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February 15, 1990


                         Commission on Student Affairs

                               400-D Burruss Hall

                               February 15, 1990

                                   4:00 p.m.



    PRESENT:  Dr. Landrum Cross (for Dr. Thomas Goodale), Mr.  Dave Gilbert,

    Mr. Bryan Porter (for Ms. Christine Miller), Dr. Leon  Geyer,  Dr.  Carl

    McDaniels,  Mr.  Ronald Sheets, Ms. Shelloy Kiger,  Ms.  Katherine Heil,

    Mr. Ahmad Razvan, Mr.  Randy  Lucas,  Dr.  Scott  Geller,  Ms.  Patricia

    Murphy,  Dr.  Edward  Spencer, Mr. Mike Miller, Ms. Paula Radcliffe, Dr.

    Dave Ostroth, and Mr. Mike Maxwell.


    ABSENT:  Dr. Tom Goodale, Mr. William Tyrrell, Mr. Sean Kohl, Col.  Eric

    Dorminey, Dr. Mike Ogliaruso.


    GUESTS:    Ms.  Julie  Sina, Ms. Beverly Sgro, Mr. Ken Waldrop, Mr. Mike

    Jones, Ms. Kim Stivers and Ms. Nancy Hooker.


    The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Dr. Lanny Cross.


    The first order of business was the introduction of guests and new  stu-

    dent  officers  who were present.   Ms. Katie Heil was introduced by Mr.

    Bill Campion as the new vice chair of the Student Budget Board.  She re-

    places Cindy Starowicz who graduated at the end of December.


    Ms. Nancy Hooker, the new Chief Justice of the Honor System, was  intro-

    duced by Mr. Mike Maxwell.


    Ms.  Kim  Stivers,  the new President of Panhellenic Council, was intro-

    duced by Ms. Shelloy Kiger.


    Mr. Ron Sheets introduced himself as the new Graduate  Student  Assembly



    Dr.  Carl  McDaniels introduced himself as representative of the Faculty

    Senate, replacing Dr. John Hillison.




    Dr. Cross announced that the format for the Board of Visitors  will  re-

    turn  to  the  former  format with a breakfast meeting at 7:30 a.m.  The

    next meeting is April 23.




    The agenda was adopted with the following additions:   Under  New  Busi-

    ness, "Presentation on Selection of Student Member of the Board of Visi-

    tors" and "Discussion of Commencement Procedures" were added.




    Motion  was made and passed to approve the January 18, 1990 minutes with

    the following corrections.  On page 2, under the first announcement  the

    word riot should be removed.  On page 3, under the last announcement the

    sentence  should  read,  "Mr.  Lucas  thanked  everyone" in lieu of "Mr.





    1.  Report from Committee on Elections - Dr. Davis


    Dr. Davis reviewed the proposed election procedures drafted by the  Com-

    mittee on Elections.  She stated that the purpose of these procedures is

    to establish consistency for elections.  There were several concerns ex-

    pressed  about  the proposed procedures.   After extensive discussion of

    the document, the following motions for  modification  of  the  document

    were made and passed.


    Mr.  Gilbert motioned to strike from section 3B the phrase "and from of-

    fice the members hold".  This motion carried.


    Mr. Maxwell made a motion to strike section 4B-2 on page 2,  "Limitation

    on personal campaign appearances..."  This motion passed by a 8-5 vote.


    Mr.  Gilbert  motioned to strike from page 3 #6, "No write in candidates

    are allowed".  This motion passed.


    In the interest of time, Ms. Murphy made a  motion  to  table  the  dis-

    cussion  of  election  procedures  to the next meeting.  This motion was



    2.  Class System Constitution Revisions


    Ms. Paula Radcliffe presented the suggested revisions to  the  constitu-

    tion  and a motion was made to accept the constitution as amended.  This

    motion carried.


    3.  Questions Regarding BOV Member Inclusion in the Student Leader

        Eligibility Standards Packet


    Ms. Julie Sina provided a summary of privileges to student leaders  pro-

    vided  by  the  Student Leader Eligibility Packet.   They are:  courtesy

    passes for parking, priority scheduling (student leaders have "top  pri-

    ority"  for  scheduling  of classes) and access to terminals in the UUSA

    and Dean of Students offices.  In response to  questions  regarding  the

    inclusion  of  Board of Visitors student member in this packet, Ms. Sina

    indicated that this decision was made by Dr. Goodale.


    Several questions were raised about other aspects of the  packet.    Mr.

    Gilbert  inquired about the feasibility of requesting top college admin-

    istrators to serve as advisors to student leaders.  Dean Sgro  indicated

    that her office would be willing to pursue this further.


    Additional questions were raised reference to the inclusion of the Board

    of Visitors student member in the eligibility packet and the requirement

    for  full-time enrollment of student leaders during the last term of en-



    Strong sentiments were expressed regarding how the decision was made  to

    include  student  member of the BOV in the eligibility packet.  Both Mr.

    Maxwell and Mr. Gilbert commented that this decision, as well  as  other

    decisions that affect student life, should come through CSA.


    In  the  interest of time, a motion was made to table discussion on stu-

    dent eligibility standards packet until the next meeting.   Motion  car-

    ried  9-6.    Mr.    Maxwell  made a motion to place Student Eligibility

    Standards Packet on the agenda for the next CSA meeting.    This  motion

    carried.    It was also recommended that administrative decisions should

    be a part of this discussion.


    Shelloy Kiger made a motion to move to item five on the agenda under New

    Business regarding "Selection of BOV Student Member."




    5.  Selection of BOV Student Member


    Mr. Waldrop presented proposed selection procedures  for  selecting  the

    student BOV member for review and discussion.  During the course of dis-

    cussion,  several  questions  were raised regarding selection procedures

    and who should have input into selection of the  student  board  member.

    Primary  concern expressed was that students should have more input into

    the selection process.  Mr. Maxwell moved to place this item on the next

    agenda  and  requested  that further clarification of procedures be pro-

    vided particularly in reference to issues  raised  during  the  meeting.

    The motion carried.


    2.  Goodling Bill - VT Police Department


    Mr.  Mike  Jones was invited to provide an overview of the Goodling bill

    and the impact this might have on Virginia Tech.  He indicated that this

    bill requires campuses to report crime statistics.   The  bill  is  cur-

    rently  at  the committee level.  The primary concern regarding the bill

    is that there is no uniform way of reporting such statistics.




    Paula Radcliffe requested that the report of the Judicial Task Force  be

    sent to CSA members prior to the next meeting.


    Dave  Gilbert announced that the constitutional convention will finalize

    activities on Sunday, February 18, 1990.



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