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November 1, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 Nov. 1, 1990

                                   8:00 a.m.




  Present:    S. McConnell, R. Chuises, C. Stott, J. Eaves, J. Akers, J.

  Ashby, L. Barroso, C. Cox, M. Mertz, P. Volhein, P. Orcutt, B. Greene, J.

  Smith, G. Pennington, T. Smoot, W. Swink, E. Ratcliffe, L. Craighead, L.

  Pearson, J. Davis, R. Cole, M. Wall, L. Woodard, G. Ritter.


  Alternates Presents:    S. Irvin, F. Phillips, W. Sasser, M. Moldenhauer,

  S. Snow, B. McCoy, M. Mortez


  Members Absent:  L. Gobble, J. Wooge, J. Overfelt, M. Murray, E. Ratcliffe,

  P. Testerman, L. Currie, J. Davis


  Faculty Senate:


  Visitors:  G. Ferolino, Univ. Relations; Dr. Alexander, Student Health Ser-

  vices; Dr. Sgro, Dean of Students; R. Wheeler, Student Affairs




       The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by S. McConnell, co-chair.


       Minutes from the Sept. 6, which had been tabled for review, and for

  the Oct. 4 meeting were approved as written.



                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY - C. Cox reported that sub-committee had

  met with J. Ashby from last year's sub-committee to review what had been

  done to date and what goals it had set. The current sub-committee then es-

  tablished six goals for the coming year, including CSAC stationary for its

  official correspondence and trying to identify problems in getting informa-

  tion to and from staff members.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE - P. Orcutt reported that this sub-committee

  was exploring the organizational structure of the administrative areas.

  Sub-committee members are working on developing organizational charts for

  the administrative and vice-presidential units and identifying staff in

  each area.  There also has been follow-up contact with eight academic col-

  leges on the progress of their staff organizations.  The sub-committee also

  is attempting to set up a meeting with Dr. McComas and his Executive Staff.


       POLICIES & ISSUES - G. Pennington reported that the sub-committee had

  started work on drafting a Constitution and By-laws for a Staff Senate.

  The group also is working on procedures to be followed in electing Staff

  Senate representatives.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- P. Volhein and R. Cole discussed

  the sub-committee's proposed composition of a Commission on Staff Affairs.

  The proposal generated a great deal of discussion concerning the size of

  the commission -- 27 members. It was questioned whether this was too large

  a group to be feasible. Others said that staff wants a representative voice

  and that means having a representative from their college or administrative

  unit.  It was decided -- 12 members voting yes and 8 voting no -- that the

  proposal should be forwarded as written, i.e. with 27 members, including

  one from each of the 18 academic colleges or administrative units.

       In response to request from the Task Force on the university's

  governance system, the sub-committee also had developed a proposed recom-

  mendation for staff representation on the University Council.  R. Cole made

  a motion that CSAC recommend three staff representatives, one from the Com-

  mission on Staff Affairs and two from the Staff Senate, be appointed to

  University Council.  Again there was discussion on whether three was suffi-

  cient representation. The motion was defeated on a voice vote.  P. Orcutt

  then moved that "further investigation be done for the appropriate number

  of staff representatives on University Council" before CSAC sent its recom-

  mendation to the Task Force. The motion was approved on voice vote.



                           AD-HOC COMMITTEE REPORTS


       VIRGINIA TECH EMPLOYEES' FUND -- C. Stott reported that the task force

  had set up guidelines for operating the Fund, which is to assist employees

  who were laid off because of budget reductions.  Fund raising efforts were

  being planned.



                                 OLD BUSINESS



  o    Parking Service - Parking Services Budget, including projected revenue

      and estimated expenses were passed as as informational material.


  o    Dr. Gary Hooper, vice provost for research and dean of the graduate

      school, had written in response to CSAC's concerns about a proposal to

      allow graduate students to purchase faculty/staff parking permits. He

      said the suggestion would be taken up by the Traffic Committee for dis-

      cussion.  Co-chairs McConnell and Chuises said they would continue to

      monitor and respond to the idea.


  o   The revised CSAC Information Sheet was distributed for final review.

      Corrections or changes were to go to J. Akers.


  o   The University Plan -- there will be an ongoing effort to monitor the

      Plan as it evolves so that CSAC can respond when appropriate.



                                   NEW BUSINESS



  o   Emergency/Disaster Planning -- J. Overfelt will represent staff on this

      planning committee.






  o   R. Wheeler, Student Affairs, introducted Dr. Alexander, Student Health

      Services, and Dr. Sgro, Dean of Students Office. Dr. Alexander pre-

      sented the University's policy on Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

      Infections.  She said there was a need to extend information on the

      disease and and on precautions to the University community.  Dr. Sgro

      discussed the policy on Harassment, which says that students, faculty

      and staff should be free from all forms of harassment, intimidation,

      fear, coercion and exploitation.  When such behavior occurs between

      students, it should be reported to the Dean of Students Office; if it

      occurs between students and faculty or staff, it sould be reported to

      the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity office.



      The next CSAC meeting will be held at 8 a.m., Dec. 6, 1990 in the Pres-

      ident's Board Room in Burruss Hall.


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