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February 7, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 Feb. 7, 1991

                                    8 a.m.



  Present: S. McConnell, R. Chuises, P. Orcutt, G. Pennington, J. Eaves, J.

  Akers, C. Cox, L. Barroso, M. Wall, P. Volhein, B. Greene, J. Smith, M.

  Mertz, J. Wooge, W. Sasser, L. Pearson, M. Murray, M. Moretz, W. Swink, E.

  Ratcliffe, R. Cole, J. Ashby, E. Ratcliffe, C. Stott.


  Ex-offico: G. Ritter, A. Spencer, L. Woodard.


  Members Absent: L. Currie, T. Smoot,  P. Testerman, J. Davis, J. Overfelt,

  L. Craighead, L. Gobble.


  Faculty Senate representative: N. Canestaro



  The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by R. Chuises, co-chair.


  Minutes from the Jan. 3, 1991 meeting were approved as submitted.





       Co-chair Chuises made the following announcements:  1.) Lisa Barroso,

  College of Agriculture & Life Sciences' representative, had been selected

  to serve as CSAC member on the University Council.  2.) Minutes of CSAC

  meetings were now available on the mainframe computer's INFO service, under

  the GOVERN menu.  3.) President McComas has responded favorably to CSAC re-

  quest that he again address classified staff. He will speak at as-yet unde-

  termined date this spring on budget issues and impact, and is still

  considering options for a "State of the University" address in the fall.

  4.) A draft of a letter from Pres. McComas to all faculty and staff on Uni-

  versity's legislative proposals was shared with CSAC members.


                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -- C. Cox reported that sub-committee had

  drafted and co-chair had sent letter asking President McComas to address

  all classified staff twice during the year, once in the spring, possibly

  during Spring Break, and at a joint meeting with faculty in the fall.  (Dr.

  McComas responded as noted above.)  She announced dates (Feb. 21 and 22)

  when sub-committee would hold newswriting workshops for members and

  college/unit organizations who wanted to write short news articles on their

  meetings.  Cox also reported that the sub-committee had developed a report

  on CSAC's previous support and relationship with the Virginia Governmental

  Employees Association (VGEA).  The report was given later in the meeting.

  In another matter, C. Stott brought up a question concerning sufficient no-

  tification to staff of time and procedures for nominating people for the

  President's Award for Excellence.  Stott said the only direct communication

  had gone to "Dean, Directors, Dept. Heads" mailing list and that many staff

  employees did not receive information on deadlines or procedures.  He moved

  that a letter be sent to Pres. McComas about the lack of publicity -- ei-

  ther directly to staff, through CSAC, or through campus media.  L. Barroso

  noted there needed to be better overall communications between various ele-

  ments within the University, and G. Pennington said several committees of

  the Staff Senate, once established, would be better able to deal with such

  situations. Stott's motion failed on a voice vote.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE -- P.Orcutt reported that Mr. Ridenour and

  Dr. Carlisle had requested that eight (8) administrative staff units be es-

  tablished. These are: 1) Facilities; 2) General Administration; 3) Business

  Affairs; 4) University Relations/development; 5) Student Affairs; 6) Infor-

  mation Systems; 7) Academic Affairs; and 8) Research and Graduate Studies.

  Introduction/organization meetings are being set up for administrative



       POLICIES & ISSUES -- G. Pennington reported that sub-committee had

  finished draft of Constitution and By-Laws for the Staff Senate.  (Distrib-

  ution of draft documents distributed and discussed as separate agenda



       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- R. Cole provided an update on

  Task Force on Council, Commissions, and Committees. The Commission on Staff

  Affairs would have 17 members, 10 staff and 7 non-staff, according to lat-

  est draft. Other commissions and committees would have staff represen-

  tatives, with release time for people serving on these.  L. Barroso, CSAC

  representative to Univ.  Council, reported that Council had approved new

  "Sexual Orientation" clause as addition to university's EO/AA policy and

  had deferred a decision on "Sexual Harassment" policy because of concerns

  about a lack of specificity on disciplinary measures. D. Chuises urged ev-

  eryone to examine policy proposal and make comments.  P. Volhein, sub-

  committee chair, noted other issues in governance system: Benefits

  Committee discussing whether to participate in CommonHealth Wellness Pro-

  gram, which several other state agencies, including universities, are us-

  ing. A. Spencer said employees are essentially already paying for program

  through health care premiums but, currently, university feels program coor-

  dinator should be provided because of number of people who would use pro-

  gram. Program administrators, however, want university to assign

  coordinator from in-house personnel. A letter will be sent to Benefits Com-

  mittee expressing CSAC interest in program.



                           AD-HOC COMMITTEE REPORTS


       VIRGINIA TECH EMPLOYEES FUND -- C. Stott reported that VTEF had raised

  approximately $12,000 and had spent approximately $3,500 to assist families

  of Virginia Tech employees in the Blacksburg area, from Extension Service

  field office and from other Virginia Tech facilities around the state.


       VIRGINIA TECH FOOD DRIVE -- J. Eaves said that the Food Drive was go-

  ing well, with more than 6,000 food items collected and donated to two area

  food banks. But contributions to Drive had decreased significantly since

  Christmas/New Year holidays. She said it might be better to conduct one

  more major collection effort and then close the Drive.



                                 OLD BUSINESS


       *  Recycling Program -- Chuises said a co-ordinator, Lawrence Bechtel,

  had been appointed to project and was beginning to bring elements of pro-

  gram together. Bechtel is devoting one-fourth of is time to project now but

  will be full time by summer, according to A. Spencer. Chuises added that

  biggest problem is with paper products.


       *  VGEA Membership Drive -- This issue, which had been discussed and

  tabled at the Dec. 1990 meeting, is whether CSAC will sponsor a VGEA mem-

  bership drive at Virginia Tech.  C. Cox reported on history of relationship

  between VGEA and CSAC and outlined current issues.  It was determined that

  university could furnish mailing labels for employees. The motion to spon-

  sor a membership drive was removed from the table but failed to pass. J.

  Ashby then moved that a resolution be drafted that stated CSAC supported

  VGEA. Ashby and Cox were directed to draft such a resolution.



                                  NEW BUSINESS


       * Management Science Survey -- Management Science had inquired if CSAC

  would serve as an anonymous test group for survey it is developing on per-

  formance plan. Membership agreed to participate.


  * Staff Senate Constitution & By-Laws -- G. Pennington, chair of Staff Sen-

  ate sub-committee, presented written copies of draft documents, which com-

  mittee has been working on for over a year.  It was noted that Staff Senate

  could change the draft Constitution and By-law once it is operational.  The

  draft calls for elections for the Senate to be in June, and the Senate

  would have 48 voting members and 6 non-voting members. After several mem-

  bers said that CSAC needed time to review document, a motion to approve the

  draft was defeated. Pennington said members should be thinking about a

  workable timetable for elections.


  The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 a.m.   The next meeting will be March 7,

  1991 in 400-D Burruss Hall.




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