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September 23, 1992


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               October 14, 1992

                                206 Sandy Hall

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Brandon, H. Doswald, P. Edwards, P. Eyre, J. Johnson,

                    A. McNabb, R. Olin, J. Pinkerton, P. Rasnick, R. Reneau,

                    E. Stout, J. Tank, J. Wightman, T. Wildman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   J. Eaton, C. Flora, H. Kriz, J. Lee, R. Lytton, E.

                    McNeil, M. O'Brien, P. Scanlon


  INVITED GUESTS:    S. Trulove




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Drs. McNabb and Lee have been asked to serve on the

      Search Committee for the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the

      Graduate School.  Peggy Rasnick has also been asked to serve as a clas-

      sified staff representative.  On November 11 Mr. D. Shelton will talk

      about the FRS budgeting process and Dr. Carlisle will talk about the

      research mission of the university.  Dr. McNabb added an additional

      item to the agenda - Personnel Services Decentralization - Linda



  2.  MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 23.  Dr. McNabb asked for a motion to approve the

      Minutes of September 23.  Dr. Doswald motioned approval.  Dr. Eyre sec-

      onded.  Minutes were approved as distributed.


  3.  COMMONWEALTH CENTER PREPROPOSALS UPDATE.  Dr. Johnson reported that 14

      preproposals had been submitted.  The internal screening committee met

      and selected four which are being revised to send to SCHEV by October

      23.  One proposal was from Arts and Sciences, 1 from Forestry and

      Wildlife, and 2 were from Engineering.  Dean Doswald asked for the ti-

      tles of the successful proposals.  Dr. Johnson responded - Computer

      Science (Information Access Center), Forestry and Wildlife (Endangered

      Species), Civil Engineering (Water Quality Research), and Mechanical

      Engineering (Intelligent Structures).


  4.  FORMAT OF COMMISSION ON RESEARCH MINUTES.  Dr. McNabb asked the member-

      ship if they want detailed Commission minutes.  Dr. Stout stated that

      prior to his becoming chair there were two sets of Minutes (the actual

      Minutes and the Discussion Summary).  After he became chair the Dis-

      cussion Summary was dropped.  Dr. Pinkerton suggested that the Minutes

      be a summary and that the tape be kept.  Dr. Wightman motioned approval

      of the shorter version.  Dr. Doswald seconded as well as Dr. Wildman.

      The shorter version was approved.


           Dr. McNabb asked Dr. Stout about earlier requests for an agenda

      committee.  Dr. Stout stated that when they started restructuring the

      governance system there were complaints from faculty members about an

      administrative person chairing the Commission and having control of the

      agenda.  The previous COR membership had unanimously voted against the

      need for an agenda committee.  After discussion the membership agreed

      that an agenda committee was unnecessary.

           She stated that toward the end of the year she would like to try

      to have a set of items for next year's Commission.  Dr. Olin suggested

      that perhaps mid-year the membership should look at what progress has

      been made toward the goals they established in the beginning of the

      year.  Dr. Edwards mentioned that perhaps we would add new goals.



      FUNDING.  After discussion and minor changes a draft resolution in sup-

      port of efforts by CGS to seek additional tuition scholarships for

      graduate students was approved.  Moved by Dr. Eyre, seconded by Dr.

      Edwards.  Motion approved.


  6.  OWNERSHIP OF DATA.  Dr. Olin gave an update and indicated the document

      has been rewritten and will be brought to the next Commission meeting

      for approval.  Legal Counsel said there is no state statute which deals

      with research data.  The issue of control of destruction of data was

      discussed briefly but no additional changes were requested.



      Wightman provided an update on the committee's October 12 meeting.  Dr.

      Scanlon was elected chairperson.  A proposal to establish a Center for

      Wild and Domestic Animal Genetics from Dr. S. Boyle and colleagues was

      reviewed and returned for resubmission with the changes to meet guide-

      lines for establishing centers.


           The  status of center reviews started in 1991-92 (C. for Environ-

      mental and Hazardous Materials Studies, C. for Gerontology, Spatial

      Data Analysis Lab. and Systems Research C.) was reviewed.  All the re-

      views have been completed and drafts of the reports are at different

      stages and will be discussed with the center director by Dr. Stout.

      The subcommittee will review reports, then bring them to the Commis-



           The centers to be reviewed in 1992-93 are:  C. for Adhesive and

      Sealant Science, the Interdisciplinary C. for Applied Math and the

      Powell River Project.  After discussion of future reviews it was moved

      that in the future the center should be notified in the spring of the

      upcoming review.  (Moved by Dr. Doswald, Dr. Olin seconded, motion

      passed.)  Dr. Eyre asked about an overlap with the proposed Center for

      Wild and Domestic Animals and the approved center on endangered spe-

      cies.  He stated that that needs to be looked at.  Dr. Stout stated

      that at this point it is not an approved center.  If it is one chosen

      for a full proposal, then Dr. Stout stated Dr. Boyle and Dr. Nielsen

      will need to get together.  He stated that the two groups are aware of

      each other and that there is one person who is common to both.  Dr.

      Stout stated that when both groups approached him he had told them that

      clearly there was a good deal of overlap and that they were told that

      only one center would be approved.  Dr. McNabb asked Dr. Wightman for a

      projected timetable of when the reports from last years activities will

      be ready.  Dr. Stout responded that the overlapping proposals for cen-

      ters and the need for communication between units was discussed.  The

      report on the SDAL is ready but Dr. Stout has not talked with the di-

      rector who should have opportunity to read the report before it goes

      back to the COR subcommittee.  The other three reports should go to the

      committee before Thanksgiving.  The centers to be reviewed this year

      will be contacted soon and those to be reviewed in 1993-94 will be no-

      tified in spring 1993.


  8.  DECENTRALIZATION OF PERSONNEL SERVICES.  Ms. Woodard provided an update

      to the membership on where Personnel Services stands in relation to de-

      centralization.  She stated that there are some initiatives from the

      state.  She described efforts designed to streamline personnel proce-

      dures and discussed some of the pros and cons of the University having

      its own autonomous personnel system.  The main advantage of an auton-

      omous personnel system is that the University could create a system to

      meet the needs that are unique to higher education.  However, the eco-

      nomic burden of administering an autonomous system would be significant

      and it seems unlikely that the state would provide new money.  Ms.

      Woodard emphasized that Personnel is attempting to focus on service to

      the University community rather than on their policing function.  A

      number of general issues and specific types of personnel problems were

      discussed.  Ms. Woodard requested feedback from the Commission on is-

      sues that needed to be addressed.


  9.  ADJOURNMENT.  Meeting adjourned at 4:55PM.





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