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January 25, 1988





                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                               January 25, 1988




  PRESENT:  Dr. John M. Perry, Chairman; Dr. Dennis Hinkle, Secretary; Deans

                J. M. White, D. E. Egger, M. A. Ogliaruso, T. W. Bonham, M.

                A. Lewis, L. A. Padis, R. S. Purdy; Drs. D. S. Myers, W. E.

                Dugger, Wm. Etgen for R. E. James, E. A. Brown, Fred

                Richardson, M. E. Sanders, J. F. Marchman, C. S. Rogers;

                David Bousquet, Admissions, Wanda Dean, Registrar; Ninette

                Sadusky, Leslie E. Glatz, Jeffrey Reeves, and Margaret

                Williams, SGA


  ABSENT:   Dr. E. W. Carson, R. Salvaggio, D. W. Dunay.


  VISITORS: Joyce Williams-Green, Provost's Office; Scot Hoffman, Collegiate

                Times; and Philip J. Nolan, SGA.



  1.  CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dr. Perry called the meeting to order

      at 3:00 pm.  Dr. Perry announced that, in response to a recommendation

      in the Undergraduate Chapter in the University Self-Study, he would be

      appointing a subcommittee of CUS to analyze the Undergraduate Catalog.

      This committee would be responsible for analyzing critically all cata-

      log material intended to describe the policy and substance of the

      undergraduate programs, coordinating the revision of this material, and

      determining whether the catalog of matriculation or the catalog of

      graduation applies when determining the requirements for graduation.  A

      similar subcommittee of the CGS will also be appointed to analyze the

      Graduate Catalog.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed (with the exception of the

      spelling change).


  3.  The MINUTES of the meeting of January 11, 1987 were approved as dis-



  4.  COURSE CRITERIA COMMITTEE REPORT - D. E. EGGER.  The revised checklists

      for the Humanities Concentrations were recommended by the committee for

      approval.  While the checklists for several of these concentrations

      (those listed in the Undergraduate Catalog) have been available for

      some time, several others (Classical Studies, Soviet Studies, and Medi-

      eval and Renaissance Studies) have just recently been formalized.  The

      effective date for these checklists is Fall 1988.


      The Training and Development Option and two courses for the College of

      Education (EDVT 4614 - Instructional Applications in Training and De-

      velopment - EDCI 4154 - Learning Principles for Training and Develop-

      ment) were recommended by the committee for approval.  The effective

      date for both courses is Fall 1988.  Mark Sanders indicated that two

      changes will be made to the Agricultural Education - Training and De-

      velopment option.  These changes are not substantial and will be sent

      to the Secretary for inclusion in the final materials to be submitted

      to University Council.


      The motion to approve the committee report was seconded and passed.




      the previous document were recommended by the committee in the para-

      graph following "Condition 4:" 1)  in the second line, the word "will"

      was substituted for the word "may;" 2) the following sentence was added

      as the second sentence in the paragraph - "Under extenuating circum-

      stances. exceptions to these policies may be made by the student's aca-

      demic dean."  The effective date for the resolution was changed from

      Fall 1988 to Fall 1990.


      Ninette Sadusky and the other representatives from SGA presented an

      amendment to the above paragraph (see attached).  After an extended

      discussion of the amendment, in which there was general consensus among

      the Commission members, Dr. Perry called for a "straw vote."  Given the

      strong support, Dr. White will work with the Secretary on the final

      language of the above mentioned paragraph.  The new draft will be sub-

      mitted to the Commission for final vote at the February 8, 1988.




  6.  FACULTY AUTHORED TEXTBOOKS - W.E. DUGGER.  There were no books submit-

      ted for review.


  7.  The meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.



                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Dennis Hinkle, Secretary







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