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March 1, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room - Burruss Hall

                                 March 1,1990

                                   8:00 a.m.


  Present:  R. Givens, M. Wall, T. Smoot, J. Agee, J. Ashby, J. Beach,

            J. Akers, C. Dallman, D. Falls, D. Chuises, J. Robbins,

            K. Lewis, J. Smith, W. Swink, J. Simonds, S. McConnell,

            P. Volhein, M. Matz, P. Orcutt, A. Spencer, G. Ritter,

            R. Ball, L. Woodard, K. Worner.


  Absent:   J. Brotherton, W. Williams, V. Carroll, L. Currie, J. Riddle.

            G. Chenault.


  Guests:   James Overfelt, Joyce Nester, Susan Trulove, Joyce Bohr (for

            G. Chenault)



  o   The meeting was called to order by Phyllis Volhein.


  o   The agenda was approved with additions.


  o   The minutes of the February 1 meeting were approved with corrections.


  o   Phyllis introduced guests:


      -   Jim Overfelt from Engineering


      -   Dick Chuises from Residential Programs


      -   Joyce Nester from the Library


  o   Phyllis  introduced the guest speaker, Wayland Winstead, Coordinator of

      the University Planning Committee.  He discussed the importance of  the

      planning  function  and  its current status which stems from the recent

      self study.  Every committee of the self study committee indicated  the

      absence of university wide planning as a deficiency.  Upon Dr. McComas'

      arrival,  Dr.  Larry J. Moore was appointed to head a task force to de-

      velop a process for planning at Virginia Tech.  That  report  was  for-

      warded  to  the  President  in July and those recommendations are being

      implemented this year. The planning responsibility was assigned to  Dr.

      E. Fred Carlisle,  Senior Vice President and Provost.


      Wayland  reported that the Coordinating Committee has borrowed from the

      process of local government and community planning, the  techniques  of

      citizen  involvement.  There have been 26 workshops held involving over

      500 people.   From these workshops, the  committee  took  those  issues

      identified  and  incorporated them into draft planning assumptions. The

      draft was distributed to the university community and  the  assumptions

      are open for discussion.  On the basis of the issues and concerns iden-

      tified,  the  committee  has prepared a preliminary draft plan which is

      currently under limited review by the deans and vice-presidents.   This

      preliminary  draft will also be open for debate and discussion after it

      is published, in full, in Spectrum the week of March 21. The draft will

      contain formal human resource development goals with supporting  objec-

      tives. The second round of participation will run from March 26 - April

      20  with  those  results  to be published in September. The third round

      will be to come back to the employees to  ask  their  opinions  of  the

      list.    This plan will be used to guide the Board of Visitors with the

      l992-94 appropriations as well as a blueprint for future activities.


      The plan will be available on the INFO system, in the library and  upon

      request.    Wayland asked that the university community understand that

      this process of citizen participation is  new  to  the  university  and

      therefore,  not a perfect process. The Planning Committee welcomes con-

      structive criticism and input.   In the past, documents  were  put  to-

      gether  and  forwarded  to  decision  makers  with  no  opportunity for

      university wide input; currently the Planning Committee  is  making  an

      effort  to  change  this  by  the encouraging participation through the



      Phyllis expressed appreciation to Wayland for the opportunity for staff

      to participate in the planning process.


      Pam  Orcutt  asked if there would be any recommendations on how to pro-

      ceed once the plan is decided.  Wayland stated that an attempt was made

      to make the objectives assignable and specific. He said that  sometimes

      recommendations  are not implemented; however, planning is about doing,

      not writing about doing. The historical problem with planning processes

      is that they end up as a document that sits and does not get translated

      into action, which is where help is needed by the university community.


      Pam Orcutt asked if there will be anything within the plan, to evaluate

      its implementation. Wayland said that the structure of the process  as-

      signs responsibility to the Coordinating Committee to monitor and eval-

      uate the process with timely annual reports.


      John Ashby asked if there is a classified employee on the Planning Com-

      mittee.  Linda Woodard represents the classified employees.



      Wayland  thanked  CSAC for their past participation and asked for addi-

      tional involvement by classified employees to  make  contributions  for

      constructive  change.    He  encouraged classified staff input on their

      perception of what should be the appropriate university priorities.


                               SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS





  o   John distributed summaries from the questionnaires filled out from  the

      Open  House.  Open House was a success with numerous staff visiting the

      various locations.   Three recommendations  made  by  the  subcommittee



      1.  Formation of a support group which could be composed of volunteers.

          Alternates could help with involving interested individuals.


      2.  Publish  an open letter to the university on the questions and com-

          ments from the Open House.


      3.  Set up a campus-wide meeting (faculty  and  classified)  in  August

          with the suggestion of asking Dr. McComas to address the employees.


      A  motion  was made by Jean Simonds to accept the report with modifica-

      tions to be made to the motion after the Subcommittee on  Policies  and

      Issues report is given which has related issues. Motion passed.





  o   The presentations to the colleges are going well.


      -   Phyllis made a presentation to the Faculty Senate.  Robin Ball, Pam

          Orcutt  and  Carol Dallman presented   at the Provost and the Deans



      -   Vickie Carroll, Miriam Matz and Robin Ball visited the  College  of




      -   Sheri  McConnell,  Robin  Ball,  Pam Orcutt and Vickie Carroll will

          speak to the College of Arts and Science the week of March  5.


      After  the  college presentations have been completed, the subcommittee

      will begin work with the vice-presidential areas.


      This subcommittee will also be working with the Subcommittee  on  Poli-

      cies and Issues to look at the representation of areas.




