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October 28, 1992


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               October 28, 1992

                                206 Sandy Hall

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Brandon, P. Edwards, J. Johnson, H.  Kriz, J. Lee, R.

                    Lytton, A. McNabb, R. Olin, P. Rasnick, P. Scanlon, D.

                    Stoker, J. Tank, J. Wightman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   H. Doswald, J. Eaton, P. Eyre, C. Flora, E. McNeil, J.

                    Pinkerton, R. Reneau, E. Stout, T. Wildman


  INVITED GUESTS:   S. Trulove




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Dr. McNabb informed the membership that she will invite

      Earving Blythe or Wayne Donald to a later meeting to talk about

      decentralization relative to the Human Resource Information Project.

      The COR membership will have to decide if they only want information or

      wish to make recommendations on decentralization efforts.  Dr. Edwards

      introduced Dr. Stoker who will replace Dr. M. O'Brien from Architecture

      on the Commission.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF OCTOBER 14.  Dr. Wightman motioned approval and

      Dr. Lee seconded.  Minutes were approved.


  3.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA.  Dr. Stoker motioned approval and Dr. Scanlon

      seconded.  Agenda was approved.



      membership with a handout and explanation of the proposed termination

      process.  She said that two items will be added to the statement from

      the Faculty Handbook (falsification of leave and sexual harassment).

      The discussion focused on the times required (30 days for improved

      performance followed by 45 days before termination) and on whether the

      process could be made more efficient.  This proposal will be brought

      back to the Commission and to several other groups.


  5.  OWNERSHIP OF DATA.  Dr. Olin met with University Records and the

      Ownership of Data policy is now in required format.  Dr. Olin stated

      that University Records and Legal Counsel do not agree on what is a

      university record.  Dr. Olin stated that the one change made to the

      policy since the last meeting was the addition of the university

      records manager to review a decision to destroy data made by the

      principal investigator, department head and dean.  Discussion of the

      policy focused on the definition of customary procedures in research

      fields, ownership of ideas, wording of the policy and the effect that

      the Policy on Policies (#1000 of 1/14/92) will have on the procedures

      the Commission must follow in developing policies.



      discussed topics that they would like Dr. Carlisle to address when he

      visits during the next meeting.  Those topics are:


      1) Perception that the legislature is not sympathetic to the research

      mission of the University.  The faculty want to help but need

      leadership and guidance in orchestrating their efforts.


      2) How is the research mission of the University communicated to the

      legislature?  (Questions about the role of R. Byers, Dir. of Government

      Relations, and about University publicity films that need to show the

      benefits and importance to the Commonwealth of the research mission of

      the University.)


      3) Tension between the need for interdisciplinary research and

      protective attitudes based on traditional departmental organization.


      4) The need for publicity that couples research and scholarship to

      teaching.  (Concern that the public does not see teaching as anything

      but giving out canned information.)


      5) Perceptions of Tech as only a regional (southwestern Virginia)



  7.  ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 4:50PM.



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