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May 2, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                  May 2, 1991

                                    8 a.m.



  Present: S. McConnell, R. Chuises, P. Orcutt, B. Greene, J. Eaves, J.

  Akers, C. Cox, L. Barroso, P. Volhein, J. Wooge, M. Mertz, L. Pearson, M.

  Murray, M. Moretz, W. Swink, R. Cole, J. Ashby, C. Stott, P. Testerman, C.

  Harrison.  J. Smith, J. Davis, E. Ratcliffe, F. Phillips, M. Moldenauer, C.



  Ex-offico: G. Ritter,


  Absent: G. Pennington, J. Overfelt, M. Wall, W. Sasser, L. Craighead



  The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m. by S. McConnell, co-chair.


  Minutes from the April 4, 1991 meeting were approved as submitted.






  o    There will be no CSAC meeting in July as the regular meeting time

      falls on July 4 holiday.


  o    Co-Chair McConnell said the University was setting up a Management

      Internship Program. Details on the internships, who is eligible and how

      to apply will be announced in Spectrum and are available from




      Minutes of the April 4, 1991 meeting were approved as submitted.



                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -- C. Cox reported that the sub-committee

  had not met and were awaiting a definite date for President McComas' ad-

  dress to the staff.


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE -- P.Orcutt reported that organizational

  meetings, scheduled with the eight (8) administrative staff units, were

  continuing and most had at least a draft of their bylaws.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- S. McConnell presented a handout that detailed

  the number of Senators that each organizational unit would have on Staff

  Senate. There would be 46 Senators, and that number was incorporated into

  the draft Constitution on a voice vote with no one dissenting.  G. Ritter

  also pointed out that a suggested Section G had been added to Article III

  of the Constitution. The suggested change was accepted. The new section


          To accept and share responsibility with the administration, fac-

  ulty, and students in all efforts to attain the stated goals of the Univer-



       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES -- R. Cole provided an update on the

  Task Force on Council, Commissions, and Committees, noting that there will

  be a Commission on Staff Affairs and that there would be a voting staff

  representative on every University Commission. L. Barroso, Staff represen-

  tative to University Council reported that the Task Force report had been

  accepted at the Council's April meeting. She also reported that Council had

  approved an Academy of Public Service and Extension Excellence; that the

  new constitution would go into effect July, 1992, by which time the Staff

  Senate would need to be in place and have its constitution and by-laws ap-

  proved by Univ. Council; and that Council would have Afro-American repre-

  sentatives (one nominated by the Black Students organizations and one from

  the Black Caucus.) McConnell said that she had spoken on behalf of CSAC in

  favor of Afro-American representation on Council. Barroso also noted that

  President McComas had urged that minority representatives be included on

  all governance bodies.  Cole reported that there would be two staff and two

  faculty internships in University Governance and that these would be se-

  lected by competitive applications.

       In other reports, P. Orcutt said that the Faculty Senate had held an

  orientation session for new Senators and held elections for officers. She

  noted that it was very important to convey to staff that election to Staff

  Senate carried responsibilities with it.  D. Chuises reported that the

  Building Committee had discussed: 1) plans for renovating the Upper Quad;

  2) site for the new Engineering Building; and 3) construction of a new

  UCOB. M. Mertz and P. Orcutt noted the need for more input from the people

  who would have to work in new buildings to avoid problems. J.  Eaves added

  that someone from Custodial Services be involved in the planning process as

  these personnel have to work in every inch of the building and can offer

  valuable insights. McConnell said that the Nominating Committee had for-

  warded to President McComas two names for each vacancy on University Com-

  mittees and to University Council. The name of Russ Cole was also forwarded

  as CSAC's representative to the Steering Committee on Managerial Excel-

  lence. The nominees for Committees and Council will be distributed to mem-




                                  NEW BUSINESS


       * Staff Training and Career Development: C. Stott noted that the state

  Department of Personnel and Training offers numerous training and career

  development sessions every month, but that the vast majority of these are

  held in Richmond, making it very difficult for Virginia Tech employees to

  attend. He suggested that efforts be made to get DPT to offer the sessions

  at Virginia Tech. G. Ritter said that the University had full-time trainers

  and training facilities but that recent attendance at sessions has been be-

  low normal. Other members mentioned that University personnel and offices

  are often contracted to hold training sessions for DPT. A motion by P.

  Orcutt that DPT be contacted about offering same or similar programs here

  as are given in Richmond passed. Stott then moved that the University ad-

  ministration be contacted, seeking its support in working with DPT.


  * Staff Senate Preparations -- P. Orcutt said there were several issues

  that needed to be addressed. These include: 1) Time frame for the Election

  process; 2) What Staff Senate would do this year and what it would do in

  its second year -- What are the Senate's responsibilities; 3) Relationship

  between CSAC and Staff Senate.  She also noted that names of Staff Senators

  should be forwarded to CSAC co-chairs.


       The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 a.m.   The next meeting will be June

  6, 1991 in President's Board Room, Burruss Hall.




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