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February 6, 1992

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                             Room 400 Burruss Hall

                               February 6, 1992




  Present: W. Aliff, L. Barroso, F. Blecher, J. Caldwell, R. Cole, D. Conner,

  L.  Craighead,  J. Davis, W. Garrison, B. Greene, T. Hergert, L. Jansen, V.

  Meadows, M. Mertz, E. Moccia, L. Pearson, G. Pennington, B. Poe, C.  Price,

  J. Smith, C. Sokol, C. Stott, S. Wheeler, B. Whitlock.


  Advisory:  G. Ritter


  Guests/Visitors:  S. Foster, R. Lovegrove, R. Rigney, C. Shorter.


  The meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. by R. Cole.



   * Governor Wilder has announced that effective January 1, 1992, a public

  school leave policy has gone into effect. This policy allows 8 hours of

  leave per year for volunteer services or children's activities.

   * A joint meeting of Staff Senate and CSAC executive committees was held

  to act and react to General Assembly legislation.

   * An open forum on Virginia Tech's budget was held on February 5th.


  Minutes from the January meeting of CSAC were approved.





       COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLICITY -- L. Craighead reported that a rough

  draft of the final CSAC report will be ready next week.


       STAFF SENATE LIAISON -- T. Hergert reported that a joint executive

  committee meeting was held and that a letter writing campaign will be ini-




  planned with Vice Presidents and Deans to solicit ideas.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- W. Aliff reported that 6 issues are being ad-

  dressed:  (1) Interface of Staff Senate/Faculty Senate and Staff/Faculty

  associations.  (2) Health/Safety Resolution - A resolution has been pro-

  posed to be presented to the Staff Senate and Faculty and Staff associ-

  ations.  (3) Tuition Aid - Recommendation to be made that financial aid for

  staff/ graduate students be included in departmental budgets.  (4) Perform-

  ance Evaluations - Pay for performance.  (5) Parking fees/fines - Seek in-

  formation on how funds from parking fines are utilized.  (6) Promotions -

  Staff promotions across grades are not supported; G.  Ritter advised that

  knowledge, skills and abilities are considered when making referrals and

  that one can expand on their abilities during an interview.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES -- L. Jansen reported that: the

  committee is developing a set of guidelines and useful information for mem-

  bers of councils, commissions and committees; nominations for staff repre-

  sentatives for commissions and University Council are due in March - must

  be staff senator to serve on commissions and University Council, give name

  to Staff Senate if interested in serving on a committee; committee is ad-

  dressing the possibility of formation of mentoring program for staff; a W-5

  form may be requested from the payroll office if eligible for Earned Income

  Credit - completion of the form allows for receiving credit now rather than

  waiting until the end of the year.


       University Council: L. Barroso reported that the Commission on Re-

  search has revised the policy regarding educational requirements for Re-

  search Associates. A Bachelors degree will be the minimum education

  requirement for the title of Research Associate. The final reading will

  take place at the next meeting.  A committee has been appointed to review

  the admissions policy.  An announcement has been made that C & P, Va Tech

  and Blacksburg are considering combining efforts to establish an Electronic

  Village. The big question at this time regards who will provide the fund-



       Task Force on Educational Benefits - T. Hergert reported that a list

  of issues regarding leave, working on wages while on educational leave and

  the possibility of reciprocal arrangements with other colleges has been

  prepared. It will be sent out for review and comments.


       CSAC Final Report - L. Craighead reported that the cost for running

  the report in Spectrum will be around $125 - $135 and space must be re-

  served a month in advance. Information on volunteer work, memberships in

  professional associations, church work, etc. is needed and is vital for the

  demographic section of the final report.




                                 OLD BUSINESS



       Round 4 Budget Cuts - The Staff Senate and CSAC executive committees

  held a joint meeting and decided to initiate a letter-writing campaign to

  our State Senators and Delegates in the General Assembly. M. Murray will

  provide to the Staff Senate, CSAC and Staff Associations an information

  fact sheet which should be used in writing letters. Because of the February

  12th deadline for committee recommendations and in order to promote some

  consistency, it was recommended that each staff association write a letter

  to be signed by the association members. The letters should stress that we

  recognize problems such as quality of service and heavier workloads, would

  like to be a part of the solution and feel that we can make worthwhile con-

  tributions.  The Department Heads have been provided information which

  should be shared with the staff. If the Department Head has not offered to

  share the information, it is the responsibility of the staff association to

  invite him/her to meet and discuss budget and other issues.  In the handout

  from the open forum on the budget which R. Cole will copy and distribute,

  it was noted that an amendment to restore 9.2% of the cut in Extension has

  been presented. This should bring the Extension share in line with cuts for

  208 and Research. R. Cole also noted that SCHEV has recommended a 3% pay

  increase for faculty. Pay increases for faculty are approved by the Board

  of Visitors while increases for classified state employees must be mandated

  by the General Assembly.


       Expenses for New Employees - R. Cole advised that he had received a

  memo from A. Spencer reporting that a meeting had been held to explore the

  process to set the program of payroll deductions in place. M. Thompson and

  L. McCoy are heading a committee to work out the details.


       Vending Machine Prices - R. Cole reported that M. Carrow had acknowl-

  edged a slight increase in prices. R. Cole noted that candy and pastry

  prices are set by Auxiliary Services; drink machine prices are set by the

  supplier and there has been no increase in 5 or 6 years. R. Cole was asked

  to see if he could get information on how much the University receives from

  the vending machines, where it goes and could it be used to help offset

  budget cuts.




                                 NEW BUSINESS



       University Capital Campaign - L. Barroso, R. Cole and C. Stott an-

  nounced that a university-wide campaign to target outside groups and spe-

  cial interest groups is in the planning stage. A committee is preparing a

  needs assessmenmt to determine how the campaign will be approached. It was

  noted that it takes several years of planning before such a project can be

  set in place.


       Health and Safety - An inquiry regarding air quality in Burruss Hall

  is being addressed. The procedure is to follow up on the nature of the com-

  plaint, fill out an injury report and go to see a physician. Data should be

  documented and referred to the Office of Health and Safety. The resolution

  on Health and Safety was designed to set up guidelines for addressing such

  issues. It was also suggested that staff associations might use question-

  naires to assess problems concerning air quality.


  A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the resolution on Health

  and Safety and forward it to Minnis Ridenour; include a cover letter asking

  that W. Aliff and representatives from CSAC be permitted to meet with Mr.

  Ridenour to discuss the resolution, but leave open the question of where it

  should go from there.


       Use of Executive Search Firm - G. Ritter provided information concern-

  ing justification of the cost involved in using an executive search firm.

  In response to an inquiry by G. Ritter, A. Spencer had responded that the

  position had been vacant for two years. Because of that fact, salary

  savings were used to fund the search in order to find a person with high

  caliber qualifications to fill the vacancy. Since it would cut down on the

  time involved in wading through applications from 200-300 applicants, the

  administration felt that using the firm would be the most cost effective

  solution. It was also noted that CSAC member, G. Pennington, had served on

  the search committee.




                                OTHER BUSINESS



     R. Cole asked that any other business be given to him for next months



     The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.




     The next meeting will be held on March 5, 1992 at 8:05 a.m. in the Pres-

     ident's Board Room.


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