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September 5, 1991

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                     President's Board Room, Burruss Hall

                               September 5, 1991



  Present: R. Chuises, J. Akers, C. Cox, R. Cole, L. Barroso, P.  Volhein, V.

  Meadows, P. Orcutt, J. Eaves, J. Ashby, B. Greene, J. Smith, S. Wheeler, B.

  Poe, C. Harrison, W. Garrison, W. Swink, E. Ratcliffe, W. Aliff, L.

  Craighead, S. Stone, C. Sokol, M. Moretz, K. Board, G.  Pennington, E.

  Moccia, J. Faw, C. Dudding, D. Conner, B. Shelor, J.  Davis, V. Viers, T.

  Hergert, M. Mertz, C. Stott;


  Advisory: G. Ritter, Personnel Services


  Guests: K. Eschenmann, president, Development-University Relations Staff



  The meeting was called to order at 8 a.m.

  Minutes from the Aug. 1, 1991 meeting of CSAC were approved



                             SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS


       COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY -- C. Cox noted that the sub-committee had

  not met since the last CSAC meeting. In its last meeting, however, the sub-

  committe had drawn up its final report and recommendations for next next

  year's subcommittee. (Report and recommendations attached.)


       ORGANIZING A STAFF SENATE --  P. Orcutt reported that the sub-

  committee had prepared a listing of staff associations, the organization's

  officers, unit's CSAC representatives and Staff Senators.  The sub-

  committee also submitted a final report and a series of recommendation for

  the 1991-92 subcommittee. (Report and recommendations attached.)  Orcutt

  noted that the first Staff Senate meeting would be held on Sept. 19.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- G. Pennington noted that after much hard work and

  many revisions, a final draft of a Constitution and a set of by-laws was

  ready to go to the Staff Senate for its review and approval.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS & COMMITTEES --  R. Cole up-dated members on

  changes in the University governance system that, among other things, pro-

  vides classified staff with representation on University Council, Commis-

  sions, and Committees.  As representative on the Leadership Development

  Implementation Committee, Cole reported that current plans calls for an in-

  tensive training session for University's top 30 administrators.  He said

  that the idea was to start at the top and work to lower managerial levels

  to ensure a consistent, high-quality program. He said other objectives be-

  ing pursued were workshops for Deans, training for deparment heads, and a

  mentoring program for aspiring administrators.  Currently, the program

  would be top administrators down to mid-managers.



                                 OLD BUSINESS


       *  Tuition Waiver for Part-time Salaried Employees: Personnel Ser-

  vices' Advisory Committee has discussed the issue of educational aid policy

  for all employees. Study group is to work on issue; C. Cox is CSAC member

  on this working group.


       *  Administrative Review -- C. Cox said that the first review of an

  administrative unit (University Relations and Media Production Services)

  was nearing completion. Wayland Winstead had first talked to CSAC about re-

  views of administrative units at the March meeting. Cox said that staff in

  the units involved had serious concerns about the review process.  G.

  Ritter and J. Ashby pointed out that University has the right and responsi-

  bility to review any and all programs and that right and responsibility was

  not the issue.  After numerous questions and a long discussion, the follow-

  ing resolution was passed on unanimous voice vote:


       WHEREAS the administrative review of University Relations and Media

  Production Services has been cursory in nature; and


       WHEREAS this review may set a precedent for conducting similar reviews

  of other administrative units in the university; and


       WHEREAS the staff of University Relations and Media Production Ser-

  vices were not involved in the review process;


       BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Classified Staff Affairs Committee

  requests that the review of University Relations and Media Production Ser-

  vices be set aside as an inadequate tool for making strategic decisions

  with regard to the units under study; that a systematic, in-depth review

  with a stated focus be initiated for University Relations and Media Pro-

  duction Services and that this NEW REVIEW serve as a model for subsequent

  reviews of administrative units; and that staff elected by the staff asso-

  ciation of the units under review be actively involved in all administra-

  tive reviews.

                                  NEW BUSINESS


       * Staff Senate -- First meeting of the Virginia Tech Staff Senate will

  be Sept. 19. Lud Eng, immediate past-president of the Faculty Senate, and

  Russ Cole, staff representative to the University Governance Task Force,

  will orient Senators on new governance structure and ideas on how to get

  the Staff Senate operating quickly and efficiently.


       * Employee Health & Safety -- G. Pennington reported that the safety-

  shoe program had been discontinued because of a shortage of funds but that

  there was increasing risk of foot injuries. The shoes are required for

  certian jobs.  CSAC will invite University health and safety officials to

  come to a future meeting to discuss the safety-shoe program and other

  health/safety concerns.


       *Staff Release Time for Governance Participation -- P. Orcutt asked

  about where things stood regarding guidelines for staff participation on

  commissions, committees, staff associations, etc. G. Ritter said that ideas

  and proposals had been sent to Dr. Carlisle and Mr. Ridenour and that some

  response could be expected soon. W. Aliff said that staff participation was

  part of staff's work and a part of overall university management.


       Meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m. by Chuises.


  The next meeting will be Oct. 3, 1991 in President's Board Room, Burruss





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