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April 4, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 April 4, 1991

                                    8 a.m.



  Present: S. McConnell, R. Chuises, P. Orcutt, G. Pennington, B. Greene, J.

  Eaves, J. Akers, C. Cox, L. Barroso, M. Wall, P. Volhein, J. Wooge, M.

  Mertz, W. Sasser, L. Pearson, M. Murray, M. Moretz, W. Swink, R. Cole, J.

  Ashby, C. Stott, L. Craighead, C. Harrison.


  Ex-offico: G. Ritter, L. Woodard, A. Spencer


  Members Absent: L. Currie, J. Smith, J. Overfelt, F. Phillips, J. Davis, E.



  Faculty Senate representative: N. Canestaro


  Guests: R. Wall, Personnel Services;  L.A. Blankenship, Academic Admin.



  The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by R. Chuises, co-chair.


  Minutes from the March 7, 1991 meeting were approved as submitted.






  o    Copies of "Meeting the University's Space Needs: An Integrated Pro-

      posal," was distributed to members.  Members were encouraged to read

      and forward any comments to Wayland Winstead, Director of Planning.


  o    Co-Chair McConnell said she had been contacted by Washington State

      University which was looking for information on establishing an

      internal staff organization.  She was gathering materials on the his-

      tory and organization of CSAC and on progress in establishing a Staff




                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -- C. Cox reported that no date had been

  set for President McComas' address to the staff, but that if it was felt

  that if the address was not held by mid-April that he should be postponed

  until after Commencement. Preliminary work on arrangements, flyers and pub-

  licity had been discussed and started.  The sub-committee had also deter-

  mined that the Minutes-to-News Release workshop should be offered again. A

  date will be set once the schedule for Dr. McComas' speech is determined.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE -- P. Orcutt reported that organizational

  meetings, scheduled with the eight (8) administrative staff units, were



       POLICIES & ISSUES -- G. Pennington reported that the sub-committee had

  received many comments on the draft Constitution and By-Laws for the Staff

  Senate and that suggestions had been incorporated into the latest draft.

  The latest draft differs from the previous in three major areas:


          1)  Membership -- Proposal for at-large selection of Senators by

  occupation classification has been deleted. Representation would be deter-

  mined solely by organizational units.  Administrative faculty would not be


          2) Proportional Representation --  Every organizational unit,

  whether college or administrative group, would have at least two Senators

  but no more than five (5). Representation would be based on the number of

  classified staff employees in the organizational unit.  Those with 100 or

  less staff employees would get two (2) Senators; with 101 to 300 staff -

  three (3) Senators; with 301 to 499 staff - four (4) Senators; and with 500

  or more staff - five (5) Senators.

          3)  Standing Committees -- The number of such committees has been

  reduced from nine (9) to three (3) to make the committee structure more

  manageable.  The Standing Committees are:  a) Human Resources and Personnel

  Services;  b) Publicity;  c) Elections and Nominations.

       Pennington also noted that there was a need to get the election proc-

  ess underway.  (Discussion on CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS conducted under Old



       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- P. Volhein reported that the Reg-

  istration and Scheduling Committee had proposed a revised schedule for next

  year, with the major change being a 2-day break for students at Columbus

  Day and a 3-day break at Thanksgiving. She said the Athletic Committee had

  not met since January.  R. Cole provided an update on the Task Force on

  Council, Commissions, and Committees, noting that the Commission on Staff

  Affairs would have 17 members. The Task Force would present its report to

  University Council at meetings on April 11 and 25, and that once approved

  it would be implemented by July, 1992. He said there was a question on

  whether the implementation of the new governance structure would effect

  when a Staff Senate could be started.  A. Spencer noted that CSAC could not

  disband on its own as it was appointed by V.P. Ridenour, and S. McConnell

  agreed that planning for Staff Senate should continue.



                                  OLD BUSINESS


       * Parking -- Continuing discussion of parking difficulties on campus,



  o   the addition of parking meters which reduces available spaces, espe-

      cially around drill field, for all-day parking by staff.  There's been

      no alternative proposed for people working in buildings who can no

      longer find parking.


  o   sensitivity of parking regulations to new employees who have to pur-

      chase $42 permits before they have received a paycheck or who have to

      pay $1 a day, which isn't credited toward the permit fee.


  o   Concern over the possibly closing of the CEC lot if a parking deck is



       It was suggested that concerns be sent to staff representatives on

  Parking Committee.



  * Constitution & By-Laws -- J. Ashby expressed concern Constitution did not

  explicitly state how Staff Senate fit into the University Governance sys-

  tems.  It was determined that adding "and governance structure" to Article

  III - Purposes, Section B would add clarity.  Section B. now reads: To act

  in an advisory capacity to the University administration and governance

  structure.   A. Spencer asked where the Staff Senate Constitution should go

  for approval and what the relationship would be between the Commission on

  Staff Affairs and the Staff Senate. She said there needed to be discussion

  and agreement on these matters.  P. Orcutt asked about amendments to the

  Constitution, saying that they should be approved by all staff and not just

  Staff Senators.  On a motion by S. McConnell, the Constitution and By-laws

  were accepted with one nay vote.



                                  NEW BUSINESS


       * Staff Representation on Search Committees -- C. Stott said that the

  College of Agriculture & Life Sciences staff association had been unsuc-

  cessful in getting a staff representative included on the search committee

  for the new dean of the college. The committee has a student representative

  and an industry representative as well as members of the college faculty,

  department heads, and administrators. He requested that the following re-

  solution be passed and forwarded to President McComas:


       The University Classified Staff Affairs Committee strongly be-

  lieves that staff should be fully represented on committees searching

  for and/or selecting top administrators within the University, only

  with such representation can the staff be a true partner in a shared

  governance system.

       Therefore, University CSAC requests that a staff representative

  be immediately added to the Search Committee for the Dean of the Col-

  lege of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Director of the Agricultural

  Experiment Station, and that staff representatives be included on any

  future search committees for top-level administrators of any Univer-

  sity unit.


  The resolution passed unanimously.


       The meeting was adjourned at 10 a.m.   The next meeting will be

  May 2, 1991 in President's Board Room, Burruss Hall.



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