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April 7, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room - Burruss Hall

                                 April 5, 1990

                                   8:00 a.m.


  Present:  R. Givens, M. Wall, J. Agee, J. Ashby, Phyllis Testerman

            (for J. Brotherton), J. Beach, J. Akers, C. Dallman,

            D. Chuises, Lowell Gobble (for J. Robbins), K. Lewis,

            J. Smith, W. Swink, J. Simonds, W. Williams, V. Carroll,

            S. McConnell, G. Chenault, P. Volhein, M. Matz, L. Currie,

            P. Orcutt, G. Ritter, R. Ball, L. Woodard, B. Cline (for

            J. Smith), K. Worner.


  Absent:   T. Smoot, D. Falls, J. Riddle, A. Spencer.


  Guests:   Arlene Christie, Vera Kidd, Susan Trulove, Harry Yeatts,

            Gayle Kennedy, Chris Wakley, Becky Alls, James Biter,

            Sheila Collins, Connie Lowe, Sharon Irwin, Gloria Henneke

            Dee Lee, Becky Brim, Agnes Chandler, Winifred Barton,

            Sandra Smith, Wyatt Sasser, Shirley Raines, Jim Overfelt,

            Mary Ann Conrad.



  o   The meeting was called to order by Phyllis Volhein.


  o   The agenda was approved.


  o   The minutes of the March 1 meeting were approved.


  o   Phyllis  asked everyone present to state their name and where they work

      and indicate if they are a visitor or a member.


  o   Dr. James McComas was introduced by Phyllis.   He talked of  the  chal-

      lenges of the university, emphasizing the importance of being sensitive

      to the needs of the students.


      He  encouraged  Virginia Tech employees to work together to get through

      the tough times of budget reductions noting that all the other  univer-

      sities  in  the  state have the same problems.  Everyone must pitch in,

      try to stay in a positive frame of mind and reflect those attitudes out

      into the community.  On the positive side, there  will  be  salary  in-

      creases,  whereas,  some local businesses do not have opportunities for

      continued employment.


      Dr. McComas encouraged employees to call the offices of the  Senior  VP

      and  Provost, Executive VP & Chief Business Officer and the President's

      office for clarification of any  question  concerning  the  budget  re-

      duction process.  Rather than speculate, he would prefer people receive

      correct information.


      In  reference  to the suggestion that the report from the Task Force on

      Council, Committees and Commissions be put on hold, Dr. McComas  stated

      that  action  would  not be in the best interest of the University. The

      parties involved will be addressing those issues and will work out  the

      differences together.


      When  questioned about the Management Development Training Program, Dr.

      McComas reported that as a result of a survey of University managers, a

      management development program is a item high on the list of  needs  at

      Virginia Tech.  He encourages better management with mutual respect.


      Pam  Orcutt offered a special thanks to Dr. McComas for the implementa-

      tion of the President's Award for Excellence which is scheduled  to  be

      awarded to five employees on Founder's Day.



      In closing, Dr. McComas  stated that he finds the employees of Virginia

      Tech  are well qualified, have a good attitude and are responsive.  His

      hopes for this university are to have  employees  who  are  upbeat  and

      proud of Virginia Tech and their accomplishments.


                               SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS





  o   John  reported  on  the  progress  of  responding  to  the  Open  House

      questions.  Joyce Smith is compiling the data from  the  Extension  and

      Research  concerns.    Their  concerns are the same as those on campus,

      such as benefits, communications, top of the salary  scale.  Clarifica-

      tion  was  made  that  the Research Stations have also been included in

      these responses.


      The subcommittee is planning an open house style meeting  for  Physical



      A   Volunteer support group was discussed.  The subcommittee recommends

      that CSAC members be assigned as non-voting members on  commissions  in

      addition to volunteers be assigned as non-voting members of committees.


      The  subcommittee proposes to invite ten volunteers to the full commit-

      tee meeting.  Alternates and others wishing to become actively involved

      in CSAC will be invited to the June planning meeting.


      The subcommittee discussed   drafting a  letter  from  CSAC  to  Minnis

      Ridenour,  Executive  Vice President and Chief Business Officer, in re-

      sponse to his letter to university employees concerning the closing  of

      departments between Christmas and New Year's.


      A  campus  wide meeting is planned for mid August.  Dr. McComas will be

      invited to speak at that event.


      John recommended that the committee accept the report.  Motion passed.




  o   Robin Ball, Miriam Matz and Carol Dallman made a  presentation  to  the

      Deans  and  Department Heads in the College of Engineering. Miriam will

      get feedback from that group.


      In April, this committee will do a presentation for the College of  Ag-

      riculture and Life Sciences and the College of Human Resources.


      Pam Orcutt will maintain the reports of all staff organizations.


      Phyllis Testerman will replace John Brotherton on the subcommittee.




  o   Subcommittee  chair  for  Policies  and Issues, Debbie Falls was absent

      therefore Linda Woodard presented the report. A draft of  the  mission,

      purposes and objectives developed by this subcommittee with the help of

      the Subcommittee on Organizing a Staff Association was distributed. The

      full  committee  was asked to review the statements for immediate feed-

      back since closure on this work is critical to carry  on  the  work  of

      CSAC. The group accepted the draft with minor corrections.


