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October 10, 1990


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               October 10, 1990

                                206 Sandy Hall

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  D. H. Morris (for E. G. Henneke), G. R.  Hooper, P. L.

                    Knox, J. C. Lee, R. Lytton, J. Randolph, P. Scanlon, H.

                    H. Stoevener, E. R. Stout, L. A. Swiger, V. Wall, J.

                    Wightman, T. Wildman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   V. Bonomo, G. E. Bunce, D. M. Denbow, W. L. Flowers, M.

                    G. Squires, W. L. Stutzman


  INVITED GUESTS:   T. Hurd, H. W. Swink, S. Trulove





      to the Commission on his role as Vice President for Public Service.

      The public service area consists of 2 major divisions - economic devel-

      opment and continuing education.


           In the economic development area, Dr. Steger announced that a Pub-

      lic Service Action Fund which is intended to bring into closer con-

      nection the expertise of the university with communities in the

      Commonwealth or with non-profit, volunteer organizations.  It is in-

      tended that university funds will be matched by localities.  The pro-

      gram would work somewhat like the Core research program except that we

      would expect the localities, wherever possible, to provide some match-

      ing amount.  A committee has been set up to examine the fees structure

      and related issues.  There would be an overhead charged, and there

      would be a vehicle through which overhead could be returned to the col-

      leges and departments.  The purpose being to try to expand the numbers

      of people who participate in the process fairly significantly.  Dr.

      Steger stated that in order to compete, the reward structure has to be

      similar to that of the research activities and also that the issue of

      how this is evaluated in promotion and tenure must also be addressed.

      Dr. Steger stated that there were already 120 inquiries for this pro-

      gram from localities.


           In the area of continuing education, Dr. Steger stated that the

      university is interested in expanding in those areas.  He mentioned

      that in order for this area to prosper as the research area has, we

      have to examine some of the mechanisms and some of the projections.

      One can look at developing ways of communicating with business and in-

      dustry that facilitate better understanding the problems of business

      through conducting specialized courses and having those things directly

      impact on the shape of our curriculum downstream.  We are working very

      hard to try to examine not only the structure and content of what is

      driving continuing education, but the entire range of service activ-

      ities that are provided in conjunction with it.  Dr. James Buffer has

      agreed to chair a university committee that is to investigate the ques-

      tion of the fee structure of continuing education as well as the gen-

      eral structure of that enterprise.  The committee has representatives

      from every college and they have been asked to report back in 90 days.

      Dr. Steger hopes to have the program operational in a few weeks.


           Dr. Randolph asked if the proposals would go through Sponsored

      Programs.  Dr. Steger saw no reason to do it any other way.  Dr.

      Randolph also asked Dr. Steger to make a distinction between public

      service and research.  Dr. Steger responded that they had established a

      computer tracking system for all inquiries that are received.



           Dr. Wightman asked the amount of funding available?  Dr. Steger

      responded that about $150,000 was his initial goal.


           Dr. Stout asked Dr. Steger to summarize what is in Steger's area

      and what is in Cooperative Extension.  Dr. Steger responded that Commu-

      nity Resource Development and the Center for Volunteer Development and

      all the continuing education activities including the Donaldson Brown

      Center and the Hotel Roanoke will be under his jurisdiction.  The Eco-

      nomic Development Assistance Center will be his as well.  No major rea-



  2.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dr. Stout passed out copies of the University Plan

      1991-96 to all Commission members.  In the first draft the Commission

      is expected to provide feedback to Wayland Winstead and Phil Sheldon on

      the Plan.  He stated that at the next meeting a large part will be de-

      voted to the research part of the Plan.


  3.  AGENDA:  Agenda was approved as presented.


  4.  MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 12:  Minutes were approved.



      that the Commission should re-examine our research relationships with

      industry.  Our sponsorship from industry has grown considerably since

      the Manual of Procedures was written.  Dr. Stout reported that he had

      asked two people to be part of the committee - Bud Harris and Ben

      Selvey.  Dr. Stout asked for volunteers to be on the committee.  No one

      volunteered so Dr. Stout stated he would think about 1 or 2 people from

      the Commission and 1 or 2 other people from outside to be on the sub-




      stated that we should look at the definitions, rights and responsibil-

      ities, and the current evaluations of the group of special faculty ap-

      pointments.  Dr. Wightman suggested an award or something of

      recognition for visiting scientists.  Dr. Swiger and Dr. O'Brien from

      the College Administrators for Research group have agreed to be on the

      committee.  Dr. Stout stated that he had asked a research scientist to

      be on the committee.  Dr. Knox volunteered to be on the committee.  Dr.

      Stout asked Dr. Lee to be on the committee and Dr. Lee agreed.  Dr.

      Swiger suggested that perhaps Dr.  Pat Hyer should be on the committee.



      nary Research is busy putting together a document and will be reporting

      back very soon.


  8.  MISCONDUCT IN SCIENCE:  Dr. Stout reported that he had asked the Fac-

      ulty Senate, Commission on Faculty Affairs, the Graduate Commission,

      the Undergraduate Commission, to give him a nominee to be on the com-

      mittee to draft a document on the Misconduct in Science policy.  Hope-

      fully by the first of the year there will be such a document.


  9.  ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 4:20PM.






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