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February 24, 1993


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                               February 24, 1993

                                206 Sandy Hall

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  T. Brandon, H. Doswald, P. Edwards, P.  Eyre, J. Johnson,

                    H. Kriz, J. Lee, A. McNabb, M. Nasta, R. Olin, P.

                    Rasnick, R. Reneau, P. Scanlon, D. Stoker, T. Wildman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   J. Eaton, C. Flora, R. Lytton, E. McNeil, J. Pinkerton,

                    E. Stout, J. Wightman


  INVITED GUESTS:   F. Carlisle, K. Johnston, D. Shelton, S. Trulove




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dr. McNabb stated that they would probably not get to

      the last two items on the agenda and that she would update the member-

      ship on the University Library Committee minutes at the end of the



  2.  MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 10:  Mr. Nasta noted the date on the Minutes should

      read February 10.  Dr. Scanlon wanted the words "expressed concern"

      changed to "noted" in item 5 concerning research faculty and their lack

      of representation.  Dr. McNabb stated that she had spoken with Dr. Hyer

      and that she had suggested that it was this Commission's business to

      pick up that issue and decide how research faculty ought to be repres-

      ented.  Dr. Scanlon motioned approval; Dr. Lee seconded.  Minutes were

      approved with the noted changes.


  3.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Dr. Eyre motioned approval; Dr. Doswald seconded.

      Agenda was approved.


  4.  CENTRAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT:  Dr. Carlisle introduced the topic - creation

      of a central capital account.  Dr. Carlisle stated that there are two

      fundamental changes which have caused us to go to the concept of a cen-

      tral capital account:  1.  Changes in federal regulations which require

      us to spend a certain amount of money from indirect cost recoveries on

      facilities.  2.  The state now requires us to cover a certain amount of

      the research space in both new and renovated facilities.  We are re-

      quired as a university to pay $6.4M of the cost of the new

      Engineering/Architecture building.  Over the next several years our

      share of new construction and renovation costs will be about $11M.  The

      state is requiring us to pick up half the cost of research space.  We

      would use the Central Capital Account for two purposes:  1. to pay debt

      service on the renovated facilities and new construction and 2. deal

      with renovation and repair projects on campus.  Ms. Johnston provided

      the membership with the details of the plans which will need to be fi-

      nalized and become effective July 1, 1993.  Specific examples of frac-

      tions of the costs of individual projects were given and the types of

      shifts of expenditures between accounts that are needed were explained.

      Efforts have been made to minimize the effects on the amount of over-

      head money returned to colleges.  Staff realignments may be necessary,

      but there should be no layoffs.  Support for research computing should

      not be diminished.  Dr. Carlisle invited Commission members to provide

      him with input about the plan.



      Grievance Procedure for Research Faculty modeled after the Faculty

      Grievance Procedure.  Commission members discussed the document at

      length, especially the need to have the procedure take as little time

      as possible while still preserving the rights of all concerned.



  6.  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COMMITTEE MINUTES:  Dr. McNabb stated that the Li-

      brary Committee sends this Commission their minutes for information.

      She informed the Commission of the highlights of three of the sets of

      Minutes from the Library Committee.  Dr. McNabb asked if they wanted

      the Minutes copied to them or whether they preferred having an over-

      view.  It seemed the general consensus was for the overview.


  7.  ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 5:05PM.



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