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September 7, 1989


                         Commission on Student Affairs

                         Bowman Room, Cassell Coliseum

                               September 7, 1989

                                   4:00 p.m.



  PRESENT:  Dr.  Landrum  Cross (for Dr. Tom Goodale), Mr. David Gilbert, Mr.

  William Tyrrell, Mr. Sean Kohl, Mr.  Bryan Porter (for  Christine  Miller),

  Dr.  Leon  Geyer,  Dr.  John  Hillison,  Ms. Kimberly Townsend, Ms. Shelloy

  Kiger, Ms. Cindy Starowicz, Mr. Ahmad Razvan, Maj. Gen.  Stan  Musser,  Mr.

  Randy  Lucas,  Cadet  Col.    Eric Dorminey, Dr. Scott Geller, Ms. Patricia

  Murphy, Dr. Edward Spencer, Mr. Mike Miller, and Ms. Paula Radcliffe.


  ABSENT:  Dr. Tom Goodale, Ms. Christine Miller, Dr. Mike Ogliaruso.


  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Dr. Landrum L. Cross, Asso-

  ciate Vice President for Student Affairs, who chaired the  meeting  in  the

  absence of Dr. Goodale.  Dr. Cross issued a welcome to new and old members.

  He  noted  several  errors  in  the membership list:   the President of the

  International Students is not listed, no parliamentarian should be  listed,

  and  Mr.  Scott  Ripley, Student Media Board, should not be listed.  A cor-

  rected list will be mailed to the membership.




  A third item was added to the  agenda  under  new  business  by  Mr.  David

  Gilbert:  Review of the Committee on Elections.  A motion was made and sec-

  onded to adopt the agenda with the additional item.




  Motion was made and seconded to approve the April 13 and April  20  minutes

  of the Commission on Student Affairs.  The motion was approved unanimously.





  A  motion was made to file the Student Budget Board minutes of April 5, 15,

  and July 13.




  There was no unfinished business.




  1.  A discussion regarding Student Budget Board was  led  by  Randy  Lucas.

  Mr.  Lucas  provided  a letter addressed to Dr. Goodale pointing out incon-

  sistencies in the Student Budget Board.  He requested a review and investi-

  gation of the Student Budget Board.  He also suggested that a better way of

  staffing the Student Budget Board is to have the Treasurers of  each  group

  that  comprises  CSA be the composition of the Student Budget Board.  After

  much discussion of his concerns and recommendations,  Mr.  Lucas  requested

  that  the discussion of his concerns be tabled until the next meeting.  Dr.

  Cross requested that Student Budget Board be prepared to provide a response

  to Mr. Lucas' concerns at the next meeting which will be held September 21.

  Mr. Campion interjected that since Student Budget Board will not meet until

  September 21 it might not be possible to have a full report.  Dr. Cross in-

  dicated that he would like for Budget Board to be  prepared  to  provide  a

  status report at that time.


  2.  Guidelines for Summer Stipends


  This was a proposal presented by Mr. David Gilbert.  Mr. Gilbert reviewed a

  proposal that he had drafted regarding guidelines to be followed for award-

  ing summer stipends to student leaders.  He stated that currently there are

  no  guidelines  and that basically students are allowed to do whatever they

  want to do.  He feels that there should be some way of having student lead-

  ers who are receiving stipends to be accountable to someone during the sum-

  mer.    After  discussion,  Mr.  Gilbert  requested  that  a  committee  be

  formulated to consider the suggestions that were made at this  meeting  and

  to  draft  some  guidelines for summer stipends.   Dr. Ed Spencer, Mr. Mike

  Miller, Ms. Kim Townsend, Mr. Bryan Porter, and Mr. Randy Lucas volunteered

  to serve on this committee.  They will present their findings at  the  next

  CSA meeting.


  3.  Discussion Concerning the Committee on Elections


  Mr.  David  Gilbert asked for a review of the relationship between the Com-

  mittee on Elections and the Homecoming Committee.  Dr. Charlotte Davis  re-

  sponded  by providing a report along with two handouts entitled "Guidelines

  for Campaign Violations" and "Candidate Campaign Procedures."    Dr.  Davis

  indicated  that  she  was  not prepared to give a full report regarding the

  Committee on Elections at this time because they had just met for the first

  time Sunday night.  She indicated that she will return to  CSA  before  her

  committee  completes  the report to get input from CSA.  It was recommended

  that CSA not become involved with the Homecoming election process and allow

  the Homecoming Committee to handle Homecoming as planned.    A  motion  was

  made  and  passed  on this regard.  Dr. Cross summarized this discussion by

  indicating that all elections for  the  Fall  should  follow  the  existing

  model.  He indicated that the Committee on Elections should serve as an ap-

  pellate body and that it should come up with a manual describing its proce-

  dures  by  Spring  Semester.    Ms.  Davis  suggested that the Committee on

  Elections should be considered as a review body  rather  than  an  appelate





  Mr.  David  Gilbert  announced that Black Organizations Council and Student

  Government Association will sponsor a student-wide forum on  campus  racism

  on September 27.


  Mr.  David  Gilbert  requested members of the newly-formulated Committee on

  Guidelines for Summer Stipends to meet immediately after CSA.


  Mr. Bill Tyrrell announced that the Class of 1990 will  have  a  Homecoming

  event  at the Marriott on September 20 at 8:00 p.m., and that there will be

  a live band performing.


  Mr. Bill Tyrrell announced that ODK Roundtable will meet at 5:15 p.m.    on




  The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.


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