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June 7, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                               113 McBryde Hall

                                 June 7, 1990

                                  8:00 a. m.



  PRESENT:  M. Wall, T. Smoot, J. Agee, J. Ashby, P. Testerman (for J.

            Brotherton), W. Sasser (for J. Beach), J. Akers, C. Dallman, D.

            Falls, J.  Smith, W. Swink, J. Mullins, V. Carroll, S. McConnell,

            G. Chenault, P.  Volhein, L. Currie, P. Orcutt, R. Ball, K.



  ABSENT:   R. Givens, J. Brotherton, J. Beach, R. Chuises, J. Robbins, K.

            Lewis, W. Williams, M. Matz, J. Riddle, A. Spencer, G. Ritter, L.



  GUESTS:   Joyce Davis, Linda Burchan, Roger Brickey, Ron Marlowe, Rebecca

            Duncan, Becky Alls, John Wooge, Susan Truelove, Russ Cole, Betsy

            McCoy, Margie Lawrence, Lynn Schafermeyer, Lee Ann Hoppe, Janet

            Crowder, Carol Cornish, Fred Phillips, Michele Moldenhaver,

            Martha Moretz, Sharon Irwin, Roy Clark, Clara Cox, Carolyn Alls,

            William Shawver, Richard Robinson, Rose Cole, June Smith,

            Jacqueline Eaves, Tracy Meyers, Larry Pearson, Becky Barlow,

            Betty Greene, Karen Coker.


  o   The  meeting  was  called to order by Phyllis Volhein.   Alternates and

      guests introduced themselves.


  o   The agenda was approved as written.


  o   The minutes were approved with minor corrections.


                             SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS





  o   John reported that the information meetings held for Physical Plant em-

      ployees May 10 and 15 were successful with close to 300 in  attendance.

      The  Power Plant employees were unable to attend because of shift work;

      therefore, the committee will send information packets to their  super-

      visor, Rodney Altizer, for distribution.


      The  campus wide meeting for all employees will be held in Burruss Hall

      auditorium August 14 at 1:00 p.m.  John made a motion  requesting  that

      the  full committee discuss and approve the general outline of the pro-

      gram with permission for the Executive Committee to make  decisions  on

      the  last minute details.  Motion was approved. Minnis Ridenour and Ann

      Spencer will be asked to assist the committee with planning and  publi-

      cizing the meeting.





  o   Pam Orcutt has set up five information meetings in the College of Agri-

      culture.  Presentations will be made by the subcommittee members.


  o   The  College  of Architecture, College of Education and the Library are

      developing by-laws for their respective areas.


  o   The College of Business elected their nominees  for  representation  to

      CSAC for 1990-91.


  o   The  College  of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business have fi-

      nalized their by-laws.


  The focus of the subcommittee for the remainder of this  term  is  strategy

  development  and planning for presentations in the vice-presidential areas.

  They will also be assisting the college associations  with  developemnt  of

  their by-laws.





  o   Phyllis  reported  that  the Faculty Senate will forward their ideas on

      recommended changes to University Council.  Review will take  place  by

      University  Council  when  they  meet again in the Fall.  Input will be

      welcomed by Council once the review has been completed.





  o   Sharon Irwin reported that the membership currently stands at 300  mem-

      bers.    The district meeting will be held in 113 McBryde Hall, June 21

      at 7:00 p.m.





  o   Tim reported that the subcommittee modified the  numbers  of  suggested

      representatives  from last year to reflect better representation.   The

      number of representatives versus number of employees  was  changed  and

      the  number  of representatives for the committee is recommended to in-

      crease from 24 to 28.  The additions were made  in  the  administrative

      areas and in one college. Tim covered new guidelines for member partic-

      ipation  with  emphasis on expected attendance rate with alternates re-

      presenting members when unable to attend.  Alternates must  attend  the

      first  meeting  and  are welcome at all meetings. Members will have one

      vote with alternates voting when members are absent.


      The list of nominations has been completed with fifty  percent  of  the

      current  membership interested in continuing next year.  Several of the

      units have forwarded names of their elected representatives.  The  rec-

      ommendations  will  be made to Minnis Ridenour who will select new mem-

      bers and their alternates.


      Robin suggested that the new members and the alternates be given a list

      of the areas they represent.  In addition to reorganizations within the

      university, some vice presidential areas and colleges are large and di-

      verse making it difficult to determine the make-up of the area.





  o   Karen Coker reported on the two day Parking Committee  retreat.    They

      will  continue  to discuss issues and work on objectives for the organ-

      ization with completion expected the end of June.  David  Kapalko  will

      report back to CSAC in the Fall.


  o   Each  subcommittee  has submitted to Phyllis their budget needs for the

      coming year.  Those figures will be forwarded to Greg  Ritter  for  ap-

      proval by Ann Spencer.





  o   The Restructuring/Nominating Committee has been working on the nominat-

      ing  process  in order to submit two names to Dr. McComas as candidates

      to serve with University Council on committees  and  comissions.    The

      executive committee of CSAC will make the selection of names to be con-

      sidered  by the July 1 deadline.


      There  are  vacancies on some of the university committees which may be

      filled by classified  representatives.  Recommendations  for  placement

      will  be  made by the Executive Committee of CSAC.  Names of interested

      persons should be forward to Tim Smoot, or Linda Currie.  The vacancies

      are on the following committees:


      Athletics Committee     Employee Benefits Committee

      Building Committee      Parking & Transportation Committee

      Commencement Committee  Scheduling & Registration Committee

      Library Committee       EEO/AA Committee (2 slots available)

      Computer Committee



  o   The  August  meeting  will  be  held  in  the President's Board Room in

      Burruss Hall on August 6, Monday at 3:00 p.m. with a picnic at the Duck

      Pond to follow.


  o   The Executive Board of CSAC will meet with Minnis Ridenour on  June  14

      to give a progress report. Robin asked that Minnis be informed the Sub-

      committee  on  Organizing a Staff Senate will be proceeding with visits

      and information meetings in the administrative units.


  o   Phyllis Volhein will attend the Executive Board Luncheon Meeting of the

      Hourly and Salaried Staff Association at the  College  of  William  and

      Mary June 21.





      June 14, 2:00 p.m. Progress Report with Minnis Ridenour

      June 21, 7:00 p.m. VGEA District Meeting - 113 McBryde Hall

      July               No Meeting - Subcommittees meet as necessary

      August 6, 3:00 p.m.CSAC Meeting, President's Board Room

      August 14, 1:00 p.mCSAC Campus wide meeting, Burruss Auditorium

      September          New committee begins term


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