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December 7, 1989

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room - Burruss Hall

                               December 7, 1989

                                   9:00 a.m.




  PRESENT:    R. Givens, M. Wall, T. Smoot, J. Ashby, J. Beach, J. Agee, J.

              Akers, Cc. Dallman, D. Falls, V. Kidd, K. Lewis, W. Swink, J.

              Simonds, W. Williams, V. Carroll, G. Chenault, P. Volhein, M.

              Matz, L. Currie, P. Orcutt, J. Riddle, G. Ritter, R. Ball, D.

              Hedrick, K. Worner


  ABSENT:     J. Brotherton, J. Robbins, L. Terhune, L. Woodard.


  GUESTS:     Dr. L. Moore, Susan Trulove


  o   The meeting was called to order by Phyllis Volhein.


  o   The agenda was approved with additions and rearrangement of the order.


  o   The minutes of November 2 meeting were approved.


  o   Phyllis introduced Dr. Larry Moore, Chair of the Task Force for Coun-

      cil, Commissions and Committees.  He informed the group of the recomm-

      endations the Task Force will be making to the University Council.

      They will recommend that the Classified Staff Affairs Committee (CSAC)

      be a standing committee until they are an established body. They will

      report directly to University Council.  These members will be nominated

      by the CSAC which will remain an operational committee of the Office of

      the Executive Vice-President and Chief Business Officer.  When a repre-

      sentative body of classified staff is formed, that body would become

      responsible for electing classified staff for membership on University

      Council and commissions as well as nominating representatives to the

      President for appointment to standing university committees.


      The four exceptions in the reporting process are  Athletic Committee,

      CSAC, EO/AA and the Library.  These standing committees will report to

      Council  whereas all other standing committees report to a specific



      Pam Orcutt asked if the recommendation from the Task Force will include

      a statement that the standing committee status is temporary. She empha-

      sized that CSCA feels strongly about having an elected form and would

      hope for the opportunity to become a commission at some time. Larry

      Moore said he did not think that it would be within the recommen-

      dations; however, he will address the issue in his cover letter.


      The operating committee (CSAC) and the standing committee (Classified

      Staff Committee) will operate simultaneously until such time when the

      representative staff organization is in place and functional.  Then Mr.

      Ridenour may want to review the charge and status of CSAC.


      Dr. Moore introduced the two models, one somewhat larger than the cur-

      rent Council and the other with half as many members.  It's not known

      yet what form the council will take.  Members of all commissions are

      elected and members of all committees are appointed.  Groups are in-

      vited to recommend names and the appointments are made by the President

      with various length of appointment terms. The Task Force will recommend

      that the standing committee members and its chairperson be appointed by

      the President from the recommendations of CSAC.   Resolutions may be

      made by committees as well as commissions which are fed through the

      commissions and on to University Council.


      Once the standing committee is formally established it becomes part of

      the University Council constitution.

  o   Ann Spencer informed the group that the University Council Minutes are

      on the INFO system.


  o   Phyllis emphasized that Jim Riddle  is the current classified staff

      representative to University Council and is our primary contact with

      that unit.


                               SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS




      Carol Dallman stated that their subcommittee had contacted the colleges

      and vice-presidential areas to see what organizations exist currently.

      She talked of plans to go out to the colleges and vice-presidential

      areas to present information regarding formation of staff associations.

      Before those visits they will develop a strategy before proceeding.

      This subcommittee requested that the Publicity Subcommittee assist them

      by producing a newsletter which would inform employees of the CSAC com-

      mittee contact persons in various colleges/areas, in addition to infor-

      mation on the purpose of CSAC.


      January 5 is a luncheon in the College of Education to get an organiza-

      tion started.


      A motion was made to accept the report of the Subcommittee on Organiz-

      ing a Staff Association by Joyce Smith.  Second by Pam Orcutt.  Motion





      John reported on the progress of the Open House plans.  Three locations

      are needed on three consecutive days with different schedules to accom-

      modate those on shift work.   Pam Orcutt reminded the group to find

      ways to invite the wage employees. The subcommittee asked for funds to

      be submitted for the Open House.  Ann Spencer responded that Minnis

      Ridenour would prefer that the VGEA not be present at the open house

      and that the function be an informational meeting about CSAC for em-

      ployees. A motion was made to accept the report of this committee by

      Jean Smith and second by Pam Orcutt. A recommendation was made to set

      up a meeting with Minnis for further discussion on the Open House by

      John Beach and seconded by John Ashby. Motion passed.  Phyllis will ap-

      point those individuals.




      A report was given concerning a special meeting  with the EO/AA Commit-

      tee to discuss common concerns to all classified employees. Ann Spencer

      asked for an amendment to the report to reflect different language. A

      motion to table the report until the next meeting to  re-word the con-

      tents by was made by Debbie Falls and seconded by Rennie Givens.  Greg

      cautioned the group against making conclusions in their reports.




      John Beach reported on the plans to introduce VGEA at the Open House.

      There is literature to be mailed out to each employee along with their

      constitution and a cover letter  of introduction. Once again it was re-

      commended to contact wage employees also. The report was tabled until

      representatives meet with Minnis on the Open House.




  o   Election of Vice Chair:


      Pam Orcutt was nominated by Jean Simonds. Motion to close nominations

      was made by John Beach. Pam Orcutt was unanimously elected Vice-Chair.

  o   Election of Parliamentarian:


      Joyce Smith was nominated by Pam Orcutt.  A motion was made by Mildred

      Wall to close nominations.  Joyce Smith was unanimously elected



  o   Name Selection:


      CSAC members voted on the name to be assigned to the elective, repre-

      sentative body to be organized in the major administrative and academic

      units. The name of Staff Council was recommended by Pam Orcutt.  Ann

      Spencer cautioned against using "Council" in any name because there is

      only one Council.  The name was deleted.


      -   John Beach recommended the name of Staff Assembly.


      -   Rennie Givens recommended Staff Senate and


      -   Carol Dallman recommended Staff Congress


      Pam Orcutt moved the nominations cease with a second by Vera Kidd.

      Voting took place by show of hands. The name of Staff Assembly got

      seven votes and Staff Congress one vote.  THE NAME OF STAFF SENATE WAS



  o   Phyllis read a letter of appreciation from Mike Appleby of the Univer-

      sity Planning Office with results of the workshop with the College of

      Education and the Print Shop employees.


  o   Professional Office Secretarial Advisory Board (POSAB) and the Women's

      Network have offered to assist CSAC in communicating the information

      through their newsletters. Dietrick Dining Halls also has a newsletter.




      At the next meeting, the committee will discuss alternate meeting



      Members signed up to attend  the various Committees and Commissions on

      campus.  They will contact the person listed as chair to find out the

      time and location of specific meetings.  A brief written report was re-

      quested of those attending to be enclosed with the agenda mail-out.


      Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am

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