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September 6, 1990

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 Sept. 6, 1990

                                   8:00 a.m.


  Present:        S. McConnell, R. Chuises, G. Ritter, C. Stott,

                  J. Eaves, J. Akers, J. Ashby, L. Barroso,

                  J. Wooge, C. Cox, M. Mertz, P. Volhein,

                  L. Currie, P. Orcutt, B. Greene, J. Smith,

                  M. Murray, G. Pennington, P. Testerman,

                  L. Craighead, L. Pearson, J. Davis,

                  R. Cole, R. Ball, L. Woodard


  Alternates     S. Irvin, C. Alls, B. Moore, L. Burcham,

  Present        T. Myers, R. Alls, F. Phillips, C. Harrison

                 W. Sasser, M. Moldenhauer


  Absent:        J. Overfelt, L. Gobble, W. Swink, T. Smoot,

                  M. Wall


  Faculty Senate    N. Canestaro





  o   The meeting was called to order by co-chairs Sherilyn McConnell and

      Richard Chuises.


  o   The Agenda was approved as written


  o   The minutes of the Aug. 6 meeting were approved with the addition of J.

      Smith to list of members present.



                                  HISTORY OF CSAC


           As this was the first meeting for new members of CSAC, Phyllis

      Volhein, immediate past chair, gave a brief history of the Committee's

      formation and purpose, starting with recommendation of 1987 University

      Self-Study that noted the need for better channels of communication be-

      tween employees and management.  The committee's goal is to form a rep-

      resentative body for classified staff for greater participation in the

      University's governance structure.





           COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -  John Ashby reported that this sub-

      committee was formed to improve communications between staff and the

      administration and between CSAC and staff. Last year the sub-committee

      held three Open Houses for staff to provide information on CSAC. The

      sub-committee also used Spectrum and other methods to keep staff in-

      formed.  On Aug. 1, CSAC held the first campus-wide meeting for classi-

      fied employees. President McComas spoke at the meeting which attracted

      1,000 to 1,500 staff members.  Ashby said that for the coming year the

      sub-committee recommends continuing to monitor communications efforts

      and to examine methods for improving communications.


           ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE - Pam Orcutt reported that this sub-

      committee had worked to organize staff organizations within the various

      Colleges and is beginning to work with the administrative areas. To

      date, three College staff committees have written Constitution and By-

      laws and several other Colleges are working on theirs.  She noted that

      models of these documents are available. Orcutt said the sub-

      committee's goal is to develop the underlying structure that will lead

      to an elected Staff Senate. This structure, she noted, also provides a

      means of communication.  She asked members to develop a flow chart to

      clearly define who they represented.


      POLICIES & ISSUES - Linda Woodard distributed a handout that outlined

      CSAC's mission statement and its purposes and objectives. She reported

      that the sub-committee had developed an outline for a Constitution and

      By-laws for a Staff Senate, so that once the Senate is elected, it can

      start to work immediately. A draft of these documents is expected in

      January, 1991.  She said there are still some critical questions to be




                                   NEW BUSINESS



  o   Greg Ritter announced two sessions of an Orientation Program for CSAC

      members. The program will look at: 1) Focusing on goals and objectives;

      2) the governance structure of the University, how it works and what

      role staff employees can play; 3) how to hold an effective meeting; and

      4) parliamentary procedures. Time and dates for the program are Tues-

      day, Sept. 18 from 1 to 5 p.m. and Thursday, Sept. 20 from 8 a.m. to

      noon.  Both sessions will be held in UCOB Room 124.  He asked that mem-

      bers call 1-9331 or 1-5303 to reserve a slot in one of the sessions.


  o   It was agreed by voice vote that CSAC meetings would continue to be

      held on the first Thursday of each month, from 8 to 9:30 a.m. in the

      President's Board Room in Burruss Hall.


  o   Each person present was asked to fill out and return a Sign-Up Form

      that will be used to build a mailing list and to find members' prefer-

      ences for sub-committee assignments.  Members were also asked to seek

      volunteers from beyond CSAC members for serving on the various sub-

      committees. This would increase staff involvement and give the sub-

      committees a greater number of views and ideas.  It was suggested that

      the size of each sub-committee be decided and that a statement of pur-

      pose for each be developed.



                                  OTHER BUSINESS



  o   J. Akers asked for volunteers to help update the CSAC Information Sheet

      (handout) that was developed last year.


  o   To respond to the Report of Senate Task Force on University Council,

      Commission and Committees, it was decided to reactivate the sub-

      committee that had been dealing with that issue. Co-chair McConnell

      said the sub-committee's name would be changed to the Sub-committee on

      University Council, Commissions and Committees. This sub-committee will

      draft CSAC's response to the Senate Task Force Report and also would

      deal with other university governance issues as they arose.


  o   A Task Force was selected to respond to the Ad Hoc Committee on Re-

      cycling's report.  A response is needed by Oct. 26.  J. Akers, P.

      Testerman, M. Murray, R. Alls, J. Evans, and W. Sasser volunteered to

      serve on the Task Force, and Valerie Ball and M. Lawrence were nomi-

      nated as other members.


  o    The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.




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