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October 4, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 Oct. 4, 1990

                                   8:00 a.m.




  Present:    S. McConnell, R. Chuises, C. Stott, J. Eaves, J. Akers, J.

  Ashby, L. Barroso, J. Wooge, C. Cox, M. Mertz, P. Volhein, L. Currie, P.

  Orcutt, B. Greene, J. Smith, M. Murray, G. Pennington, P. Testerman, T.

  Smoot, W. Swink, E. Ratcliffe, A. Spencer, L. Craighead, L. Pearson, J.

  Davis, R. Cole, R. Ball, M. Wall, L. Woodard, J. Overfelt,


  Alternates Presents:    S. Irvin, C. Alls, B. Moore, L. Burcham, T. Myers,

  R. Alls, F. Phillips, C. Harrison, W. Sasser, M. Moldenhauer, S. Snow, C.

  Wakley, M. Whitlock, B. McCoy, M. Mortez


  Absent:  L. Gobble,


  Faculty Senate:   N. Canestaro


  Visitors:  S. Crunkilton, President's Office; G. Ferolino, Univ.  Re-

  lations; D. Martin, Employee Benefits





  o    The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by Richard Chuises, co-



  o    Approval of the minutes from the Sept. 6 meeting was tabled until the

      Nov. meeting because most members had not had an opportunity to review




                               SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


           COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -  Clara Cox reported that this sub-

      committee is planning a workshop meeting with representatives of the

      1989-90 sub-committee in order to develop activities that coincide with

      last year's goals and efforts.


           ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE - Pam Orcutt reported that this sub-

      committee had meet and discussed previous activities as well as possi-

      ble approaches to organizing administrative areas of the University.  A

      meeting with President McComas and senior executives will not occur un-

      til the sub-committee has a clear understanding of the organizational

      structure in the administrative areas. The sub-committee hopes to met

      with Dr.  McComas in early November.


      POLICIES & ISSUES - Grady Pennington reported that the sub-committee

      would be meeting with Linda Woodard soon to review last year's activ-

      ities.  Last year's sub-committee developed an outline for a Constitu-

      tion and  by-laws for a Staff Senate.  These outlines will serve as the

      starting point for this year's sub-committee.


      COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES --  P. Volhein reported that the sub-

      committee had met twice. The subcommittee approved a series of recom-

      mendation (detailed in subcommittee minutes of Sept. 14) providing for

      staff representation on University Commissions and Committees. The

      staff representative would be appointed by CSAC for Commissions and

      volunteers would be sought from college and departmental CSAC's for

      serving on Committees.

      The subcommittee also recommended a written response to the Report of

      Senate Task Force on University Council Consittution. While CSAC gener-

      ally supported the Task Force report, it strongly opposed report lan-

      guage calling for all chairs and the majority of members be composed of

      non-administrative faculty. (Acting on subcommittee recommendation, co-

      chairs Chuises and McConnell wrote to Dr. Larry D. Moore, Task Force

      chair, outlining CSAC's objections and recommending that classified

      staff have "equitable leadership, representation, and participation on

      appropriate commissions and committees.")

      Sub-committee also meet with Dr. Moore on proposal for Commission on

      Staff Affairs. Moore asked for recommendations by Nov. 8, 1990 regard-

      ing staff representation on University Council.  [Co-chairs McConnell

      and Chuises also have sent letter to Pres. McComas asking that an al-

      ternate member be appointed to assist Jim Riddle in representing staff

      interests at University Council and Task Force meetings and that CSAC

      have an opportunity to nominate someone for this position. The letter

      also asked that a group composed of Task Force, Faculty Senate Task

      Force, CSAC, graduate and undergraduate students be appointed to reach

      consensus on two task force reports.



                                   NEW BUSINESS



  o   A revised CSAC information sheet with referral numbers to various agen-

      cies and services as well as CSAC representatives, their phone numbers

      and mailing codes, has been completed.



  o   The CSAC Task Force on Recycling reviewed the University recycling ini-

      tiatives and recommended endorsing the University plan with particular

      emphasis on the immediate establishment of a Coordinator of Recycling.

      There was discussion of creating new position in light of budget re-

      straints; J. Eaves noted that if funds are not available for a new po-

      sition, the responsibilty should be given to an existing office so that

      the program could begin.



                                  OTHER BUSINESS



  o    P. Orcutt again asked representatives for chart of the areas they rep-



  o    Parking Services: included in members' packet was break down of park-

      ing services' financial data for FY 1989-90.   A great deal of dis-

      cussion was generated by an article in SPECTRUM in which University

      officials suggested graduate students be allowed to purchase

      faculty/staff parking permits.  A letter has been prepared saying that

      CSAC opposed such a move. The letter will be sent to Drs. Gary Hooper,

      vice provost for research and dean of the graduate school, and Tom

      Goodale, vice president for student affairs; copies will be sent to D.

      Kapalko, parking service director, and K. Coker, staff representative

      on strategic planning committee, and to Committee on Parking.  P.

      Volhein made a motion that when items pertaining to a Council, Commis-

      sions, Committee are on the CSAC meeting agenda that the staff repre-

      sentative to those governance bodies be notified so they could be at

      CSAC meeting.


  o    P. Orcutt will be liaison to Faculty Senate. Volunteers will be sought

      for serving as informal observers/liaison with Commission on Faculty

      Affairs. P. Volhein suggested someone should serve as liaison to Com-

      mission on Policy and Issues.


  o    Ann Spencer brought CSAC up-to-date on layoffs and budget reductions.

      She explained that layoff policy was put into place by the state in

      1981 and that University had to operate under that policy.  University

      will be working with State Dept. of Personnel & Training to get greater

      flexibility in policy to more adaptable for University setting.

  o    A motion was made by C. Stott and approved that CSAC establish an in-

      dependent ad hoc task force to set up a Virginia Tech Employee Fund to

      assist members of the University who are laid off because of budget re-



  o    Doug Martin, from Employee Benefits, explained changes in Blue

      Cross/Blue Shield health coverage for employees. Also outlined proposed

      changes in sick leave policy.


  o    The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.  The next meeting will be held

      Nov. 1, 1990.


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