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October 19, 1989


                         Commission on Student Affairs

                         Bowman Room, Cassell Coliseum

                               October 19, 1989

                                   4:00 p.m.



  PRESENT: Dr. Landrum Cross, Dr. Leon Geyer, Dr. John Hillison, Dr. Edward

  Spencer, Ms. Shelloy Kiger, Mr. Randy Lucas, Ms. Paula Radcliffe, Mr.

  Walter Lundy (for Ms. Kim Townsend), Mr. Ahmad Razvan, Mr. Sean Kohl, Ms.

  Cynthia Starowicz, Mr. Bryan Porter (for Ms. Christine Miller), Mr. David

  Gilbert, Ms. Patricia Murphy, Col. Eric Dorminey, Mr. William Tyrrell and

  Mr. William W. Campion (for Dr. David Ostroth)


  ABSENT:  Dr. Tom Goodale, Mike Miller, Ms. Christine Miller, Ms. Kim

  Townsend, Dr. Scott Geller, Dr. Mike Ogliaruso and Dr. David Ostroth.


  GUESTS:  David Ford, Lt. Caldwell, Dr. Janine Hiller and Mr. Mike Maxwell.


  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Dr. Landrum Cross.




  Dr. Cross asked that Dr. Ford be allowed to make a presentation under the

  Announcement section of the agenda.  With this addition, the agenda was





  Dr. Ford provided an overview of the Parking Auxiliary.  He reported that

  the Parking Auxiliary started officially this past Fall.  Funds collected

  from meters and parking fines were insufficient to support the auxiliary,

  thus a fee was established for students and faculty to support the Parking

  Auxiliary.  The search for a director of the Parking Auxiliary has re-

  opened.  Mr. Alvarez has been hired as the director of Public Safety and

  Health.  The Police Department and the new Parking Auxiliary will report to



  At the end of Dr. Ford's presentation, he entertained questions.





  Minutes were approved with no corrections.




  Motion was made to file Student Budget Board minutes of September 18, 1989.




  1.  Affirmation of Council on International Students Organization Member-



  Motion was made and seconded to affirm Council on International Students

  Organization as an official member of CSA.


  2.  Discussion on Summer Stipends


  Mr. Gilbert reviewed a revised draft of a proposal for regulating summer

  stipends for student leaders.  Questions were raised regarding Sections 3-A

  and 4-B.  Under section 3-A, Mr. Kohl noted that Dr. Goodale asked that he

  not be placed in a position of the appellate regarding disagreement between

  organizations and their advisor.  Mr. Gilbert indicated that he assumes

  that Dr. Goodale would appoint someone from the Dean of Students office to

  handle such cases.


  Under Section 4-B, Mr. Lundy questioned the enforcement of the contractual

  agreement in cases which mandate a refund to the University.  How would and

  who would determine the portion to be refunded to the University.


  Mr. Campion noted that stipends are normally paid at the end of each summer

  term, and only in cases of emergencies do students receive their stipend at

  an earlier date.


  Mr. Maxwell asked the Commission to table the discussion regarding summer

  stipends until the possibility of payment to student leaders was further



  Mr. Gilbert proposed that the Commission make a decision regarding summer

  stipends and deal with payment of student leaders at a later date.  Mr.

  Gilbert made a motion for approval of the revised draft of summer stipends

  with the recommended changes. (Section 4-B was removed and and all appro-

  priate corrections made.)  Ms.  Patricia Murphy seconded the motion.  The

  motion was carried with one abstention - Walter Lundy.


  Mr. Gilbert made a second motion, seconded by Mr. Kohl, to extend the task

  of the committee to study payment for student leaders.  It was suggested

  that this group should announce its meeting dates, explore differential

  pay, and possible waiver of tuition and fees for student leaders as appro-

  priate compensation.  This motion was carried with respect to the comments

  and suggestions.


  3.  Presentation for Approval of Revised Budget Board Guidelines and Con-



  Mr. Campion presented a draft of the Budget Board Guidelines and constitu-

  tion for review by the committee.  He indicated to the committee that he

  needed approval of the Guidelines by November 2. In reviewing the constitu-

  tion, it was decided that there were some possible conflicts.  One conflict

  is related to the possibility of the class system requesting funding from

  the budget board.   Since this will cause conflicts with article C, Mr.

  Gilbert made a motion to table the adoption of the budget board's constitu-

  tion until further review and consideration.  Mr. Tyrrell seconded the mo-

  tion.  Mr. Kohl made a motion objecting to Mr. Gilbert's motion which was

  not passed.  The motion by Mr. Gilbert was passed with two abstentions -

  Cindy Starowicz and Bill Tyrrell, and two oppositions - Walter Lundy and

  Sean Kohl.


  These two items from budget board will be placed on the agenda for the next

  CSA meeting.  The committee did not request further information from the

  budget board.




  1.  Discussion on status of international students during the period when

  dorms are closed for breaks


  Mr. Razvan reported that international students are left with no place to

  go during breaks.  A solution that he proposed, one available at other uni-

  versities, is to leave one dorm open during breaks.  (He intimated that

  some American students may elect to remain on campus if facilities were

  available.)  The University could charge extra fees to cover expenses dur-

  ing that time.  Dr. Spencer expressed concerns about the  safety and secu-

  rity risk for students who would occupy such dorms during breaks. He

  proposed that the University take a more active role in advertising for

  Host families.  He also proposed that since Hillcrest's population is com-

  posed of a high percentage of international students, they could serve as

  hosts for other international students during breaks.


  Mr. Kohl suggested opening rooms in Donaldson Brown for international stu-

  dents to stay during breaks.  Dr. Geyer supported this suggestion and

  stated that we could perhaps negotiate lower fees with the CEC during this

  time.  Dr. Spencer indicated that this might be a workable solution since

  business is usually slow in the CEC during breaks.  He will explore this



  Mr. Razvan made a final proposal for a survey to be conducted to determine

  how many people would be interested in remaining in the dorm during breaks.

  Mr. Gilbert suggested that Dr. Spencer provide the leadership for this



  2.  Amendment of the Honor System Constitution


  Mr. Maxwell presented a proposal to have the term grade star removed from

  the Honor System Constitution since there is no way of enforcing it. Dr.

  Hiller noted that this issue has been reviewed by the Review Board and re-

  ceived a unanimous recommendation.  It was moved and seconded to approve

  the amendment to the constitution.  Mr. Maxwell and Dr.  Hiller will pres-

  ent the proposal to University Council.


  3.  Honor System Membership on CSA


  Mr. Maxwell presented a letter which stated his position on why he feels

  the Honor System should be included on CSA.  This proposal would increase

  CSA membership from 20-21.  After some discussion it was moved to table

  this discussion and continue it at the next CSA meeting.


  Meeting was adjourned at 6 p.m..


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