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December 5, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                               December 5, 1991




  Present: J. Akers, W. Aliff, C. Alls, L. Barroso, R. Cole, C. Dudding, J.

  Eaves, W. Garrison, B. Greene, L. Jansen, V. Meadows, E. Moccia, M. Moretz,

  G. Pennington, C. Price, C. Sokol, J. Smith, S. Wheeler, J. Wooge.


  Advisory:  G. Ritter


  Guests/Visitors: S. Foster, M. Hensley, R. Lovegrove, P. Rasnick.


  The meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. by R. Cole.


  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  All future meetings will be held in the President's Board

  Room except for the February meeting. A SHARE program which is a food Coop

  is available in the New River Valley. Participants pay around $13 plus se-

  veral hours of volunteer time per month. For more information, contact New

  River Community Action.


  Minutes from the November meeting of CSAC were corrected and approved.





       COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLICITY -- J. Akers reported that a "Phone Tree"

  has been established to help relay messages immediately to members of CSAC.

  She recommended that we move forward with the CSAC Final Report in spite of

  budget cuts. The plan is to put out a survey in January with a return date

  of mid-February. Results of the survey would be presented at the March CSAC

  meeting. The next meeting of the sub-committee will be December 11th.


       STAFF SENATE LIAISON -- No report given.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- W. Aliff reported that the sub-committee plans to

  address 10 issues during the year. In order to accomplish this, problems

  and issue concerns should be funneled to this sub-committee. They, in turn,

  will qualify, research and evaluate the issues and present recommendations

  to the CSAC Executive Committee and CSAC. The recommendations will be sent

  to M. Ridenour for approval to forward to the Staff Senate. Aliff also pre-

  sented a draft CSAC resolution on a Comprehensive Environmental Safety,

  Health, and Harmful Waste Management Program (copy attached).


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES -- L. Jansen reported that budget

  cut recommendation information was the topic of discussion at the Univer-

  sity Council meeting.


       R. Cole reported that Walter F. Ulmer, Jr., President and Chief Execu-

  tive Officer of the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North

  Carolina, was the speaker at a leadership seminar luncheon on November 20

  at the Donaldson Brown Center. This was the first of the forum series for

  1991-92 and is the result of recommendations made by the University Task

  Force on Leadership Development. Cole added that Ulmer was impressed with

  the direction of leadership development at Virginia Tech.


       L. Barroso reported on the University Council meeting: The geographic

  transfer policy was given a second reading. This policy relates to moving

  expenses and pay support when asked to move to an area with a higher cost

  of living. Membership for the Research/Intellectual Properties Committee

  was amended to include twelve members from faculty/staff plus one from the

  Staff Senate, one undergraduate and one graduate. The new Honor System Pol-

  icy for graduate students was passed.



       Ad Hoc Committee - G. Pennington reported that the Spectrum could pos-

  sibly be used for the staff survey and expressed concern over how the

  questions should be worded and the additional task of sharing the results.

  In order to put the staff at Va Tech in a positive light, G.  Pennington

  made a motion that the Communication/Publicity Sub-Committee prepare the

  CSAC Final Report for submission to the University. W. Aliff seconded the

  motion. J. Akers reported that a budget is needed to prepare the report. G.

  Ritter advised that some funds are available for CSAC and Staff Senate, but

  that he will need a budget ASAP. The motion to prepare the CSAC Final Re-

  port was passed.




                                 OLD BUSINESS



     * Expenses for New Employees: R. Cole advised that he had received word

  from A. Spencer that the University has received permission from the State

  Comptroller's Office to modify our wage payroll system to allow for de-

  ductions to repay employee loans. These loans would be made to new employ-

  ees for the cost of parking decals, safety shoes, etc.  Implementation may

  require several months, but once the payroll system modifications are made,

  the deduction will be allowable for both salary and wage employees. It was

  suggested that a letter of thanks be sent to A. Spencer for her concern and

  help and to offer expertise of CSAC members in the implementation process.


     *Staff Release Time for Governance Activities: W. Aliff shared informa-

  tion on a "Draft" of the new memo regarding staff participation in

  governance activities. He requested that concerns and suggestions be for-

  warded to him by December 10th so that he might respond to A. Spencer by

  December 16th.


     *Round 4 Budget Cuts: R. Cole reported that he had written a letter to

  Dr. McComas including suggestions for budget cuts.  He requested that em-

  ployees think positively and be prepared to write to Delegates and Senators

  when the report on budget cuts is made public.




                                 NEW BUSINESS



     *Applicant Pools: S. Foster from Personnel Services spoke to the group

  regarding the applicant pools for clerical positions and professional sup-

  port staff. The purpose for establishing applicant pools is to reduce the

  time frame involved in filling vacant positions. Due to the popularity of

  the program and the large number of applicants, a general application form

  is used for most positions. However, some positions have to be put on line

  because of specific requirements.  He stressed that if one is interested in

  certain positions or types of positions only, it is important to identify

  those when completing the application. Because they are working to con-

  stantly improve the system, he added that feedback is important and wel-

  comed. He asked members to pass the word that the office is open for

  meeting individually with applicants. He can be reached by phone at 1-7762

  or DINOS at VM1.


     *Price Increase in Vending Machines: S. Wheeler advised that vending ma-

  chine prices are increasing and employees would like to know how and why

  this happens. R. Cole will gather information on this subject and report at

  a later date.


     The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

     The next meeting will be held on January 2, 1992 at 8:05 a.m. in the

     President's Board Room.



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