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September 12, 1990


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                              September 12, 1990

                            President's Board Room

                                   3:30 p.m.




  MEMBERS PRESENT:  V. Bonomo, G. E. Bunce, W. L. Flowers, E. G. Henneke, P.

                    L. Knox, David Moore (for J. C. Lee), R. Lytton, M. G.

                    Squires, E. R. Stout, L. A.  Swiger, V. Wall, T. Wildman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   D. M. Denbow, G. R. Hooper, J. Randolph, P. Scanlon, H.

                    H. Stoevener, W. L. Stutzman, J. Wightman


  INVITED GUESTS:   T. Hurd, M. D. Shelton, H. W. Swink, S. Trulove


  1.  WELCOME TO THE COMMISSION.  The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Com-

      mission.  Commission members and invited guests introduced themselves.

      Dr. Stout provided a list of meeting dates and everyone agreed to meet

      in the new Conference Room in 206 Sandy Hall.  Dr. Knox requested that

      we send via PROFS cancellation notes, etc.  Dr. Stout agreed.




      a.  HBCU Agreement.  Dr. Stout stated that he would be in Washington

          the next day for the purpose of signing a research cooperation

          agreement with Norfolk State University.  Several years ago the De-

          partment of Defense issued a requirement that 5% of all DOD con-

          tracts would be set aside for minority businesses and minority

          institutions.  Even on the Purchasing side we have never come close

          to 5% of our DOD purchases going to minority businesses.  The Na-

          tional Organization for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education has

          been pushing the idea of teaming up a historically black college or

          university with a major research institution.  The idea is that

          they may be able to develop joint research proposals.  The histor-

          ically black institution may be in a position to subcontract from

          the major research institution and vice versa in an attempt to es-

          tablish channels and communications between faculty at historically

          black colleges and universities with major institutions.


      b.  Roanoke Visitors.  The Chairman told the Commission of President

          McComas' visit of various Roanoke businessmen to learn of Virginia

          Tech.  A half a dozen or so faculty gave presentations to the



      c.  EXPO.  Expo is the undergraduate recruiting effort that President

          McComas started last year.  The first Expo was in Falls Church on

          September 16.  The last weekend in the month Expo will be in

          Richmond on Saturday and in Virginia Beach on Sunday.


      d.  Indirect Costs and Fringe Benefits.  Dr. Stout introduced the topic

          of indirect costs.  He mentioned that Mr. Dwight Shelton prepared

          the indirect costs proposal for the university and negotiated with

          the Department of Health and Human Services to establish new indi-

          rect rates and fringe benefits rates.  We have a 4 year agreement.

          On the research side the indirect rates for this year are 50%; for

          FY92 it will be 53%; FY93 it will be 54%; FY94 it will be 54%.  The

          new fringe rates were given by Mr. Shelton - 27 for faculty and 33

          for classified for this fiscal year.  Mr. Shelton provided an over-

          view of how indirect cost rates are determined for the University.


  3.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA.  Agenda was approved as presented.


  4.  MINUTES OF APRIL 11, 1990.  Minutes were approved as presented.


  5.  ANNUAL REPORT FOR 1989-90.  Annual Report was approved as presented.


  6.  COMMITTEE ELECTIONS.  Dr. J. Wightman was elected to the Committee on

      Interdisciplinary Research.  It was decided that the Committee operate

      with four members.  Dr. V. Wall was elected to the Committee on Core



  7.  BUDGET UPDATE.  Dr. Stout provided an overview of the budget situation

      since the last Commission meeting.  Round 1 budget reductions amounted

      to a 6.5% reduction to colleges and centers.  Round 2 budget reductions

      amount to a 4% reduction for a total of 10.5% in FY91.


  8.  GOALS FOR THE YEAR.  Dr. Stout provided the Commission with his goals

      for the year and asked for their input as to what they would like to

      see accomplished.  Dr. Stout would like by the end of the year to have

      a Centers document that spells out how a center is established, why,

      what the criteria are, what the mission of the center is, a policy for

      evaluating its success or lack thereof, governance of the centers,

      funding, administrative support, and how to abolish the center should

      that be deemed necessary.  Another task Dr. Stout wants to see com-

      pleted is the Misconduct in Science policy and procedures document.

      Dr. Stout, Dr. Scanlon and Dr. Eng sent a temporary document in January

      in response to the requirement of the Public Health Service.  He stated

      it would probably be wise to have a misconduct policy to cover not only

      science but all areas.  Also, he wants the Commission to review the In-

      dustrial Affiliates program.  Dr. Stout provided an overview of the in-

      dustrial affiliates program.  He also wants to review the definitions

      of Research Associates, Research Scientists and Senior Research Scien-

      tists.  Dr. Henneke suggested that the Commission look into the Univer-

      sity of Virginia plan for those faculty with good track records who

      have a 12 month appointment.  He stated it might be a good way of en-

      couraging faculty to work harder to get the money to come in or retire



  9.  ADJOURNMENT.  Meeting adjourned at 4:55PM.




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