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January 4, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room - Burruss Hall

                                January 4, 1989

                                   9:00 a.m.



  PRESENT:    R. Givens, M. Wall, J. Agee, J. Ashby, J. Beach, J. Akers, C.

              Dallman, J. Robbins, K. Lewis, J. Smith, H. Swink, J. Simonds,

              W. Williams, V. Carroll, G. Chenault, P. Volhein, L. Currie, P.

              Orcutt, G. Ritter, R. Ball, D. Hedrick, L. Woodard, K. Worner,

              A. Spencer.


  ABSENT:     T. Smoot, J. Brotherton, D. Falls, V. Kidd, L. Terhune, M.

              Matz, J. Riddle


  GUESTS:     S. Trulove


  o   Phyllis Volhein, Chair, called the meeting to order.  The agenda was

      accepted with no additions or deletions.


  o   The Minutes of the November 2 meeting were accepted with corrections to

      be forwarded to Kathie Worner from Carol Dallman and John Ashby as

      agreed upon in the meeting.  Motion made by Carol Dallman seconded by

      Pam Orcutt.  Motion carried.


                               SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS




      John talked of the visit with Minnis Ridenour concerning the Open House

      and distributed hand-outs on that event.  The group plans to have a la-

      beling party to send out the flyers.  There will be "For Your Informa-

      tion" flyers and other forms of information available those days.  John

      requested members volunteer to be "hosts and minglers" for certain

      blocks of time and recommended gathering for a briefing before the Open

      House.  Phyllis complimented the subcommittee on a job well done.  Re-

      port was accepted.




      Carol Dallman submitted the report with discussion following.  It was

      suggested that there be separate subcommittees formed within this sub-

      committee to work on projects such as development of by-laws and a

      mission statement. Carol Dallman made a motion to form such committees.

      Greg Ritter noted that a Policy and Issues Committee was already estab-

      lished  which could perform this work. There are several models from

      other universities to look at and learn from.  Carol amended her motion

      to ask the Policy and Issues Committee to work with the Sub-committee

      on Organizing a Staff Association on separate issues such as by-laws,

      constitution and a mission statement. (More people are needed to help.

      Jean Robbins offered.) Pam Orcutt seconded motion.  Motion passed.




      John reported that his subcommittee has been working on a letter to in-

      troduce VGEA to the campus.   John read the letter to the group and

      commented that Minnis Ridenour will respond to this committee before he

      leaves for the legislative session in Richmond at the end of the week.




      Linda distributed the report with a proposed outline of guidelines for

      the Policies and Issues Subcommittee.  She asked for approval of this

      proposal which will include reviewing constitutions and by-laws of

      staff associations from other colleges and universities; and  preparing

      a mission statement for the CSAC as well as by-laws, mission statement

      and constitution on the Staff Senate.  All were in favor of accepting

      the proposal.




  o   Report on Meeting with Minnis Ridenour concerning the Open House.


      Greg Ritter, John Ashby, John Beach, Phyllis Volhein and Pam Orcutt met

      with Minnis Ridenour to discuss CSAC activities and future plans.  Pam

      reported in this meeting on the progress and plans of Organizing a

      Staff Association and gave a brief overview of planned meetings with

      the deans and department heads of academic departments.  Mr. Ridenour

      suggested that the group not try to move too fast and to wait until

      University Council can discuss and approve the Task Force recommen-

      dations, to occur in about six weeks.  At that time, Deans, Directors

      and Department Head discussions would be more meaningful.  He empha-

      sized the need to develop a constitution and by-laws, and cautioned

      CSAC not to be disappointed if they do not achieve all of their goals

      in a one-year period.  Much had already been accomplished and over time

      there will be opportunities for meeting additional goals.


  o   CSAC Meeting Time


      Discussion of the most appropriate and convenient time for this group

      to meet ensued.  It was decided that the meetings will commence at 8:00

      a.m., the first Thursday of each month (beginning February, 1990) in

      the President's Board Room, Burruss Hall.




  o   Christmas Holiday Poll by Roll Call


      Kathie Worner called the roll of the members in attendance, who then

      reported on the results of the opinion survey they conducted in their

      represented areas on closing Virginia Tech the week between Christmas

      and New Year's Day.  Five were in favor of closing, fourteen were not

      in favor.  Three areas (Provost, Arts and Sciences and Engineering)

      were not represented in the vote.


      Jean Simonds made a motion to add the comments discussed to the results

      of the poll and placed in the Minutes.  Motion seconded and passed.




      -   Closing the university and forcing people to take compensatory or

          annual leave takes away the freedom to choose when they can use a

          substantial portion of their vacation time.  Many employees see

          this freedom to choose not only as a right but also an important



      -   Some people, by the nature of their work, either should work, or

          must work, during that time.


      -   There will be people who will not have the annual leave or

          compensatory time to cover the days they must take off.  Would

          these people, who most likely would be in the worst possible posi-

          tion to afford it, be forced to take leave without pay?


      -   The idea of closing came up several years ago and apparently was

          considered undesirable or unworkable at that time.  It is not obvi-

          ous that anything has changed at the university to reverse that de-



      -   Wage employees will loose money that week.


      -   There is a religious issue.

      -   Faculty would have to take annual leave; they would not be given

          the days off.


      -   It is a family time and a slow business time at this university.


      -   Give the time off to employees if the University wants to close

          without employees taking leave.


      -   Some department heads already grant unofficial leave to their em-

          ployees which creates a morale problem for those neighboring de-

          partments whose employees do not get the same privileges.


      It was recommended that unofficial leave be looked at as part of the

      problem.  The Sub-Committee on Policies and Issues will draft a letter

      to Minnis Ridenour addressing this issue.  All were in favor. Motion



  o   Sign Up to Work Open House


      -   Members were asked to sign up for Open House.




      The group broke into two groups; those representing college areas and

      those representing the administrative units.  Discussion ensued on ways

      for the subcommittee to present information to those units on organiz-

      ing a staff association.


      Pam Orcutt reported for the college areas, stating they recommended a

      standard format for all deans, directors and department heads meetings.

      The subcommittee will assist with that first meeting and help the area

      representatives begin organizing presentations for the staff employees

      in those academic areas. The colleges may need additional help with

      format, projected protocol and plans.  Linda Currie added that there is

      a need to act on the enthusiasm and get the calendar started.


      Jenny Akers reported for the some of the administrative areas, stating

      they recommend a general meeting with employees explaining  what has

      happened to date and future plans. A sign up sheet would be needed so

      employees could come at different times.  The staff representatives and

      the employees themselves need to recognize what departments are encom-

      passed in their specific areas so that they may have a two-way flow of

      communication.  Robin Ball reported for some of the other administra-

      tive areas and acknowledged that special planning strategy needs to

      take place for representation for off-campus locations i.e., research

      stations and Extension units and district offices.


      John Ashby asked for input on a logo.  He also needs help, in addition

      to the Sub-committee on Communications/Publicity members, to assist

      with Open House. In order to have full participation by all CSAC mem-

      bers, the Subcommittee chairs were asked to contact those members not

      contributing and determine their status.


      Phyllis will be contacting the members of CSAC who have not been at-

      tending the monthly meetings representing areas of the university.




      Request to present a program at Faculty Senate


      The next meeting will be Thursday, February 1 at 8:00 a.m. with Dr. E.

      Fred Carlisle, Sr. VP and Provost.


      Wayland Winstead, University Planning will speak to the group at the

      March meeting and Dr. James McComas, President, at the April meeting.


      Phyllis announced the appointment of Ann Spencer to the position of As-

      sociate VP for Personnel and Administrative Services, replacing Robert



      Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.


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