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February 1, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room - Burruss Hall

                               February 1, 1990

                                   8:00 a.m.


  Present:  M. Murray (for R. Givens), M. Wall, T. Smoot, J. Agee,

            J. Ashby, J. Beach, C. Dallman, V. Kidd, J. Robbins,

            K. Lewis, J. Smith, J. Simonds, W. Williams, S. McConnell,

            G. Chenault, P. Volhein, M. Matz, L. Currie, P. Orcutt,

            J. Riddle, A. Spencer, G. Ritter, R. Ball, L. Woodard,

            D. Hedrick, K. Worner


  Absent:   R. Givens, J. Brotherton, J. Akers, D. Falls, H. Swink,

            V. Carroll


  Guests:   Dr. E. Fred Carlisle, Susan Trulove, Betty Eaton, Richard



  o   The meeting was called to order by Phyllis Volhein


  o   The agenda was approved with additions


  o   The minutes of the December 7 meeting were approved as written.


  o   Phyllis  announced  changes  in the committee membership and introduced

      those individuals.  Sherilynn McConnell replaces Lou  Terhurne  in  the

      College  of Arts and Sciences.  Sherie works in the Dean's office.  Be-

      cause of reorganization within the department, Vera Kidd,  representing

      the  VP  for Student Affairs, is resigning and will be replaced by Dick

      Chuises from Residential Programs.  Temporarily, Margie Murray will re-

      place Renie Givens from the President's Office.



  o   Phyllis introduced, Dr.  E.  Fred  Carlisle,  Sr.  Vice  President  and

      Provost,  who visited with the committee about his sense of the role of

      classified employees. In his opinion, contributions of  classified  em-

      ployees  are  valued and appreciated.   He reminded the members of CSAC

      that if there is any group that has priority  at  this  university,  it

      would be the students. The administration could be considered a support

      group  just  as  classified staff with both supporting the needs of the

      students and faculty.


      He informed the members of the work of the University Planning  Commit-

      tee.  Dr. Carlisle reported that over 600 employees (faculty and staff)

      participated  in the initial stages of the work of the Planning Commit-

      tee.  There will be another opportunity for open participation  at  the

      end  of February when the group will come back to the university commu-

      nity with a draft plan to assist in focusing on issues, goals  and  ob-

      jectives for the next five to ten years.


      After a briefing of the current work being done to organize staff asso-

      ciations  at the college and administrative level, Dr. Carlisle offered

      to support CSAC by inviting a representative to present information  to

      the next regular meetings of Deans and the Sr. VP and Provost staff.


      Dr.  Carlisle  felt that the role of CSAC will be very important in the

      governance system as the committee will  report  directly  to  Council.

      Greg Ritter asked for his sense on the acceptance of the proposal to be

      sent to Council from the Task Force on Council, Commissions and Commit-

      tees,  specifically  the  proponent  that includes the classified staff

      participation. Dr. Carlisle expressed optimism concerning  the  accept-

      ance of the proposal.


      Members  encouraged Dr. Carlisle to use his influence to bring the con-

      cerns of classified staff to the attention of those persons making  de-


      cisions.  He encouraged the group to think of issues and forward to the



                               SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS





      A memo inviting interested employees to the Open House was distributed.

      John  suggested that there be a briefing before the Open House dates so

      that all hosts and minglers would have consistent answers. Each  person

      was  asked to submit a question they felt would most likely be asked at

      the Open House. The flyers are out and all were  encouraged  to  spread

      the  word.  The  subcommittee  is working on posters, photo posters and

      Spectrum coverage. Handicapped persons will also be assisted.




      Carol informed the group that everyone would be asked to help with  the

      activities of this subcommittee. Robin and Carol described their activ-

      ities  with the organization efforts in the College of Business and the

      College of Education. Gerry Chenault reported that the social aspect is

      a plus in addition to the representative avenues for the organization.





  o   Jean Simonds reported for Debbie Falls.  The  subcommittee  found  that

      they need more input from the members of CSAC before drafting a mission

      statement. She distributed a questionnaire and asked for completion and

      return to Linda Woodard by February 12.





  o   John  reported on the progress of the letter and VGEA information to be

      sent to all employees. The week of February 12  will  be  the  labeling

      party  for  the distribution. Greg mentioned that the legislature is in

      session now and it would be very timely to get this information out  to

      people.  Phyllis  told  the group that Joan Dent, Executive Director of

      VGEA, will be on campus April 10 and 11 to speak to the College of Arts

      and Science secretaries. She might be willing to be available for a fo-






  o   Phyllis talked to the committee members about the replies from the Open

      House flyers. She asked that the tear-off slips be forwarded to the ap-

      propriate representative so that replies could be generated in a timely



  o   Phyllis asked for reports from those who have attended other commission

      and Council meetings.  Carol Dallman had visited the Library  Committee

      Meeting where her attendance was welcomed. Phyllis ran down the list of

      committees  and  names  of those who signed up to attend the particular




  o   Phyllis introduced Betty Eaton who serves on the newly  formed  Parking

      and Transportation Committee. The Committee has met once, where the is-

      sue  of  recommending a visitors center and parking on Parent's Day was

      discussed. Betty announced that the Manager of the Parking  and  Trans-

      portation  Division  is Mr. David Kapalko and if there are concerns for

      the Parking and Transportation Committee agenda,  they  should  be  re-

      ferred to Dr. Carl Polan, Chair.







  o   Ann  Spencer encouraged the members to read "A Case for Change: The Re-

      port of the Commission on the University of the 21st Century" which ap-

      peared  in  the  Spectrum  February  1.  Wayland  Winstead,  University

      Planning Coordinator, will be speaking to CSAC next month and will dis-

      cuss his plans to bring members of the Commission to campus sometime in

      March.  CSAC  will  be invited to participate in this visit with groups

      representing all aspects of the University.


  o   Ann announced a meeting on proposed budget reduction  guidelines  which

      Dr.  Carlisle  will  host in 100 McBryde Hall at 4:00 p.m. The adminis-

      tration would like to have the participation of the  university  commu-

      nity as they go through the process in the next few months.





  o   CSAC is on the Faculty Senate agenda for February 13, 7:30 p.m.


  o   Next  meeting,  March 1, Wayland Winstead from University Planning will

      speak to CSAC.


  o   Dr. McComas will be our guest for the April meeting


  o   Have your alternate attend meetings when you must be  absent  and  keep

      Kathie Worner informed of changes on the roster.


  Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

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