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October 3, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                                October 3, 1991




  Present: J. Akers, V. Akers, W. Aliff, L. Barroso, F. Blecher, K. Board, L.

  Burcham, J. Caldwell, R. Cole, D. Conner, C. Dudding, J. Faw, W. Garrison,

  T. Hergert, L. Jansen, B. McPherson, M. Mertz, M. Moretz, L. Pearson, G.

  Pennington, B. Poe, C. Price, F. Riggins, W. Sasser, J. Smith, C. Sokol, C.

  Stott, V. Viers, B. Whitlock, J. Wooge.


  Advisory:  A. Spencer


  Guests:  C. Cox, R. Lovegrove, S. McConnell, D. Sheppard, Dr. K. Furr


  The meeting was called to order at 8 a. m. by A. Spencer who introduced

  CSAC officers for 1991-92 year:  Russ Cole, Chairman; Lisa Barroso, Vice

  Chairman; Wanda Garrison, Secretary; Joyce Smith, Parliamentarian.

  Minutes from the September 5, 1991 meeting of CSAC were approved.





  Members were asked to complete Subcommittee Registration Forms for new year


       COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLICITY -- Final report was presented at Septem-

  ber meeting.


       STAFF SENATE LIAISON -- This committee will be responsible for

  coodinating communication between CSAC and Staff Senate.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- Final report was presented at September meeting.

  New committee will monitor University policies and issues.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES -- L. Barroso reported that the

  University Council will start meeting next week.  New subcommittee will be

  responsible for coordinating and insuring staff representation on councils,

  commissions, and committees.




                                 OLD BUSINESS



     * Administrative Review of Media Services/Public Relations: See Septem-

  ber minutes for resolution sent to Dr. McComas from CSAC.  R. Cole stated

  that based on the recommendation of Waylon Winstead and the study team con-

  ducting the review, the administration had set aside the current adminis-

  trative review of Media Services.  Upon completion of the facilities review

  by outside consultants, due in January, the administrative process will be

  evaluated and revised.  A. Spencer stated that the review issue will be ad-

  dressed in a future issue of Spectrum.


     * Staff Release Time for Governance Activities -- A. Spencer reported

  that the memo to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads dated September 12,

  1991 regarding Release Time for Staff Employees had generated much negative

  feedback.  The guidelines were intended to encourage dialogue with manage-

  ment, not limit participation in the governance system.  She plans to at-

  tend the next Dean's meeting and emphasize that the administration has a

  firm commitment to the shared governance system and employee participation.

  After much discussion and many comments, A.  Spencer stated that a revised

  memo will be issued.  S. McConnell and R.  Cole offered assistance from the

  Staff Senate and CSAC in revising the guidelines.



     *Staff Senate -- S. McConnell reported that the Staff Senate held its

  first meeting on September 19, 1991.  The temporary officers elected were

  S. McConnell, President; E. Keeney, Secretary; L. Haney, Parliamentarian.

  Official election of officers will be held at the October meeting.  R. Cole

  and L. Eng gave presentations on CSAC and the Faculty Senate.




                                 NEW BUSINESS



     * President McComas' Address to Staff -- No date has been set for this

  address.  CSAC executive committee to discuss time frame for the visit as a

  prologue to the new shared governance structure which will be effective

  July 1, 1992.


     * CSAC Training Session -- L. Barroso reported that no date has been

  set, but she is looking at late October for the training session.  This

  session will be open to CSAC representatives and alternates.  Topics to in-

  clude shared governance system and university politics and policies.

  Flyers will be sent out when arrangements are finalized.


     * Pay for Performance -- T. Hergert raised question of how to address

  situation where the supervisor does the evaluation then sends it to "re-

  viewer" who may alter the evaluation.  As a result, the issuing supervisor

  does not have a chance to show that the evaluation has been altered. A.

  Spencer offered to have someone from Personnel attend association meetings

  to explain the guidelines. R. Cole reported that he will invite someone to

  speak at the next CSAC meeting regarding the pay for performance guide-



     * Health and Safety Issues -- Guest Speaker, Dr. K. Furr from the Office

  of Health and Safety confirmed that the shoe program at Virginia Tech has

  been discontinued. This program provided a subsidy for sharing the cost of

  safety shoes as well as the convenience of payroll deduction for those em-

  ployees who were required to wear them. When money became tight, Dr. Furr's

  office could not devote the manhours required to maintain the program. They

  reverted to an alternative plan of having vendors come to the campus.  This

  resulted in higher prices and poor quality and shoe sales dropped signif-

  icantly. The decision was then made to drop this program because it in-

  volved the least number of employees. An alternative would be to allow each

  department to find a vendor and subsidize purchase of the shoes.  The bot-

  tom line being - in order to meet OSHA standards, organizations must re-

  quire employees to wear protective gear whether or not it is provided by

  the employer. Dr. Furr then asked if there were questions. G. Pennington

  suggested that the Health and Safety Office put out guidelines for the de-

  partments and employees regarding requirements for protective gear and

  added that the payroll deduction program helped.  B. Aliff stated that if a

  program is worthwhile, then the department's budget should include the

  shoes. If a department is cited for lack of employee compliance to safety

  requirements, then the department is responsible for providing the safety

  equipment.  When J. Wooge asked if there had been an increase in workers

  compensation claims, Dr. Furr replied that he had not seen an increase or

  denial of any benefits.


     Meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m. by R. Cole.


  The next meeting will be held November 7, 1991 in 400-D BURRUSS HALL .

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