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March 5, 1992

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                            President's Board Room

                                 March 5, 1992




  Present:  J.  Akers, W. Aliff, P. Ballard, J. Caldwell, R. Cole, D. Conner,

  C. Dudding, J. Eaves, W. Garrison, B. Greene, T.  Hergert,  L.  Jansen,  B.

  McPherson,  V.  Meadows,  M.  Mertz,  E.  Moccia,  P.  Moles, M. Moretz, L.

  Pearson, C. Price, W. Sasser, J. Smith, S. Stone, C. Stott,  V.  Viers,  S.

  Wheeler, B. Whitlock, J. Wooge.


  Guests/Visitors:  C. Cox, V. Myers Jones, R. Lovegrove, M. Rose.


  The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by R. Cole.



   * L. Barroso is absent because she had foot surgery.

   * Approval of minutes for February will be postponed until next meeting.

   * After a short business meeting, the meeting will be adjourned and recon-

  vene in Room 400 Burruss.





       COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLICITY -- J. Akers reported that the Final Re-

  port will be shared with Minnis Ridenour on March 24th and that April 2nd

  is the deadline for submitting to Spectrum for publication in the April

  16th edition.


       STAFF SENATE LIAISON -- C. Cox reported that the Constitution was ap-

  proved by the Staff Senate; the Constitution, as well as a request for

  rollover of officers and senators has been sent to Staff Associations for

  approval. C. Stott reported that a needs assessment for staff development

  and training, as well as support for different kinds of programs is being

  considered for the Capital Campaign for the University.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- W. Aliff reported that Richard Alvarez had ex-

  pressed concern about the Health and Safety Resolution. Apparently, his

  staff had taken the resolution personally and he felt that it should have

  been cleared through his office.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES -- L. Jansen reported that pack-

  ets had been sent to Staff Associations regarding elections to Commissions

  and Advisory Councils.


       University Council - L. Jansen reported that changes have been pro-

  posed for graduation requirements for undergraduate students - with a two

  year window, students must meet requirements in place for the year that

  they graduate rather than the requirements for the year in which they en-

  tered the University.


       Library Committee - M. Rose who represents CSAC on the Library Commit-

  tee, reported that she has maintained a file of minutes for the monthly

  meetings and is willing to share them with anyone who may be interested in

  reading them.


       Education Benefits Committee Task Force - T. Hergert reported that the

  committee is scheduled to meet March 5th.




                                 OLD BUSINESS




       *Staff Release Time for Governance Activities - R. Cole reported that

  a revised letter has been sent to Deans, Directors and Department Heads.

  Please make sure that the letter is shared with everyone in the department.


       *Letter Campaign - R. Cole reported that he had received a response

  from Joan Munford. She expressed support for an increase in funding for Ex-

  tension, as well as a salary increase for classified employees.  L. Jansen

  reported that several good responses were received and sent out from M.

  Murray's office.


       R. Cole reminded everyone that nominations from Staff Associations are

  needed by Friday.




                                 NEW BUSINESS



       *No new business was introduced.




       R. Cole reminded those present that the meeting will reconvene to re-

  view the final report.


       The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m.


       The meeting was reconvened at 8:35 a.m. for a general work session for

  CSAC representatives and alternates. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.




  The next meeting will be held on April 2, 1992 at 8:05 a.m. in the Presi-

  dent's Board Room.

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