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December 7, 1989


                         Commission on Student Affairs

                         Bowman Room, Cassell Coliseum

                               December 7, 1989

                                   4:00 p.m.



  PRESENT:  Dr. Thomas Goodale, Mr. William Tyrrell, Mr. Sean Kohl, Mr. Bryan

  Porter (for Ms. Christine Miller), Dr. Leon Geyer, Dr. John  Hillison,  Ms.

  Shelloy Kiger, Ms. Cindy Starowicz, Mr. Ahmad Razvan, Mr. Randy Lucas, Col.

  Eric  Dorminey,  Ms.  Patricia Murphy, Dr. Edward Spencer, Mr. Mike Miller,

  Ms. Paula Radcliffe, and Dr.  Charlotte Davis (for Dr. Dave Ostroth).


  ABSENT:  Mr. Dave Gilbert, Ms. Christine  Miller,  Mr.  Walter  Lundy,  Dr.

  Scott Geller, Dr. Mike Ogliaruso, and Dr. Dave Ostroth


  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Dr. Tom Goodale.




  Dr. Goodale reviewed the DKE incident and the decision that was made to

  suspend them from the university community for four years.  In light of

  this incident, he suggested that one of the Spring CSA meetings be devoted

  to a discussion on the racial climate on campus.


  The Judicial Task Force committee has completed its work.


  The Orientation Task Force is in the process of finalizing its review of

  orientation programs.


  Dr. Goodale provided an overview of the capital improvement projects and

  noted satisfactory progress is being made on these projects.


  Dr. Goodale expressed concern over the misuse of the abstention vote.




  The agenda was adopted as distributed.




  The minutes were approved with the following corrections:


  Mike Miller should be added to the list of members present and on page two

  under announcements, Omicron Delta should read Omicron Delta Kappa.




  The Student Budget Board minutes of October 23, November 6, and November 15

  were filed after several corrections were noted by Cindy Starowicz.




  1.  Correction to October 19 CSA Minutes


  On page three under amendment to the Honor System constitution, the recom-

  mendation to change sanctions for university services was omitted.  The

  correction is reflected in the resolution.


  2.  Approval of Honor System Seat on CSA


  Resolutions regarding amendment to the Honor System constitution on the

  grade star and university sanctions, and amendment to the University Coun-

  cil's Constitution reference CSA membership were presented to the body for

  review.  A motion was made to approve these resolutions as presented.  The

  motion passed.


  3.  Report from Committee on Elections


  Dr. Davis provided a written report summarizing activities and recommen-

  dations of the Committee on Elections (see attachment).  A final report

  will be presented for CSA approval during Spring.  Plans are to implement

  approved recommendation prior to SGA elections.


  4.  Approval of budget Board Constitution


  Since the Class System has not finished with the ratification of its con-

  stitution, a motion was made to table approval of the Budget Board Consti-

  tution.  Motion was passed.


  5.  Report on Payment for Student Leaders


  No report.


  6.  Update on Housing for International Students


  Mr. Razvan reported that local hotels have been contacted regarding rates

  for housing during the Christmas break.  The least expensive rate to date

  is $115 per week per double room.  Dr. Spencer pointed out that this rate

  is comparable to the rate for on-campus housing.  Mr.  Razvan asked whether

  or not students should take care of this on an individual basis or should

  an option for housing during break be offered at the beginning of each se-

  mester to all students.  The latter would mean students would pay this

  along with their regular bills for the year.  Mr. Razvan will provide a

  follow-up report at the next meeting.


  Related to this issue, the question was raised reference the status of

  dorms if a Fall break is instituted.  Dr. Spencer indicated that if we were

  to institute a Fall break, the dorms would remain open since the purpose of

  the break is to allow students to do whatever they want to do.  Dr. Goodale

  invited Dr. Spencer to provide a summary of the Fall break survey.  Dr.

  Spencer reported that students were in favor of the Fall break but there

  was no consensus regarding how to implement one.  Dr. Goodale noted that he

  has appointed a committee to examine environmental stress that might have

  implications for a Fall break.




  1.  Constitution of the Student Media Board


  Dr. Davis reported that Virginia Tech TV has requested membership to the

  Media Board.  Thus, she presented a request to CSA for amendment of the Me-

  dia Board constitution to include Virginia Tech TV.  Motion was made in

  this regard and passed.




  Mr. Tyrrell announced that an appointment has been made to ODK to encourage

  students to nominate their professors for the Sporn and Wine awards.


  Mr. Maxwell reported that Nancy Hooker has been nominated for Chief Justice

  of the Honor System.  Her nomination is pending approval by the President.

  Christine Adair will be the new Associate Chief Justice of the Honor Sys-

  tem.  These appointments will be effective January 1.


  Dr. Davis announced that the drop/add service for student leaders will be

  in effect next semester.  The UUSA and Dean of Students' offices will pro-

  vide this service.


  The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.



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