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May 7, 1992

                  Classified Staff Affairs Committee Meeting

                            President's Board Room

                                  May 7, 1992




  Present: J. Akers, W. Aliff, L. Barroso, F. Blecher, J. Caldwell, R. Cole,

  C. Dudding, W. Garrison, B. Greene, E. Moccia, M. Moretz, L. Pearson, C.

  Price, W. Sasser, J. Smith, C. Stott, B. Whitlock, J. Wooge.


  Guests/Visitors:  C. Cox, R. Lovegrove, G. Ritter, A. Spencer, K. Worner.


  The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by R. Cole.



   * The minutes for May will be sent through the mail for approval.


  Minutes for April were approved as amended.





       COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLICITY -- J. Akers reported that Dr. McComas had

  written a letter in response to the final report; the report which was in-

  serted in the April 16th edition of Spectrum has been presented to the li-

  brary by C. Cox and cataloged under Special Collections.


       POLICIES & ISSUES -- W. Aliff reported that health care and the Health

  and Safety Resolution have been the main issues for the year. In the meet-

  ing with M. Ridenour and R. Alvarez to discuss the Health and Safety Resol-

  ution, Aliff reported that he was informed that an organizational strategic

  plan is in place and that he commended Alvarez for taking steps to estab-

  lish the plan which must now be implemented. (The meeting was interrupted

  by the Burruss Hall asbestos discovery and has been rescheduled for May

  19th.) Aliff recommended that the Staff Senate continue to monitor the

  steps for implementation; he commended administration for the action taken

  when asbestos was discovered in Burruss Hall, but added that action should

  be proactive rather than resorting to emergency action. Aliff thanked Russ

  for his help throughout the year and commended him for a superior job in

  leading CSAC this year.


       COUNCIL, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES -- L. Barroso reported that the

  recommendation for an orientation packet and the letter-writing campaign

  were two of the accomplishments for the year. A. Spencer announced that G.

  Ritter is working on an orientation program for new faculty, staff and stu-

  dents to help them understand the new shared governance structure.


  UNIVERSITY COUNCIL: L. Barroso reported that the CSAC Final Report was pre-

  sented at the last meeting; the Staff Senate By-Laws and Constitution had

  been presented for the first and second readings, were approved and sent to

  the Board of Visitors; the Council is cognizant of the inequity between

  faculty and staff benefits, such as family leave, and hopes to take a more

  active role in updating benefits statewide to include more for staff; Coun-

  cil reviewed the update on Key Advantage benefits. Barroso also addressed

  the issue of Parental Leave (30 days) for classified staff and advised that

  if interested, one should check into it carefully-noting that if involved

  in a LWOP situation, one's leave accumulation date can be affected. She

  also advised that she has been pleased with the awareness level of faculty

  to differences of classified benefits.


  A. Spencer noted that the Benefits Committee now in place had been dealing

  primarily with faculty benefits, but in the future should include benefits

  for all employees.


       Key Advantage:  C. Stott advised that the Staff Senate had passed a

  resolution and sent it to the Director of DPT requesting that represen-

  tatives come to the Va Tech campus to address the Key Advantage issue; that

  Southwest Virginia (i.e. Va Tech) have representation on Advisory Commit-

  tees; that the Key Advantage plan be reevaluated and future plans be prop-

  erly evaluated; and that other issues of concern be addressed. DPT will be

  sending out a series of newsletters twice a month through August regarding

  Key Advantage updates. Stott added that the response of the Benefits Office

  at Va Tech has been exceptional and that M. Ridenour, a member of a commit-

  tee made up of personnel and business officers throughout the State, pre-

  sented an update on Key Advantage at the last University Council meeting.


  A. Spencer emphasized that the open enrollment period is in process through

  the end of May - that changes in coverage must be designated during that

  time, but that designation of a primary care physician has been extended

  until the end of August.


       Joint CSAC/Staff Senate Meeting: L. Barroso announced that a joint

  meeting of CSAC and the Staff Senate has been scheduled for May 21st.  In-

  vitations will be mailed.




                                 OLD BUSINESS



       *No previous issues under old business were discussed.




                                 NEW BUSINESS



       *R. Cole will forward to Staff Senate a list of issues initiated by

  CSAC with a request that they continue to be monitored.


  *R. Cole will send recognition letters to key people who were involved in

  the development and guidance of CSAC. Names suggested were: A. Spencer , G.

  Ritter, M. Ridenour, Dr. McComas, Dr. Madigan, Dr. Carlisle, and Dr. Moore.

  Russ requested that any additional names be sent to him as soon as possi-





  *A. Spencer commended CSAC for managing the process of change toward shared



  *R. Cole commended the faculty for their recognition of the efforts of

  staff personnel and the cohesion of staff in working toward shared

  governance. He noted that leadership abilities have been emerging and that

  Va Tech is a leader in the area of shared governance.


  *L. Barroso, representative to University Council, shared that she felt

  that she had progressed from intimidation to a point of feeling a part of

  Council, felt comfortable in raising questions or making points and had

  seen a real shift in attitude to now being a "player in the game".


  *C. Stott congratulated everyone involved with CSAC for the tremendous

  start - but noted that it is just a start and that involvement and sharing

  information to and from staff associations must continue. He also recog-

  nized J. Ashby and Spectrum as a means of keeping the lines of communi-

  cation open to make this work.


  *G. Ritter advised that he is proud of his association with CSAC and that

  staff must continue to look at options before making decisions, as well as

  guarding against apathy.



  *K. Worner said that she is grateful for having had the opportunity to be a

  member of the focus group that emerged into CSAC.


  * W. Aliff recognized "wordsmiths" as important in getting issues clari-



       The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.


  Please advise of any corrections or additions by noon on Friday, June 5.  I

  can be reached by phone @ 1-9390 or Garrison @ VTVM1.       Thanks



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