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September 12, 1988





                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                              September 12, 1988



  PRESENT:  Dr. John M. Perry, Chairman; Dr. Dennis Hinkle, Secretary; Deans

                Richard Vasey for J. M. White, D. E. Egger, M. A. Ogliaruso,

                T. W. Bonham, M. A. Lewis, L. A. Padis, R. S. Purdy; Drs.

                Charles Dudley, W. E. Dugger, R. Salvaggio, E. A. Brown, M.

                E. Sanders, J. F. Marchman, Marjorie Norton and Dr. E. W.

                Carson; David Bousquet, Admissions, Ninette Sadusky, Bill

                Tyrrell, and Teresa Abbou, SGA


  ABSENT:   Dr. Robert E. James, Ms. Donna Dunay, Dr. Robert Lamy, Wanda Dean

                and Ms. Kristen Cumberland SGA


  VISITORS: Dr. Joyce Williams-Green, Provost Office and Susan Trulove, Spec-




  1.  Call to Order and Announcements:  Dr. Perry called the meeting to order

      at 3:00 pm and welcomed the new members of the Commission.  He an-

      nounced old and new committee assignments and the charges to the com-



      Catalog Committee:


        Wanda Dean, Chair       Donna Dunay

        Leo Padis               Teresa Abbou

        David Bousquet          Catalog Editor

        Robert James


      This  committee is responsible for analyzing critically all catalog ma-

      terial intended to describe the policy and substance of the undergradu-

      ate programs.



      Standing Committee - Admissions


        Rita Purdy, Chair       Gene Carson

        Ruth Salvaggio          David Bousquet

        Leo Padis               Richard Stillwagon


      This committee is responsible for developing a policy statement on stu-

      dent admission.   This  policy  statement  will  be  sent  through  the

      governance  system  and to the Board of Visitors.  The statement is due

      at SCHEV by the end of the calendar year.



      Standing Committee - Core Curriculum


        Dennis Hinkle, Chair    Jack Dudley

        Hap Bonham              Kristen Cumberland

        Mike Ogliaruso


      This committee is responsible for reviewing the report of  the  Collins

      Committee, reaffirming the goals of the Core Curriculum, and developing

      an  assessment  strategy  for the Core Curriculum.   The report of this

      committee will be one element of the assessment  report  that  will  be

      submitted to SCHEV in June, 1989.


      Dr.  Perry  asked the Course Criteria Committee to study whether or not

      there is a need for a mechanism for approving course proposals which do

      not originate from a department and/or college.


      Dr. Hinkle announced that all of the 1989 and most of the 1990 and 1991

      graduation checklists have been submitted.  Those departments that have

      not submitted checklists will be contacted.


      Dr.  Hinkle  and Ms. Sandusky announced that 26 students have initially

      enrolled in the sign language course offered  by  New  River  Community



  2.  The Agenda was approved as distributed.


  3.  The  Minutes  of  the  May  9, 1988 meeting were approved with one cor-



      In section 3b. "graders" should be "grades."


      The question was raised about the approval "in principle" of  the  four

      new  courses  in the proposal for the BFA in Art.  Dr. Hinkle indicated

      the approval was given with the understanding that the Course  Criteria

      Committee  would  work  with  the  Department  of  Art in approving the

      courses prior to final submission of the proposal to SCHEV.  Dr.  Egger

      said  that the Committee had not done so, but would contact the Depart-


      ment of Art and finalize the approval of the courses.


  4.  Course Criteria Committee Report - Dr. D. E. Egger.  No report


  5.  Faculty Authored Textbooks - Dr. W. E. Dugger.  The Commission approved

      Dr. Dugger's recommendation regarding the textbook approval guidelines;

      the edited recommendation is that:


          if faculty authored materials are the sole  textbook  for  a  given

          class,  and  if these textbook materials are reproduced and sold to

          students through any copy center, then these materials need  to  go

          through  the  faculty authored textbook approval process.  However,

          if a faculty member chooses to reproduce class notes or other  ref-

          erence  materials  for  a  class in which there is another approved

          textbook, and these materials are sold at cost to the student, then

          the materials DO NOT need to go through the approval process.


      The commission also approved Dr. Dugger's recommendation that there  is

      no  need  to  have a two-year approval.  The one-year and four-year ap-

      provals are sufficient.


  6.  Course Proposal Review Process - D. E. Hinkle Dr.  Hinkle  discussed  a

      new set of guidelines for the review of course proposals.  The purposes

      of  the  guidelines  are  1) to maintain the existing electronic course

      syllabus file in the PROVOST userid and 2) reduce the  number  of  hard

      copies  of  course  proposals to be distributed.   Dr. Hinkle will work

      with the Commission on Graduate  Studies  to  maintain  the  electronic

      course  syllabus file for graduate courses.  A revised proposal will be

      discussed at the next meeting.


      Since all course proposals MUST be prepared electronically, Dr.  Hinkle

      will  arrange  with  User  Services to provide training sessions on the

      PROFS system.


  7.  Courses under review by Course Criteria Committee:


        CS 4114, 4124           AOE 4204

        MATE 4234               FST 3104

        ESM 3054, 3064, 4024    ANSC 4154


        Courses sent to Course Criteria Committee for review:


        EE 3154, 4134, 4205-4206, 4304


  8.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:14 pm.



                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Dennis Hinkle, Secretary




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