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April 8, 1992


                                         COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                                             April 8, 1992

                                             206 Sandy Hall

                                               3:30 p.m.



            MEMBERS PRESENT:  T.  Brandon, J. Cowles, M. Denbow, E.  Henneke, R. Goss for R.

                              Lytton, R. Olin, R. Rich, P. Scanlon, M. Stephenson, E. Stout,

                              A. Swiger, J. Wightman


            MEMBERS ABSENT:   V. Bonomo, C. Burger, G. Hooper, M. Lambur, J. Lee, V. Wall


            INVITED GUESTS:   M. D. Shelton, J. Tank, J. Viers




            1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS.  1.  Dr. Stout stated that the change  in  meeting  room  was

                prompted  by  K. Johnston's broken ankle.  She apologized for not being able

                to make the meeting.  2.  Dr. Stout stated that the next regularly scheduled

                meeting on the 22nd would be cancelled.  Instead on the following Wednesday,

                April 29, he and Dr. Hooper plan to have a  joint  Commission  on  Research,

                Commission on Graduate Studies social to thank the memberships for all their

                hard work.


            2.  AGENDA.    Dr.  Stout  stated  he  would give a bit of a budget update.  Dr.

                Denbow made a motion to approve the agenda.   Dr. Wightman  seconded.    The

                agenda was approved.


            3.  MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 26.  Dr. Denbow motioned approval of the Minutes and Dr.

                Wightman seconded.  Minutes were approved as written.


            4.  IMPLEMENTING  THE  NEW  CONSTITUTION.   Dr. Stout stated that he had led the

                Commission astray at the last meeting by stating that  the  membership  will

                stay  in place for one more year.  He stated that that is the case with Uni-

                versity Committees, but not Commissions.   The new  governance  system  will

                take  effect this fall for Commissions.  He said that since this is the last

                working meeting of the year without the new membership he did  not  feel  it

                would  be  possible  to  elect the faculty chair.  Dr. Stout stated that the

                first meeting of the year will be called and that that would  be  the  first

                order of business next year.


            5.  ISSUES FOR THE COMMISSION ON RESEARCH NEXT YEAR.  Dr. Stout asked for issues

                in  research policy and major research procedures for the membership to work

                on next year.  He stated that there are two items of unfinished business.


                a.  Ownership of Data.  Drs. Bob Olin, Steve Boyle and Paul Knox have worked

                    on it this year.


                b.  Misconduct in Science.  Dr. Stout provided the membership with a  little

                    bit  of  background  on this issue.  On January 1, 1989 every university

                    with NIH funding had to submit to the  Office  of  Scientific  Integrity

                    university procedures for dealing with charges of misconduct in science.

                    He  stated  that we have done that in a fragmentary and superficial kind

                    of way.  We need to have much more comprehensive procedures.


                c.  Graduate Student Funding.  Dr. Wightman said that the graduate  students

                    are  our  life blood and that we have to do something.  Dr. Henneke said

                    it would be interesting to hear more about the cost because the  differ-

                    ence in tuition for UVa and Tech graduate students is not that much.  If

                    they  weren't  down-loading tuition to graduate students then their tui-

                    tion would be significantly lower than ours.  The question is why  would

                    they  have  such significantly lower tuition than we do.  Dr. Stout said

                    this year the number is $3.45M in the tuition  scholarship  fund.    The

                    Graduate School has requested another $.55M for next year to bring it up

                    to  $4M.    Dr.  Wightman stated that it would be nice to have a goal to

                    have us in the top 5 or 10% in the country in terms of  the  package  we

                    can offer our graduate students.


                d.  Perceptions of research and opportunities by undergraduates/alumni.


                e.  Center reviews.


                f.  Professional Practices Institute.


                g.  Decentralization related to research - purchasing, personnel.


                h.  Hiring procedures for research faculty.


                i.  FRS report format.  Mr. Shelton said that they are working on the E-mail

                    message for the technical reports.


            6.  BUDGET  UPDATE.    Dr. Stout stated that we did not know much more about the

                budget than we did the last time.  The legislature will meet in veto session

                on the 15th to either confirm or override the Governor's actions.  He stated

                that as far as he knows he has not suggested any amendments to  the  general

                appropriations  act.    Dr. Stout referred back to the last time someone had

                raised a question about how the salary restoration would  be  handled.    He

                said  all  classified  staff  state-wide  will get a 2% increase December 1.

                Faculty, and that includes GTAs and GRAs, will get the  2%  restoration  for

                those  people  who  were on the payroll December 1, 1990.  Graduate students

                and faculty who were hired in since December of 1990 will not see a 2%  sal-

                ary increase.  Dr. Stout stated that on next years 230-01 budget it looks as

                though  the  early  retirements  in  research  will generate somewhat in the

                neighborhood of $1.2M in salary savings.  Early retirements in  Research  go

                to round 3 budget reductions.  It looks as though the dollars generated from

                retirement  for  next  years  budget  will offset round 3 reductions and the

                other un-met budget reductions that we carried forward from last year.    It

                looks as though by July 1 we will start clean with a new budget and a new 5%

                reduction.    The  5%  reduction is just about $1.4M which we hope will come

                from attrition.


            7.  ADJOURNMENT.  Meeting was adjourned at 4:35PM.






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