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March 24, 1993


                            COMMISSION ON RESEARCH

                                March 24, 1993

                                206 Sandy Hall

                                   3:30 p.m.



  MEMBERS PRESENT:  P. Edwards, C. Flora, J. Johnson, H.  Kriz, J. Lee, A.

                    McNabb, M. Nasta, R. Olin, P. Rasnick, D. Stoker, E.

                    Stout, T. Wildman


  MEMBERS ABSENT:   T. Brandon, H. Doswald, J. Eaton, P. Eyre, R. Lytton, E.

                    McNeil, J. Pinkerton, R. Reneau, P. Scanlon, J. Wightman


  INVITED GUESTS:   D. Shelton, S. Trulove




  1.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dr. McNabb announced that Dr. Carlisle would return to

      the Commission meeting on April 14 to continue his discussion on re-

      search.  She asked the membership to be thinking about items for next

      year's activities.  Dr. McNabb stated that there is basically no col-

      lection of data on the issue of student and alumni perceptions on re-

      search.  John Muffo in Institutional Research would be interested in

      working with the membership if they so desire.  She stated that the

      termination procedures for research faculty policy is being reconsid-

      ered in the Commission on Faculty Affairs.  Dr. DeWolf was holding it

      to make sure all the concerns from the faculty were dealt with before

      it went forward to University Council.  Dr. McNabb stated that she and

      Dr. Stout talked with Ms. Spencer about the Ownership of Data policy

      whether the university data manager was to play a formal role in revis-

      ing policies drafted by commissions.  Dr. McNabb stated that she, Dr.

      Olin and Dr. Stout would complete the Ownership of Data policy draft in

      accordance with the form approved by the Commission on Research for

      submission to council.


  2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 24:  Dr. Flora motioned approval; Dr.

      Stoker seconded.  Minutes were approved.


  3.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Mr. Nasta motioned approval; Dr. Flora seconded.

      Agenda was approved.



      stated that the director of the Center for Poverty had left Tech years

      ago and no other faculty member has expressed an interest in the cen-

      ter.  According to a letter from Doug McAlister the Center for Volun-

      teer Development also does not exist, and has been reorganized into the

      Institute for Leadership and Volunteer Development.  Dr. Edwards made a

      motion to formally remove these two centers from the lists of univer-

      sity centers.  Dr. Stoker seconded.  Dr. Lee asked if the faculty would

      be notified of the dissolution of these centers.  Dr. Johnson stated

      that we probably should.  Notification will be through distribution of

      these minutes in the university and in Spectrum coverage of the Commis-

      sion on Research meetings.  Motion was approved.



      draft of the procedure that incorporated changes suggested at the last

      meeting.  There are four steps.  The grievant first approaches the im-

      mediate supervisor.  If there is no resolution, the grievant approaches

      the department head and then the dean.  The dean was put back in as a

      response to comments last time.  Finally, the provost would be ap-

      proached.  Dr. Johnson stated that she had left out the panel to

      shorten the time frame in response to the comments last time.  The

      process has been shortened to 41 week days or approximately 8 weeks.

      Dr. Johnson made a motion for the adoption of the Grievance Procedure

      for Research Faculty.  Dr. Flora seconded.  Motion was approved.  It

      will be sent to the Commission on Faculty Affairs.



      should elect a chair for next year before we finish this year and

      should elect a vice chair who would become chair the following year.

      Dr. Olin made a motion that the membership formally elect a chair now

      and elect a vice chair in the fall.  Following discussion, the motion

      was amended to state that the vice chair would be elected at the Novem-

      ber meeting each year.  Motion was approved.  The membership selected

      Drs. Scanlon, Wildman and Wightman to serve on the nominations commit-

      tee.  Dr. Stout pointed out that only faculty are eligible to serve as

      chair, not administrators nor those representing administrative roles.

      The nominations committee will bring a slate of candidates to one of

      the next two COR meetings.


  7.  CENTRAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT:  Commission members discussed the proposed

      Central Capital Account plan that was presented to them at the previous

      meeting.  Dr. Stout provided information about a number of aspects of

      the plan.  In response to Dr. Carlisle's request for feedback, the COR

      suggested Dr. McNabb draft a letter to indicate to Dr. Carlisle and Ms.

      Johnston the importance of maintaining Sponsored Programs' services

      (both people and operations) to research faculty in achieving the re-

      search missions of the University.



      membership with handouts concerning the Intellectual Properties Commit-

      tee.  She said that there was a meeting held with Cornel Morton, the

      chairs of commissions, and task force members who were involved with

      setting up the new governance.  Dr. McNabb will draft a letter to

      Cornel Morton describing changes in the University Council Bylaws that

      would make that document consistent with the IPC membership require-

      ments as described in Policy 13,000 of 12/2/91 which incorporates most

      of the elected representation suggested by the new governance system.

      The draft will be presented to COR at the next meeting.


  9.  ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 4:50PM.






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