      Debbie  distributed  the  Survey/Results Summary from the questionnaire

      given to the members at the February 1 meeting.  Issues must be  prior-

      itized  so  that  the  objectives  and goals may be incorporated in the

      mission statement.   Linda cautioned the members to think realistically

      about the achievements CSAC will want  to  accomplish.  Objectives  as-

      signed  to subcommittees need to be practical with deadlines for accom-

      plished goals. The list may contain those goals that "are not  possible

      to  accomplish";  members should indicate those to the committee. There

      is only so much time that CSAC members can devote  to  committee  work;

      therefore when prioritizing they need to think about those commitments.

      It  was  suggested  that the summary be shared with employees for broad

      input. Phyllis recommended the subcommittee meet to react to the prior-

      ity setting suggestions.  THE PRIORITIES ARE DUE TO  LINDA  WOODARD  BY

      MARCH 15





  o   John  thanked  the  individuals who helped with the mass mailing with a

      special thanks to Kathie Worner.   VGEA has received  several  applica-

      tions for membership as a result of the mailing.  Additional copies are

      available  for wage employees and others by contacting John Beach.  The

      VGEA material is also distributed to new employees during orientation.


      John questioned whether this subcommittee should be disbanded now  that

      their  initial  charge  of introducing VGEA to the university employees

      has been completed. It was suggested that the function of this  subcom-

      mittee  be  assigned  to another subcommittee with expanded membership.

      Jean Simonds made a motion to not disband totally  but  to  incorporate

      subcommittee  members  with specific assignments related to VGEA activ-

      ities into the Subcommittee on Communications and Publicity.  Second by

      John Ashby.





  o   A temporary subcommittee consisting of Jenny Akers and Sheri  McConnell

      working with Phyllis Volhein was formed to develop an information sheet

      for  committee  members  to  use in responding and referral of employee

      questions. Departments, programs and committees with  appropriate  ser-

      vices  are  listed with the contacts and phone numbers. The sheets will

      be shared with employees after editing and final copy is brought to the

      full committee meeting in April.





  o   Concerns about the closing of the drill field was tabled until more in-

      formation on the current status is known.


  o   Reports from those attending other committee meetings were given by:


      -   Joyce Smith attended the Commission on Extension.


      -   Jenny Akers attended the Communications Network Services Committee.

      -   Phyllis made a presentation to the Faculty  Senate  where  she  was

          asked if there would be faculty representation on CSAC.


      -   Pam Orcutt attended Facilities Affairs, and


      -   Debbie Falls will attend CSA this week.





  o   It was noted that the special issue of the Spectrum the week of March 1

      carries a comprehensive report from the budget meeting held Friday.


      Phyllis  encouraged  the members to dispel rumors when interacting with

      all individuals, especially now with respect to the  topic  of  layoff.

      It  needs  to be reaffirmed that layoff action will be the last resort.

      Ann stated that staff cuts may be in budget reduction  plans,  however,

      the  administration  hopes that attrition will take care of those cuts.

      In addition it was noted that the administration has  been  open  about

      reporting  pertinent  information  concerning  budget  and  legislative

      actions and it is appreciated.


  o   A reply to the administration and Faculty Senate, and an open letter to

      the classified staff regarding recent recommendations on the Task Force

      on Council, Commissions and Committees has been sent.


  o   Appointments to special committees and commissions were announced:


      -   Wally Swink was appointed by Phyllis to the Research Commission  as

          an invited non-voting guest.


      -   Sheri McConnell was appointed by Ann Spencer to a committee working

          on  the  President's Awards for Excellence for Classified Staff and

          Administrative/Professional Faculty.


      -   Representatives to the Budget Advisory Council will be appointed.


      -   John Ashby asked for clarification of a university policy of hiring

          outside candidates over applicants who have been in the  job  on  a

          temporary status.  Linda Woodard responded that the state would not

          allow  such  a  policy which dictated the outcome of a hiring deci-

          sion. Once the referrals leave the Employment Division, it is up to

          the individual hiring authority to rank applicants  with  decisions

          based on two guiding principles, 1) it cannot be based on discrimi-

          nation and  2) the decision must be based on job-related factors.







      -   Guest speaker for the April 5 meeting will be Dr. James McComas.


      -   In  April  a nominating committee will be appointed to provide rec-

          ommendations to Minnis Ridenour for membership for  1991-92.  Robin

          voiced  a  concern  that  the some of the college organizations had

          hoped to have their representatives elected  and  in  place  before

          nominations are made.


      -    A correction on the date for the CSAC University Planning Workshop

          was made.  Thursday, April 12, 8:00 - 10:30 a.m., CEC Room B.


      -   The VGEA Staff Forum will be held in the rear of the CEC Auditorium

          on  April 11 at 10:30 a.m with Joan Dent, Executive Director speak-

          ing. (She will be speaking to the staff in Arts and Science at 1:30

          p.m. and to the College of Education that morning.)

      -   The speaker for the May meeting with be David Kalpako, Director  of

          Parking  Services.    If you have questions for Mr. Kalpako, please

          submit them in writing to Phyllis by April 5.


      -   June  will be a planning meeting, there will be no meeting in July,

          August will also be a planning meeting, and September will  be  the

          month that the new committee members begin their term.





  o   The  CSAC  profile  and  minutes  are  on the INFO System under GOVERN.

      Please pass this information on to the employees in your areas.


  o   Alternates should attend CSAC meetings when you cannot.


  o   Keep Kathie informed of any roster changes.




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