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December 6, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 Dec. 6, 1990

                                   8:00 a.m.




  Present:    S. McConnell, R. Chuises, C. Stott, J. Eaves, J. Akers, C. Cox,

  L. Barroso, L. Currie,  P. Volhein, R. Cole, P. Orcutt, B.  Green, J.

  Smith, T. Smoot, P. Testerman, L. Pearson, W. Sasser, W. Swink, J. Davis,

  J. Wooge, L. Gobble, M. Murray, L. Craighead, G.  Pennington, E. Ratcliffe,

  M. Mertz, A. Spencer, G. Ritter, L. Woodard


  Alternates Presents:    S. Irvin, F. Phillips, A. Goette, C. Harrison, J.

  Crowder, B. Moore, C. Wakely, M. Moldenhauer, M. Mortez


  Members Absent:  J. Overfelt


  Visitors:  G. Ferolino, Univ. Relations/Spectrum




       The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by R. Chuises, co-chair.


       Minutes from the Nov. 1 meeting were approved with correction.




       Ms. Mary Thompson from Treasury Management, informed CSAC members of

  change in wage payroll date to make it coincide with salary payroll dates.

  She also talked about a state proposal to make direct deposit of state pay-

  checks mandatory. She said the state proposal calls for direct deposit to

  become mandatory for new employees and that it will not effect current em-

  ployees.  If an employee doesn't have a checking account, their paycheck

  would be sent to the Virginia Tech Credit Union, and the employee would

  have to go there to pick up their cash.  Several CSAC members expressed

  concerns that mandatory direct deposit could pose an inconvenience and

  hardship on some employees.



                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY - C. Cox reported that sub-committee had

  prepared a questionnaire to help identify obstacles/problems with the flow

  of information to/from Virginia Tech staff.  On sub-committee's recommenda-

  tion, a motion was made and approved to ask President McComas to again ad-

  dress university staff in the summer of 1991.  The revised CSAC Information

  Sheet was distributed for final review. Any corrections or changes should

  go to J. Akers.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE - P. Orcutt reported that further meetings

  were scheduled with Minnis Ridenour, executive vice president, and Dr.

  Carlisle, Provost and Senior Vice President, on organizing staff members in

  their administrative areas.  Sub-committee members are working on develop-

  ing organizational charts for the administrative and vice-presidential

  units and identifying staff in each area.  She said the administrative

  areas probably would break down to 8 or 9 groups, comparable to college



       POLICIES & ISSUES - G. Pennington reported that the sub-committee had

  drafted a Constitution and By-laws for a Staff Senate.  He said the sub-

  committee hoped to present the documents to CSAC in February. The sub-

  committee also was working on models and guidelines for Staff Senate




       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- P. Volhein and R. Cole discussed

  the sub-committee's proposed composition of a Commission on Staff Affairs

  and representation on University Council.  After the discussion at the Nov.

  1 CSAC meeting, the sub-committee had developed two plans, with differing

  numbers of staff members. The Task Force on University Governance had ac-

  cepted the plan which called for 18 total members on the Staff Affairs Com-

  mission, 9 of which would be classified employees.  The nine classified

  staff representatives would be composed of three members each from the

  Staff Senate, from the academic units and from the administrative units.

  It also had been decided that staff representation on the University Coun-

  cil would consist of 4 members:  1 from the Commission on Staff Affairs and

  3 from the Staff Senate.



                           AD-HOC COMMITTEE REPORTS


       VIRGINIA TECH EMPLOYEES' FUND -- C. Stott reported that the task force

  had raised close to $8,000 and that the first applications had been re-

  ceived from employees who had been laid off or had substantial reductions

  in pay because of state budget cuts.


       VIRGINIA TECH FOOD DRIVE -- J. Eaves said all the organization details

  of the food drive had been completed but that volunteers and vehicles were

  needed to pick food up at the various collection sites and deliver them to

  the food services warehouse.  She said that the food drive was being looked

  at as a three-month effort, then an assessment would be made on whether

  could/should continue longer.



                                 OLD BUSINESS



  o    CSAC Letterhead - J. Akers said Ted DeBord, Printing Services, had do-

      nated excess paper for CSAC letterhead. There was discussion concerning

      a fixed permanent address for CSAC.  Ann Spencer, associate vice presi-

      dent, said the Personnel and Administrative Services office address

      could be used and that office would collect the mail and turn it over

      to CSAC officers.


  o    Copies of the results from the strawpoll taken on employee furloughs

      and suggestions from staff on ways to trim budgets were included in the

      packet of information given to members. S. McConnell said the informa-

      tion had been shared with the President's Ad Hoc Budget Committee.


  o    Earlier discussions on proposal to allow graduate students to purchase

      faculty/staff parking permits indicated a need for more defined way to

      communicate CSAC positions and recommendations to administration.  A.

      Spencer said that if she were copied on all official CSAC responses to

      issues, she would be better informed about issues and positions and

      better able to respond to questions. G. Ritter said all responses to

      issues should come from CSAC as a whole -- not sub-committees -- and

      should be directed to whoever needed to be aware of CSAC's position on

      the issue.



                                   NEW BUSINESS


      VGEA Membership Drive -- P. Volhein said that last year CSAC had been

      permitted to sponsor a membership drive for the Virginia Governmental

      Employees Association. She then moved that CSAC again undertake this

      effort.  After discussion on whether this was advisable, the motion was


      The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.  The next CSAC meeting will be

      held at 8 a.m., Jan. 3, 1991 in the President's Board Room in Burruss



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