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November 2, 1989


                          Thursday, November 2, 1989

                     President's Board Room - Burruss Hall

                                   9:00 a.m.




  PRESENT:    M. Wall, T. Smoot, J. Ashby, J. Brotherton, J. Akers, C.

              Dallman, D. Falls, V. Kidd, J. Robbins, J. Smith, J. Agee, H.

              Swink, V. Carroll, L. Terhune, G. Chenault, P. Volhein, M.

              Matz, L. Currie, P. Orcutt, G. Ritter, R. Ball, K. Worner


  ABSENT:     R. Givens, J. Beach, K. Lewis, W. Williams, J. Riddle, R.

              Madigan, L. Woodard, D. Hedrick.


  VISITORS:   Doug Martin, David Conn




  o   Phyllis Volhein, Chair, called the meeting to order.  The agenda was

      accepted with no additions or deletions


  o   The Minutes of the September 26, 1989 were accepted with the correction

      of the next meeting to be held on November 2, not November 5.  Motion

      made by Joyce Smith, seconded by Lou Terhune.  Motion carried.


  o   Phyllis introduced Doug Martin, University Benefits Manager from Em-

      ployee Relations.  He talked of hospital and physician fee rate in-

      creases which are problems nation wide and not unique to Virginia Tech.

      On the plus side, beginning July 1, 1990, a flexible spending program

      will be included in benefits at Virginia Tech.  A Wellness Program is a

      possibility in the future.


  o   David Conn, Past President of the Faculty Senate, spoke on the purpose

      and work of that group.   He emphasized that the purpose is managed on

      a shared government concept.  They work formally through the nomination

      and election process and informally by reporting the pertinent and cur-

      rent issues of the senate to the the senior officers of the university

      on a monthly basis.


      Senators serve on all university committees and commissions and they

      report on the activities of these bodies at the senate meetings.  The

      Spectrum covers the meeting in order to reach the wider university com-



      Each college has the right to have a faculty organization and most do.

      He was asked about the support that increased staff involvement in the

      governance system would receive.  Dr. Conn would only speculate that

      some members might question the type of issues in which staff should be

      involved.  Hopefully self-restraint would be used in areas pertaining

      to specific academic issues as one would hope the faculty would also

      gauge their input on classified issues.


      When asked, Dr. Conn agreed it would be a good idea to have this group

      address Faculty Senate to answer concerns there might be and to get to

      know the make-up of CSAC and its goals.


      Greg Ritter said he had attended a recent Faculty Senate meeting and he

      was impressed by the process and the scope of business conducted and

      the genuine concern the senate has for all elements and functions of

      the  university.


      Members are encouraged to attend Faculty Senate meetings held the sec-

      ond Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m. in Pamplin 32.


                               SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS





      Discussion on the representation of staff to be recommended to the Task

      Force on Council, Commissions and Committees ensued.


      A motion was made by Pam Orcutt to approve and accept the minutes on

      the Staff Representation on Commissions and Committees as put forth in

      the proposal.  Second by Carol Dallman.  Motion carried.


      The consensus of the group was that they want the opportunity to become

      a commission or a joint commission.  Knowing that there must be an

      elected body in place before this can take place, the CSAC decided they

      would prefer to remain an operational committee until a year from the

      day of the formal organization is in place.  At that time the request

      for a commission or joint commission would be put forth to University



      Motion was made by Linda Currie that the Subcommittee on Commission and

      Committees make their recommendation to the Task Force concerning the

      future status of the CSAC as a Commission or Joint Commission.  Second

      by Jean Robbins.  Motion carried.




      After discussion a motion was made by Lou Terhune and seconded by Pam

      Orcutt to accept the minutes and recommendations of the

      Communications/Publicity Sub-committee, then proceed by prioritizing

      those events and work out the details later.    Motion carried.




      Open House will be a good opportunity to research the "how to proceed"

      with input from the staff. It was suggested that there are long term

      and short term projects. At the onset, we should proceed carefully to

      select short term projects to successfully react.


      Debbie Falls will replace Jean Simonds as Chair.


      Motion was made by John Ashby, seconded by Lou Terhune to accept the

      minutes of the Policy and Issues Sub-committee.  Motion carried.




      Discussion ensued on the proposed names of the staff association.


      A motion was made by Pam Orcutt, seconded by John Ashby to delete the

      proposed names containing the word "classified" because the word de-

      notes a closed group not working for the entire university community.

      Motion carried.


      A motion was made by Jean Simonds to vote on the name at this meeting.

      No second.   Motion failed.


      A motion was made by Jean Robbins to delay decision to vote on the name

      until the next meeting to allow time to solicit input from other staff

      members.  Second by Lou Terhune.  Motion carried.


      Carol Dallman requested that suggestions be forwarded to her on VM1,

      Userid DALLMAN or sent to the Reference Department at Newman Library.


      A motion was made by Vera Kidd and seconded by Gerry Chenault to accept

      the minutes of the Sub-Committee  of Organization of Staff Association.

      Motion carried.




      Wally Swink reporting for John Beach asked the committee for approval

      to start the membership drive.  First, it is preferred that Dr. McComas

      or Minnis Ridinour endorse the organization and open it to the faculty.

      The fact that Governor Baliles belongs to this organization was made



      A motion was made by Wally Swink and seconded by Carol Dallman to start

      the membership drive.  Motion carried.


      An additional motion was made by Joyce Smith and seconded by Jean

      Robins to include all faculty and staff in the membership drive.


      It was left up to the sub-committee to disseminate the information in

      the month of November.





  o   Phyllis talked of the special Planning Workshops offered throughout the

      university and the problems with communications of those invited.  Dr.

      Carlisle wrote a special memo inviting all faculty and staff to attend

      the workshops and encouraged involvement.


  o   Correction to the roster was made.  Sr. VP and Provost rather than Ex.

      VP and Provost





  o   A motion was made by Joyce Smith and seconded by Jean Robbins to elect

      a vice chair and a parliamentarian at the December 7 meeting.  Motion



  o   Greg Ritter clarified the appointed Employee Relations representation

      on the CSAC and the advisory role they play.  He had received negative

      input from individuals that the committee is "too top heavy with repre-

      sentation from Employee Relations".  He asked for a frank and honest

      discussion from the members.    After discussion the group asked for a

      motion for the record citing a resolution of appreciation to the Em-

      ployee Relations staff serving in advisory capacities with continued

      involvement.  Motion was made by John Asby and seconded by Vera Kidd.





  o   Next Meeting:  Thursday, December 7, 1989 - 9:00 a.m.  President's

      Board Room - Burruss Hall.


  o   Meeting adjourned 11:55 a.m.


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