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October 10, 1988





                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                               October 10, 1988



  PRESENT:  Dr. John M. Perry, Chairman; Dr. Dennis Hinkle, Secretary; Deans

                J. M. White, D. E. Egger, M. A. Ogliaruso, T. W. Bonham, L.

                A. Padis, Mary Ann Lewis; Drs. Charles Dudley, W. E. Dugger,

                R. Salvaggio, Robert E. James, Donna Dunay, E. A. Brown,

                Richard Steinberg, M. E. Sanders, J. F. Marchman, Marjorie

                Norton and E. W. Carson; David Bousquet, Admissions and Wanda

                Dean, Registrar; Ninette Sadusky, Robert Richter, Jr. for

                Bill Tyrell, Teresa Abbou, and Kristen Cumberland, SGA


  ABSENT:   Rita S. Purdy


  VISITORS: Susan Trulove, Spectrum



  1.  Call to Order and Announcements:

      Dr. Perry called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.



  2.  The Agenda was approved as distributed.


  3.  The minutes of the September 26, 1988 meeting were approved as distrib-



  4.  Course Criteria Committee Report - D. E. Egger


      Second Reading

      A motion was made and seconded to approve the following courses that

      were submitted for first reading at the September 26, 1988 meeting.


          FST 3104 Dairy Processing - title change

          ANSC 4154 Applied Meat Animal Genetic - percentage change

          CS 4114 Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata Theory - revised            course

          CS 4124 Theory of Computation - revised course

          MATE 4234 Electronic/Magnetic/Photonic Materials - new course

          ESM 3054 Mechanical Behavior of Materials - revised course

          ESM 3064 Mechanical Behavior of Materials - new course

          ESM 4024 Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials - title change

          AOE 4204 Ocean Acoustics - revised course


      First Reading

      The following courses were submitted for approval:


          EE 3154 Electromagnetic Field Theory-new course

          EE 4124 Radio Wave Propagation-new course

          EE 4205-4206 Electronics Design-revised course

          EE 4304 Design in Power Engineering-revised course


      These  courses  were  needed to satisfy ABET accreditation requirements

      for capstone courses.



      There was some discussion relative to the need  for  two  readings  for

      course  proposals.   As part of this discussion, the recommendation was

      made for the Course Criteria Committee to include catalog  descriptions

      for  each course submitted for approval and the correspondence from the

      department head/dean regarding the requisite resource issues.



  5.  Faculty Authored Textbooks - Dr. W. E. Dugger.

      There were no textbooks submitted for review.


  6.  Report on Undergraduate Credit - E. W. Carson and M. A. Lewis

      The purpose of this report is to serve as a working document to be used

      by  the  Deans' offices.   Key points will be excerpted from the report

      and included in the General Catalog.  While much of  the  report  reaf-

      firms  old  policies,  new  sections deal with credit earned at certain

      foreign or international baccalaureate schools.  Also contained in  the

      report  are the distinctions between 1) Advanced Placement, 2) Advanced

      Standing with credit, and 3) Advanced Standing without credit.  Several

      issues were raised by members of the  Commission;  the  committee  will

      consider them in the next draft.


  7.  SGA - Senate Bill - F-88-3 - Drop Date Resolution - N. Sadusky

      The  SGA representatives indicated that the SGA had thoroughly investi-

      gated the issue and had carefully considered the wording  of  the  pro-

      posed  resolution.   In the ensuing discussion, the original purpose of

      the drop date was articulated, shortening and lengthening the drop date

      were considered as well as the issue of academic freedom.   Dr.  Hinkle

      indicated  that  he  would  obtain copies of the Faculty Handbook and a

      memo from Dr. Perry (attached to these minutes) for the  SGA  represen-

      tatives.   After considering the various statements in these documents,

      the resolution will be put back on the agenda.


  8.  New Semester Course Proposals - Two-Thirds Rule - D. E. Hinkle

      Several issues relating to the proposed guidelines for new course  pro-

      posals  were discussed.  Of utmost importance is the role of the Course

      Criteria Committee in determining  the  adequacy  of  departmental  re-

      sources  when  approving  new  courses.    The importance of university

      guidelines was discussed to insure  consistency  across  the  colleges.

      However,  the narrowness of the "one-in---one-out" or "two-thirds" rule

      was acknowledged.  Dr. Hinkle will work with D. Egger in rewriting  the

      guidelines.   In addition to the rewriting, the guidelines will include

      a date to reconsider the guidelines and provisions for a  periodic  re-

      view of course offerings by each department.


  9.  The meeting adjourned at 4:39 pm.



                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Dennis Hinkle, Secretary




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