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January 3, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                January 3, 1991

                                    8 a.m.



  Present: S. McConnell, J. Eaves, J. Akers, C. Cox, L. Barroso, J.  Over-

  felt, P. Volhein, L. Craighead, E. Ratcliffe, B. Greene, J. Smith, M.

  Murray, J. Wooge, L. Gobble, M. Mertz, C. Stott, G. Ritter (ex-offico)


  Members Absent:  R. Chuises, L. Currie, R. Cole, P. Orcutt, T. Smoot, P.

  Testerman, L. Pearson, W. Sasser, W. Swink, J. Davis, G. Pennington; ex-

  offico, A. Spencer, L. Woodard.


  Faculty Senate representative: N. Canestaro



  The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by S. McConnell, co-chair.


  Minutes from the Dec. 6, 1990 meeting were approved as submitted.



                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -- C. Cox reported that only 14 survey

  questionaires, (designed to help identify obstacles/problems in the flow of

  information to and from staff) have been returned and asked that others

  fill out and return the questionaires to the sub-committee, which will

  tally and evaluate the responses.  Areas where problems have already been

  identified are:  Dining Services, the Extension field offices, two areas

  within Student Affairs, and some areas under the Executive Vice President-

  Chief Business Office.  Once the questionaires are received and evaluated,

  the sub-committee will attempt to address the identified problems.  Cox

  also reported that the sub-committee had discussed asking President McComas

  to address all classified staff twice during the year, once in the spring,

  possibly during Spring Break, and at a joint meetings with faculty in the

  fall.  Cox moved that Dr. McComas be asked to speak to classified staff on

  Budget Issues and Impacts during Spring Break and to deliver a State of the

  University address to joint meetings of faculty and staff.  Because of the

  number of staff and faculty who might want to attend a State of University

  address, it might require that be given twice.  The motion was passed on

  voice vote with no dissenting votes.  Cox said the sub-committee would

  draft a letter to Dr. McComas.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE -- Sub-Committee members have meet with

  Exec. Vice President & CBO Ridenour on organizing that vice-presidential

  area and would be meeting again on the best way to identify and organize

  the groups in this area.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- The sub-committee has completed a draft of the

  Constitution and By-Laws for the Staff Senate and would be submitting that

  draft to the CSAC Executive Committee and that the Constitution and By-Laws

  would be presented to CSAC membership at its next regular meeting.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- This sub-committee has not met

  since the Dec. 6 meeting of CSAC.



                           AD-HOC COMMITTEE REPORTS


       VIRGINIA TECH EMPLOYEES FUND -- C. Stott reported that VTEF had raised

  approximately $12,000 and in first three weeks of receiving applications

  had spent approximately $2,000 to assist families of Virginia Tech employ-

  ees in the Blacksburg area, from Extension Service field office and from

  other Virginia Tech facilities around the state.  He said a special thanks

  to the VT Police Department for its generosity in providing large amounts

  of food and toys to greatly brighten the Christmas holidays for a family in

  the Blacksburg area and another from a University facility elsewhere in the



       VIRGINIA TECH FOOD DRIVE -- J. Eaves said that the Food Drive was go-

  ing well. Volunteers had sent out about 6,000 flyers to Tech employees con-

  cerning details of the drive.  Volunteers also had made two pickups of

  donated food from numerous buildings on campus. She said it was now a mat-

  ter of fine-tuning the process.



                                 OLD BUSINESS


       *  CSAC Letterhead -- CSAC letterhead stationary has been developed.

  A motion was made that the letterhead be approved.  The motion was amended

  to provide for a final review by the Executive Committee. On a voice vote,

  the motion was passed without opposition.  After passage a question was

  raised on whether sub-committees would have access to official stationary.

  Co-chair McConnell pointed out that a previous decision by CSAC provided

  that all official correspondence would be sent out over the signatures of

  the co-chairs, therefore sub-committees would not need official letterhead.


       *  VGEA Membership Drive -- This issue, which had been discussed and

  tabled at the Dec. 1990 meeting, is whether CSAC will sponsor a VGEA mem-

  bership drive at Virginia Tech.  J. Eaves moved that the Publicity and Com-

  munication Sub-Committee contact VGEA, New River Valley Chapter,

  representatives and prepare a written report on the background and issues

  involved in CSAC sponsoring such an effort.  The motion was passed and Pub-

  licity & Communication sub-committee chair was directed to prepare such a

  report for the February CSAC meeting.



                                  NEW BUSINESS


       *  With the University trying a new procedure with drop-and-add occur-

  ring on the first day of classes, the University Schedule and Registration

  Committee is interested in feedback on out the new process worked.


       *  CSAC Minutes and other information on University's computer system

  -- G. Ritter said he had discussed the need for this with Bruce Harper of

  Information Systems and that this be done soon with the information being

  available on the mainframe computer.


       *  Schedule for Staff Senate elections -- Questions on this were post-

  poned until after the Policy & Issues Sub-committee had presented the Con-

  stitution & By-Laws.



                          OTHER BUSINESS & DISCUSSION


       P. Volhein said she had learned that at least one other state univer-

  sity's holiday schedule did not comply with state policy and that it had

  closed the entire week between Christmas and New Year's.


       C. Cox reminded members that as of Jan. 1, 1991 there was a new Vice

  Presidential area, Alumni Affairs.  This had been an auxillary enterprise

  and as such did not have CSAC representatives.


       J. Smith noted that Extention Agents, who had been part of the classi-

  fied staff system, have been granted faculty status, therefore ineligible

  for CSAC membership. G. Ritter added that this move was going to happen but

  had not been completed.


  The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 a.m.



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