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February 28, 1990


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               February 28, 1990

                            President's Board Room

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  L. J. Arnold, F. M. Asche, G. E. Bunce, W. L. Flowers, E.

                    G. Henneke, P. L. Knox, J. C. Lee, J. Randolph, H. H.

                    Stoevener, E. R. Stout, L. A. Swiger.


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   D. M. Denbow, V. R. Fu, G. R. Hooper, M. Potts, R. S.

                    Russell, M. G. Squires, W. L. Stutzman.






  1.  Adoption of Agenda:  Agenda was adopted as presented.


  2.  Minutes of January 24, 1990.  Minutes were approved with two changes in

      items 6 and 7.


  3.  Dean Swiger reported on the February 8 meeting of Agricultural Exper-

      iment Station directors.  The OMB has agreed to put an additional $50

      million in to the Agriculture initiatives.  There may be $100 million

      dollars additional added to the program.


  4.  Budget Update.  For FY90 we are approximately on target towards gener-

      ating the 2% recall plus the other obligations of the 230-01 budget.

      At the end of December we were somewhat ahead of target.  Salary budg-

      ets of January increased about $145,000 in anticipation of the freeze.

      Presumably January was high water mark for salary commitments if normal

      attrition occurs.  For the next biennium we don't yet know what the

      General Assembly will do.  Copies of Mr. Ridenour's summary were pro-

      vided to members of the Commission.  Dr. Stout provided an overview of

      Mr. Ridenour's summary.  He told the group that in Governor Baliles

      budget there was a clause that says basically the better you do in

      sponsored research the worse you are going to do in general fund appro-

      priations.  Additional reduction of $365 thousand in first year and

      $770 thousand in second year based on projected growth in state's share

      of indirect costs.  That amounts to 1.2% and 2.5% additional re-

      ductions.  Colleges, centers and non-academic units are now preparing

      3%, 5% and 7% reduction plans.  A study will be done, most probably by

      the Secretary of Education on the purposes and uses of indirect costs.

      Dr. Arnold encouraged that we get appropriate levels of input in the

      study process.  Dr. Bunce pointed out that every time a grant is re-

      ceived our general fund appropriation is cut.  Dr. Huber stated a con-

      cern for funding out-of-state graduate students.


  5.  Dr. Stout provided an overview of the Summary of Research Division Po-

      sitions and Operating Budgets for FY90.


  6.  Committee on Interdisciplinary Research and Committee on Core Research.

      Dr. Stout stated that he would like to have four elected members on

      each committee and that he would appoint one to each for balance.  Com-

      mission members that were present nominated for their choices for each

      committee.  Dr. Stout stated that a ballot would be created from the

      results.  Dr. Randolph provided comments for Dr. Arnold on the draft he

      created on core research.  Commission members voted on the establish-

      ment of the core research committee.


  7.  Dr. Arnold asked that she be replaced on the Supplemental Grants Com-

      mittee sometime soon.  She suggested Michael Squires as a replacement.



  8.  Dr. Knox expressed concern about the new position of Vice President for

      Economic Development.  All Commission members were in agreement to ask

      Dr. Steger to come to a Commission meeting.


  9.  Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 4:35PM.






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