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April 2, 1992

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                            President's Board Room

                                 April 2, 1992




  Present: J. Akers, W. Aliff, C. Alls, L. Barroso, K. Board, J. Caldwell, R.

  Cole, D. Conner, C. Crawford, C. Dudding, J. Eaves, W. Garrison, B. Greene,

  T.  Hergert,  V.  Meadows,  M.  Mertz, E. Moccia, M. Moretz, L. Pearson, G.

  Pennington, C. Price, W.  Sasser,  J.  Smith,  C.  Stott,  S.  Wheeler,  B.



  Guests/Visitors:  C. Cox, R. Lovegrove.


  The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by R. Cole.



   *  There will be a special TV presentation on the new Blue Cross Plan- Key

  Advantage on PBS at 5:00 p.m. on April 5 and May 3.

   * Charlie Stott is a recipient of the President's Excellence Award.


  Minutes for February were approved as corrected.  March  minutes  were  ap-






       COMMUNICATIONS  AND  PUBLICITY -- J. Akers reported that she and other

  CSAC representatives met with Minnis Ridenour on March 24th  and  presented

  the  CSAC  Final  Report  for  his review (He noted that if a full study of

  Staff Demographics were to be made, it should  be  initiated  by  Personnel

  Services);  the  CSAC Final Report will be included in the April 16th issue

  of Spectrum and will also put on-line for future availability; C. Cox  will

  submit a copy of the report to special collections in the library.


       STAFF  SENATE LIAISON -- C. Cox reported that the Constitution was ap-

  proved by the Staff Associations by a vote of 924 to 34  with  27%  of  the

  staff  voting; the Constitution will be presented to the University Council

  at the April 20th meeting.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- W. Aliff reported that the new health  care  plan

  is  the  key  issue at this time; A. Spencer and D. Martin met with Faculty

  and Staff representatives on March 30th and gave an update  of  information

  received on the plan to date; other presentations will be given as informa-

  tion  is  received;  A. Spencer, R. Cole, G. Pennington, K. Reynolds and W.

  Aliff will meet with Minnis Ridenour on April 10th regarding the Health and

  Safety Resolution - the plan is to look at issues and concerns and  provide

  positive  input regarding the solutions. W. Aliff asked that information to

  be presented at the meeting be given to him or R. Cole within the next  few



       COUNCIL,  COMMISSIONS,  AND COMMITTEES -- L. Barroso reported that the

  CSAC Final Report will be presented to University  Council  at  their  next

  meeting;  the first reading of Staff Senate By-laws will also take place at

  the next meeting and when passed will be presented to the Board of Visitors

  for approval.


       Task Force on Educational Benefits -- T. Hergert reported  that  part-

  time salary staff will be eligible for fee waiver of 4 hours per semester/6

  hours  total per year; staff on educational leave with half pay will not be

  allowed to work part time and earn as much as when working full time.   The

  committee  is also working on reciprocal agreements with other colleges, as

  well as looking at state policies with regard to changes.   The  suggestion

  was  made  that  the  committee look into the possibility of the University

  providing courses for MBA, etc. after work hours.


                                 OLD BUSINESS



       *No previous issues under old business were discussed.




                                 NEW BUSINESS



       *J.  Smith reported that Joan Munford and Personnel Services have been

  inundated with calls about the new health plan. Also, A. Spencer, D. Martin

  and J. Ridinger are in Richmond today and other staff members from Benefits

  are in Roanoke in a training session. At the present  time,  7  doctors  in

  this immediate area have agreed to participate in the new plan. A sustained

  effort to recruit more doctors will be forthcoming.


       *R. Cole has a meeting scheduled with D. Martin on Friday at 2:00 p.m.

  regarding  the  health  plan  issue.  R. Cole announced that M. Ridenour is

  chairing a Task Force of Chief Business Officers in spearheading a campaign

  to recruit more physicians.


       *A joint CSAC/Staff Senate meeting will be held on May  21st  at  5:30

  p.m.    The last meeting of CSAC will be held on May 7th in the President's

  Board Room. R. Cole asked that suggestions for studies to be  passed  along

  to Staff Senate be sent to him as soon as possible.


       The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 a.m.



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