      The  CSAC members were asked to think about the use and distribution of

      the document after it has been reviewed by and approved by this commit-

      tee and Minnis Ridenour.



      The subcommittee had concerns on the life of CSAC, particularly regard-

      ing the process of selecting new members. It is felt that CSAC must re-

      tain continuity in the membership.


      A  question arose regarding the need for approval to develop staff sen-

      ates. Greg Ritter stated that he did not feel such approval is  needed;

      he  compared  it  to  the formation of the Women's Network. He told the

      group that it will require that classified employees put forth  energy,

      time and effort to make it happen and may require that some of the work

      be  done after work hours.  They should keep in mind that they must op-

      erate within the goals and mission of the university. Failure to do  so

      would  negate  the  purpose of CSAC and alienate the committee from the

      rest of the university community.




  o   Phyllis announced that there was a misunderstanding of the motion  made

      at  the last meeting concerning the status of the VGEA Subcommittee.  A

      new motion was made to reactivate the VGEA Subcommittee on  an  on-call

      basis  and  allow  members  to  participate  on  other subcommittees as



      John announced the visit of Joan Dent, Executive Director  of  VGEA  on

      April  11, 1990.  Flyers will be sent out to announce her presentations

      to the university community.




  o   Jim Riddle is the representative of CSAC to University Council and also

      serves on the Task Force for Council, Commissions and Committees.


  o   Vera Kidd, former member of CSAC who represented the Office of  Student

      Affairs, has been asked by Phyllis to continue as a liaison between the

      Task Force on Council, Commissions and Committees.





  o   The revised CSAC Information Referral Sheet was presented to  the  com-



  o   Dee Lee, Sharon Irwin and Connie Lowe visited the meeting to inform the

      committee  that  they are working to establish a local chapter of VGEA.

      Sheri McConnell made a motion to include name and home phone number  of

      one of the chapter contacts on the referral sheet.




  o   The  Restructuring and Nominating Committee will review the process and

      report back to CSAC at the June meeting.   They have received  the  in-

      formation  from the ad hoc committee from last year and will be looking

      at the Extension reorganization as it relates to the representation  to

      CSAC along with the revamping of the representation guidelines.




  o   In  response  to  the  concerns of the closing of the drill field,  Dr.

      Alvarez informed Phyllis that a planning committee has  been  appointed

      to deal with long range parking issues. He felt it was not an issue for

      CSAC to deal with now.


  o   There were no reports from members attending other Commissions and Com-

      mittees meetings.


  o   Dr.  McComas  responded to the letter from Phyllis concerning Councils,

      Commissions and Committees.   He says he shares the desire that CSAC be

      actively involved in the governance system. Until such  time  that  the

      structure  is revised, he encourages appointments of non-voting members

      to commissions and committees.  He recommended that CSAC  members  work

      with  Larry  Harris,  Executive  Assistant  to  the  President, and Ann

      Spencer, Associate Vice President for Personnel and Administrative Ser-

      vices, to recommend persons for appointment to those committees.


  o   In reference to the letter from  Minnis  Ridenour  concerning  optional

      closing  between  Christmas  and New Year's Day, Phyllis, reported that

      she, the vice chair and the subcommittee chairs which comprise a  plan-

      ning  group, formulated questions and drafted a letter asking for clar-

      ification of points of concern on leave  and  closing  of  departments.

      Ann Spencer will respond.


  o   There  has  been no reply as of yet to the letter to the Faculty Senate

      concerning the Task Force on Council, Commissions and Committees.   Pat

      Scanlon, President of the Faculty Senate, verbally assured Phyllis that

      there  is  nothing regarding classified employees with which the Senate

      has taken issue.  The Faculty Senate gave their assurance of addressing

      staff concerns but noted that the staff themselves  must  also  address

      their concerns.


  o   John  Beach  and Sheri McConnell, the advisory members from the classi-

      fied staff on the budget advisory committee, reported the status of the

      work being done by the committee.   Figures are not  final,  therefore,

      John could not elaborate in detail. He did inform the committee members

      that  the  budget  advisory group is concerned about retaining salaried

      employees. There are programs such  as  asbestos  and  hazardous  waste

      which  are mandated by the federal government and must be funded. Addi-

      tional new initiatives are the Affirmative Action enhancements and  CIT

      space  initiatives.  Sheri  voiced her concern about the possibility of

      cuts funding the implementation of the management development program.




      Joyce Smith has been named to serve on the Personnel Services  Advisory



      Motion  made  asking the full committee to recognize the planning group

      which is made up of the Chair, the Vice  Chair  and  the  subcommittees

      chair persons, as a functioning executive group along with the nominat-

      ing committee members to meet with Phyllis to come up with nominations.

      Motion passed.





  o   David Kapalko, Director of Parking Services will speak at the May meet-



  o   University Planning meeting for CSAC is April 12, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.  in

      Conference Room B of CEC.


  o   VGEA Staff Forum, April 11, 10:30 a.m in CEC Auditorium


  o   June  meeting  will be a planning meeting with reports from the subcom-



  o   No meeting in July.


  o   August meeting is a University wide meeting.


  o   September, the new committee will begin their term.




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