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November 11, 1992


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               November 11, 1992

                                206 Sandy Hall

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Brandon, P. Edwards, P. Eyre, J. Johnson, H. Kriz, J.

                    Lee, R. Lytton, A. McNabb, R. Olin, P. Rasnick, E. Stout,

                    J. Tank, J. Wightman, T. Wildman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   H. Doswald, J. Eaton, C. Flora, E. McNeil, M. O'Brien, J.

                    Pinkerton, R. Reneau, P. Scanlon


  INVITED GUESTS:   F. Carlisle, D. Shelton




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dr. McNabb announced that Dr. Carlisle would be arriv-

      ing at 4:00 and that prior to his arrival the other agenda items would

      be addressed.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF OCTOBER 28:  Dr. Lee motioned approval.  Dr.

      Stout seconded.  A correction was suggested in the fourth item of Per-

      ceptions of the Research Mission of the University by Dr. Edwards.

      Minutes were approved.


  3.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Dr. Olin motioned approval.  It was seconded.  Dr.

      Lee asked that an addition be made to the agenda - report of progress

      in the search of a Vice Provost.  Agenda was approved as amended.  Dr.

      McNabb said one search committee meeting had been held, at which they

      talked about desirable credentials of candidates and the progress of

      the search.  The committee will meet again next week and begin to look

      at the applicants and nominees soon with those activities continuing

      into the new year.  Anyone who knows of good candidates should consider

      nominating them and encourage them to apply.



      the content of a policy on Termination Procedures for Research Faculty.

      The question of format needs to be resolved and the document will be

      put in resolution form for University Council from which it will be

      distributed to Faculty Affairs.  Dr. Stout motioned approval of the

      termination procedures for research faculty as written.  Dr. Lee sec-

      onded.  Termination procedures were approved.



      Dr. Carlisle provided the membership with several handouts including a

      SCHEV news release and summary articles arising from that news release.

      He discussed some of the recommendations that the State Council has

      agreed to and will take to the legislature and pointed out that newspa-

      per summaries of the recommendations have led to some over-

      simplifications and misunderstandings.  He mentioned the general

      obligation bond passing and that we would receive $45M in renovation

      and construction funds.  We are being authorized to construct buildings

      that will support research as well as instruction.  Dr. Carlisle re-

      ferred to his open letter in the Spectrum.  That was his way of initi-

      ating and introducing discussion on campus about our circumstances

      within the state and our situation in relation to research universities

      across the country.  External circumstances are changing fundamentally.

      He does not feel we are in the bust part of a boom and bust cycle that

      at some point will bring back millions and millions of dollars to uni-

      versities and restore us to where we once were.  We remain critically

      important to society and the state as an instructional, research and

      land-grant institution.  Somehow we must fulfill this complex mission

      in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Our task is to rede-

      fine our mission and identity in a way that recognizes reality and at

      the same time recognizes our and the state's long term interest.  What

      is happening here is no different than the kinds of challenges that are

      happening across the country.  In response, we have gone on to develop

      a project called the Faculty Reward Project, which engages faculty,

      students and staff from across the university in answering three basic

      questions:  What are our responsibilities?  How do we properly fulfill

      them?  How do we recognize and reward faculty achievement?  The first

      question is not ours alone to answer as the legislature, the State

      Council, parents, and the public generally pay more attention to higher

      education.  Dr. Carlisle hopes that from extensive discussion of how to

      meet our missions we will have a statement or proposal that will meet

      our new challenges in times of growing demands and growing conflicts.

      He outlined his attempts at orientation to point out the values to stu-

      dents of being in a research university.  Our research, scholarship and

      creative programs teach students very directly; a research university

      has a role in undergraduate education.  It is not the primary role of

      research but it is a great benefit.  The primary role of research is to

      discover and create, which enriches the intellectual life of the uni-

      versity, informs through outreach and public service, and supports eco-

      nomic development in the state, in addition to teaching graduate and

      undergraduate students.  Dr. Carlisle also discussed the importance of

      not focusing on teaching vs.  research but on asking deeper questions


      about defining our responsibilities and developing and changing in the

      light of those responsibilities.  The last part of his remarks were de-

      voted to specific questions posed by members of the Commission.  He

      said he would be pleased to come to another meeting for further dis-



  6.  ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 5:05PM.





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