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September 21, 1989


                         Commission on Student Affairs

                         Bowman Room, Cassell Coliseum

                              September 21, 1989

                                   4:00 p.m.



  PRESENT: Dr. Tom Goodale, Dr. Leon Geyer, Dr. John Hillison, Dr. David

  Ostroth (for Maj. Gen. Stan Musser), Dr. Edward Spencer, Ms. Shelloy Kiger,

  Mr. Michael Miller, Ms. Suzanne Kobernick, (for Mr. Bill Tyrrell), Mr.

  Randy Lucas, Ms. Paula Radcliffe, Mr.  Walter Lundy (for Ms. Kim Townsend),

  Mr. Ahmad Razvan, Mr. Sean Kohl, Ms. Cynthia Starowicz, Mr. Bryan Porter

  (for Ms. Christine Miller), Mr. David Gilbert, and Ms. Patricia Murphy.


  ABSENT:  Mr. William Tyrrell, Ms. Christine Miller, Ms.  Kim Townsend, Maj.

  Gen. Stan Musser, Col. Eric Dorminey, Dr. Scott Geller, and Dr. Mike



  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Dr. Tom Goodale.




  Dr. Goodale made the following announcements:


  o   The Task Force on Student Judicial Affairs had its first meeting.  This

      Task Force will review the current judicial systems with the exception

      of the Honor System.


  o   The Provost is appointing a committee to revise student orientation.

      This committee will report recommended revisions to the Provost by the

      end of this semester.  Dr. Goodale expressed appreciation to Dr.

      Spencer and his staff for their good work in organizing the orientation

      programs for the last few years.


  o   Capital improvement initiatives were reviewed.  Dr. Spencer, Dr.

      Ostroth, and Mr. Campion were invited to report on projects in their

      perspective areas.


      -   Squires is running behind because of asbestos removal.  This

          project is expected to have a completion date for Fall 1991.


      -   The second phase of special purpose housing will open next Fall.

          These facilities will house 360 students -- 1 fraternity and 6



      -   The recreational/fitness center will be presented for the Board of

          Visitors consideration, and hopefully approval by the General As-

          sembly, with construction to start in 1991.


      -   The university has received a gift to enhance tennis facilities.


  o   A non-alcoholic club has been approved and will be located on Main

      Street across from the Blacksburg Baptist church.








  The agenda was adopted as presented.




  The minutes of April 13, 1989 were corrected to note the following change.

  Under the appeal for the Honor System, page 2, first paragraph read:  Dr.

  Geyer made a motion to fund the additional $2679 subject to be used to hire

  non student labor and if the Provost Office funds this request the full

  amount of money would be RETURNED TO THE PROVOST OFFICE.  This should read

  "returned to the Budget Board."


  The minutes of September 7, 1989 were approved as distributed.




  The September 6 Student Budget Board minutes were filed.




  Student Budget Board Status Report


  Cynthia Starowicz distributed a memo in response to the concerns raised by

  the Black Organizations Council at the last meeting.  The memo explained

  the Student Budget Board's policies and procedures and addressed specific

  concerns raised by BOC reference a request for a personal computer, a cop-

  ier, and for allocation of funds for outstanding bills.  Mr. Lucas, chair

  of BOC indicated that he was still concerned about not receiving a copier

  but accepted the explanation provided by Student Budget Board.  Dr. Goodale

  suggested that the issue regarding the allocation of funds to defray out-

  standing bills perhaps could have been addressed more appropriately if all

  student service units operated on a 12-month calendar.  Mr. Campion indi-

  cated that as a result of this incident, moves are being made to have the

  Student Budget Board function 12-months.


  Report from the Committee on Summer Stipends


  Mr. Gilbert provided a report on summer stipends for student leaders

  drafted by a committee consisting of Dave Gilbert as chair, Ed Spencer,

  Bill Campion, Kim Townsend, and Bryan Porter.  The report gave guidelines

  for summer stipends.  After Mr. Gilbert reviewed the guidelines with the

  Commission several questions were raised regarding:


  1.  the recipients of stipends


  2.  reasonable accountability


  3.  differential pay based on responsibilities of student leaders


  4.  the appropriate amount of the stipend


  5.  the appropriate monitor for recipients


  Dave was asked to consider the questions that were raised and bring a re-

  vised report to the next CSA meeting.


  Dave Gilbert and Mike Maxwell announced that they will be visiting other

  institutions to review structures for student organizations on October 5-7,

  1989.  The institutions they will be visiting are Florida, Georgia Tech,

  North Carolina State, and North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Geyer sug-

  gested that they should look at the source of funding for paying student

  leaders.  Mr. Lundy asked them to inquire about minority student programs

  being provided by student organizations.




  Status, Recommendations, University Dining Services - Dr. Spencer


  Dr. Spencer reported that a committee was put together to review Dining

  Services and to make recommendations regarding changes to be implemented.

  Twenty-three recommendations were made.  The Commission was given the op-

  portunity to ask questions regarding recommendations.  No questions were





  Mr. Lundy inquired about the construction of residence halls for graduate

  students.  Dr. Goodale indicated that the University was looking into buy-

  ing or leasing property for graduate students and family housing as well.


  The SGA and BOC will have an open forum on race relations on September 27

  in 100 McBryde Hall.


  Mr. Mike Miller announced that on-campus residents will vote on visitation



  Dr. Goodale asked for feedback regarding frequency of CSA meetings.  The

  paucity of agenda items for this meeting suggests that less frequent

  meetings might be warranted.  After a brief discussion, it was recommended

  that the current meeting schedule be continued and that the chair should

  use his discretion to determine the need of the meeting.


  Dr. Goodale announced that Dave Ostroth was substituting for Maj. Gen.

  Stanton Musser.


  The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


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