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January 24, 1990


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               January 24, 1990

                            President's Board Room

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  F. M. Asche, G. E. Bunce, D. M. Denbow, E. G. Henneke, W.

                    Flowers, G. R. Hooper, P. L. Knox, J. Randolph, M. G.

                    Squires, H. H. Stoevener, E. R. Stout, L. A. Swiger.


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   L. J. Arnold, V. R.  Fu, J. C. Lee, M. Potts, R. S.

                    Russell, W. Stutzman.


  INVITED GUESTS:   D. Shelton, R. A. Teekell.




  1.  Adoption of Agenda:  Agenda was adopted as presented.


  2.  Minutes of November 8:  Minutes were approved.


  3.  Announcements:


      a.  The Commission agreed to have the Minutes entered on the University

          Info System.


      b.  The Chairman reported on the Naval Composites Consortium (Virginia

          Tech, Penn State, Delaware, Clemson, & South Carolina State).  We

          are one of four finalists.  We had our site visit at CIT on Monday

          and Tuesday, January 22 and 23.  There are 33 industries included

          in the consortium.  The other consortiums are the Great Lakes,

          Southern California, and North East.


  4.  The Commission approved the addition of a representative of the gradu-

      ate student body.  He/she would be an invited guest of the Commission.

      The Graduate Student Assembly would probably assign the individual to



  5.  The Commission approved the addition of a representative of the classi-

      fied staff.  He/she would also be an invited guest of the Commission.

      The Classified Staff Committee would probably be those designated to

      assign someone to the Commission.


  6.  Dean Swiger reported on the progress of the $500 million agricultural

      research program.  Agricultural Experiment Station directors have been

      called to Washington on February 8.  It will be a grants program open

      to all universities similar to NSF.


  7.  Budget Update.  For FY90 230-01 core program we are to return 2% of the

      total state appropriation which comes out to be $612,700 by the end of

      June.  We propose to do that with a vacant position hiring freeze.

      There is enough in salary savings and fringe benefits savings to cover

      our approximate $1.1 million problem.  There may be some salary savings

      returned depending on how much is saved.  Any exemptions to the hiring

      freeze must be approved by the Provost.  What will happen next year

      will depend on what the legislature does.  There is a 5% reduction in

      general funds across all agencies for the next biennium.  That will

      cost the Research Division 1.5 million in each year of the biennium.

      If we don't have a freeze on vacant positions, the operating budget

      will be cut by 50%.  The budget cuts will not be spread equally among

      all units.  The Provost will exercise differential adjustments based on

      his sense of need and priority.


  8.  21st Century Report.  Dr. Hooper provided an overview for the material

      prepared on the 21st century.  A copy of the draft report was provided

      as well as papers written by Hooper, Stout and Teekell, 1 by Hooper and

      1 by Stout.


  9.  Response to PHS Misconduct in Science Rule.  Dr. Stout, Dr. Scanlon and

      Dr. Eng prepared the initial response.  We now have to draft a compre-

      hensive response that addresses the issues that the misconduct in sci-

      ence rule raises.  The next step will be that Dr. Stout, Dr. Scanlon

      and Dr. Eng along with chairmen of the relevant commissions will try to

      put together some kind of a comprehensive statement that will be

      brought back to the Commission.


  10. Administrative Liaison Committee for Centers.  This is an attempt to

      make sure there is communication between departments and centers.  Dr.

      Stout sent a memo to the directors of those centers involved for their



  11. Committee on Interdisciplinary Research.  Dr. John Randolph drafted a

      motion to create a committee on core research.  He suggested that it be

      a standing committee of the Commission.  The chairman decided to hold

      it until the next Commission meeting.


  12. Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 4:50PM.





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