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March 7, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                 March 7, 1991

                                    8 a.m.



  Present: S. McConnell, R. Chuises, P. Orcutt, G. Pennington, J. Eaves, J.

  Akers, C. Cox, L. Barroso, M. Wall, P. Volhein, J. Overfelt, F. Phillips,

  M. Mertz, W. Sasser, L. Pearson, J. Davis M. Murray, M. Moretz, W. Swink,

  R. Cole, T. Myers, B. McCoy, E. Ratcliffe, C. Stott, B. Greene, J. Smith,

  J. Wooge


  Ex-offico: G. Ritter, L. Woodard.


  Members Absent: M. Wall, L. Currie, P. Testerman, L. Craighead


  Faculty Senate representative: N. Canestaro



  The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by S. McConnell, co-chair.


  Minutes from the Feb. 7, 1991 meeting were approved with clarification, to

  Council, Commissions and Committees' report to reflect that release time

  for staff representatives would be for president and vice-president of

  Staff Senate.



  GUEST PRESENTATION:  Mr. Wayland Winstead, Strategic Review of

  Aministrative Services.  As a result of budget reductions, the University

  is reviewing activities and scale of activities of administrative services.

  The review will start with indirect support units, those furthermost from

  the core missions of instruction, research, and public service.  Winstead

  said the review would take 12-18 months, would look at current operations,

  at alternatives and at the consequences of making changes. He said that any

  changes in personnel would, most likely, be reassignments from one area to

  another and not layoffs, although there are no guarantees.  He said every

  effort would be made to keep staff informed as the review progressed.





       The Personnel Services Advisory Committee reported on its activities,

  which include: 1) recommendations for possibility of Academic Year appoint-

  ments for staff; 2) ineligibility for non-rehire procedures; availability

  of mailing labels; reallocation requests will be processed but no pay ad-

  justments will be made unless necessary to bring person up to grade; look-

  ing at new long-term disability plan.



                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -- C. Cox reported that she and J. Ashby

  had drafted resolution concerning CSAC support of Virginia Governmental Em-

  ployees Association (VGEA). [Resolution says that CSAC supports VGEA "in a

  manner deemed appropriate by the Committee, so long as no Committee funds

  or state funds, university employee work time, or state resources are used

  in this support."] Cox also reported that subcommittee had held the work-

  shops on preparing materials for Spectrum but the turnout was small. The

  subcommittee also is working on what would need to be done for President

  McComas' spring address to staff.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE -- P.Orcutt reported that organizational

  meetings were scheduled with the eight (8) administrative staff units 1)

  Facilities; 2) General Administration; 3) Business Affairs; 4) University

  Relations/development; 5) Student Affairs; 6) Information Systems; 7) Aca-


  demic Affairs; and 8) Research and Graduate Studies.  The organizational

  meetings would be completed by the end of March.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- G. Pennington reported that sub-committee had not

  received many comments on the draft Constitution and By-Laws for the Staff

  Senate, but from what was received, there was concern about the large num-

  ber of committees. He urged members to review documents and forward com-

  ments and concerns to him.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- R. Cole provided an update on

  Task Force on Council, Commissions, and Committees. The Commission on Staff

  Affairs would have 18 members, 10 staff and 8 non-staff, according to lat-

  est draft, which is now being discussed with various groups.  L. Barroso,

  CSAC representative to Univ.  Council, reported that Council had passed the

  "Sexual Harassment" policy after revision to include informal consultation

  as another step in process. P. Orcutt reported on Faculty Senate, noting

  that much of what that group has tried to do in the past year is very simi-

  lar to CSAC's concerns. She also said faculty had received a survey from

  State Council on Higher Education that is to detail what faculty does.



                           AD-HOC COMMITTEE REPORTS


       VIRGINIA TECH EMPLOYEES FUND -- C. Stott reported that VTEF had raised

  approximately $12,000 and had spent approximately more than $4,000 to as-

  sist families of Virginia Tech employees in the Blacksburg area, from Ex-

  tension Service field office and from other Virginia Tech facilities around

  the state.


       VIRGINIA TECH FOOD DRIVE -- J. Eaves recommended that the Food Drive

  be ended, that very few contributions were being received. The drive had

  collected and donated more than 6,000 food items.



                                  NEW BUSINESS


       * "To Vote or Not to Vote" -- S. McConnell said that Faculty Senate

  President Lud Eng had inquired about CSAC's feelings on faculty voting on

  Classified Staff Commission and vice versa. On a motion by P. Orcutt, CSAC

  unanimously agreed that every member on each committee and commission

  should have the right to vote.


  * College Planning Process  --  McConnell noted that each college was in-

  volved in its individual planning process and said that the college staff

  organizations should indicate its interest in the college plan and that it

  would be willing to participate in the process. She also noted that changes

  had been made in the University Plan because of CSAC recommendations and



  * Parking -- D. Chuises asked members to consider, for later discussion,

  the following points: 1) the addition of parking meters which reduces

  available spaces for all-day parking by staff; 2) sensitivity of parking

  regulations to new employees who have to purchase $42 permits before they

  have received a paycheck or who have to pay $1 a day, which isn't credited

  toward the permit fee.


  * Arts & Sciences Staff Association (CASSA) Concerns about budget re-

  ductions -- P. Orcutt said that CSAC Executive Committee had review materi-

  als forwarded by CASSA and felt that many of the proposals needed to be

  directed first at Arts & Sciences' departmental and college administration.

  Others were matters that were beyond the University's governance structure

  and would have to be addressed by the state government. She said these lat-

  ter concerns should be taken up with an organizations such as VGEA or with

  state legislators. S.  Irvin, president of CASSA and an alternate to CSAC,

  said that one thing the college staff association was seeking was what ave-

  nues are open for addressing budget concerns, which are shared by many

  staff.  Co-chairs McConnell and Chuises were directed to draft a letter to

  CASSA, offering suggestions on appropriate avenues to address budget con-

  cerns and recommendations.


  The meeting was adjourned at 10 a.m.   The next meeting will be April 4,

  1991 in President's Board Room, Burruss Hall.



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