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September 26, 1989

                      Classified Staff Affairs Committee

                      Initial Meeting, September 26, 1989


  Phyllis Volhein, Chair of the newly formed Classified Staff Affairs Commit-

  tee (CSAC), welcomed the group and asked that each person introduce them-

  selves and identify the department in which they work.


  Minnis Ridenour, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, also

  welcomed the thirty people in attendance and gave them the charge.  He

  talked of the restructuring of the governance system and where this group

  might fit in either as a committee or a commission.  Rather than wait for

  the completion of the restructuring work he preferred to appoint this com-

  mittee now to learn about the governance process and to assume an active

  role in it.  Major policy decisions can be shaped from this group.


  He mentioned two important goals he would like this group to accomplish:


  1.  To open up communication to all facets of the university.  He said that

      each person in every position is important to the mission of the Uni-

      versity.  His hope is that this group will take information back to

      their groups and  continue to seek input from them as policy is shaped

      through the process.  He emphasized the improvement of communications

      and suggested that it be the number one agenda item for this group.


  2.  To focus on the concerns of employees regarding state personnel poli-

      cies and benefit offerings.


  He mentioned some of his "hopes" related to the work of this committee:


  o   to deemphasize the differences between the classified staff, faculty

      and administrative faculty.


  o   to help identify opportunities to employees for career development.


  Minnis closed with his thoughts on his involvement in the work of the Clas-

  sified Staff Affairs Committee.  He wants advice and feedback but does not

  want to appear to be  controlling this group; therefore, he will not be

  present at most meetings.


  Michael Appleby, Interim Director, University Participation in Planning in-

  formed the group of the objectives of his group and mentioned the key ele-

  ments in a participation effort.  (See attachments.)  He invited the

  members of the CSAC to attend the existing meetings that are taking place

  on campus and offered to put on special workshops especially for the mem-



  Robin Ball gave an overview of the process beginning with the formation of

  the focus groups in January 1989.  She touched on some of the highlights

  and contents of the summary report.


  Greg Ritter, Employee Relations Manager, gave a brief overview of the re-

  port and recommendation to the Task Force on Councils, Commissions and Com-

  mittees which was submitted June 1, 1989.  Greg emphasized that the CSAC

  members now need to educate themselves by becoming familiar with the Con-

  stitution and By-laws of the University Council advising them to attend

  Faculty Senate and SGA meetings to learn how they operate.


  Phyllis reported to the group that the Task Force invited the represen-

  tatives of CSAC to attend a meeting to justify the need for the CSCA to be

  a Commission instead of a Committee.  Vera Kidd (VP for Student Affairs),

  Pam Orcutt (College of Veterinary Medicine) and Phyllis Volhein (College of

  Education) made presentations to the Task Force.  Later, they were again

  contacted by Dr. Rosemary Blieszner for more information on equitable num-

  bers for representation on commissions and committees.  Carol Dallman (VP

  for Information Systems), Joyce Smith (Extension) and Vera Kidd will report



  Phyllis asked for persons to become involved by serving on various sub-



  o   Sub-Committee to Respond to the Task Force on Councils, Commissions and

      Committees (explained above).


  o   Sub-Committee for Communications/Publicity


  o   Sub-Committee for establishing a local chapter of the Virginia Govern-

      ment Employee Association (VEGA)


  o   Sub-Committee to Study Proposal for Formation of a University Staff As-

      sociation or Council


  o   Sub-Committee to Policies and Issues


  Greg reminded the committee that the recommendation to the Task Force is

  just that "a recommendation" and it still needs to be debated by Council.


  Minnis cautioned the committee to not take on too much and to focus as a

  committee as it relates to concerns of the classified staff so as to send a

  clear message to the University governing bodies.


  Joyce Smith reiterated the need for members to become familiar with the

  governance system and suggested the need to find out the times those

  meetings take place.


  Susan Trulove of the Spectrum told the group that her mode of operation for

  covering meetings as a reporter is to cover dialogue and discussion.  The

  encouraged the members to not be afraid to speak up because the press is

  there.  She asked that if one wishes that a comment not be reported to say

  up front and she will comply with that request so that the necessary di-

  alogue may continue.


  It was suggested the group needs to get to know each other better, it is a

  large group and name tags would be helpful.


  There was mention of the need for continual publicity with updates in the

  Spectrum at least once a month.


  A meeting time of one hour once a month should be established.  (NOTE: THE





  Advisory members to the CSAC from Employee Relations are:


  o   Robert Madigan, Assoc. VP for Personnel


  o   Greg Ritter, Employee Relations Manager


  o   Linda Woodard, Employment Manager


  o   Robin Ball, Employee Relations Analyst


  o   Deb Hedrick, Personnel Development Specialist


  Kathie Worner, Executive Secretary, will take minutes.




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