of the ap-

          propriations bill at $45 million over the next 5 years.


      f.  Dr. Hooper reported on the interest expressed by the State Council

          for Higher Education and the Secretary for Education in the re-

          search and graduate enterprise around the state.  They called a set

          of hearings with two representatives of each university which grant

          Ph.D.s.  SCHEV and Mr. Finley are interested in supporting research

          and graduate interests.


  2.  AGENDA.  Agenda was adopted as distributed.


  3.  MINUTES OF APRIL 26.  Minutes of April 26 and the revised Appendix H

      were approved.


  4.  ANNUAL REPORT.  Annual Report was approved.


  5.  Establishment of committees for the Commission - an Agenda Committee,

      Manual of Procedures Revisions Committee, and an Interdisciplinary Re-

      search Standing Committee.  After much discussion, the Commission ap-

      proved establishing an Interdisciplinary Research Committee.  Dr.

      Arnold suggested a statement of how the committee would be formed.  By

      consensus the Commission decided that an Agenda Committee was not nec-

      essary and that we should hear Dorothy Richardson's views on a Manual

      of Procedures Committee.


  6.  Dr. Stout reported on the review of research and service centers.

      There were two reviews last year - the Southwest Virginia Principals

      Assessment Center and the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research.

      The center to be reviewed this year is the Virginia Center for Water

      Resources Research.


  7.  Dr. Arnold reported on the Faculty Senate meeting the night before.

      There was concern about purchasing, physical plant escalating costs and

      response time.  Also concern was expressed about campus phone service.


  8.  Dr. Stout brought the Commission up to date on the Director of Facili-

      ties Planning.  This person will take on all the management responsi-

      bilities for capital projects and the planning involved in renovation



  9.  Dr. Henneke brought up the topic of library funding or lack of funding.

      He and other members of the Commission expressed concern that the State

      Council for Higher Education doesn't recognize the central role of the

      library to a university.


  10. Meeting adjourned at 4:35PM.





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