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September 26, 1988





                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                              September 26, 1988



  PRESENT:  Dr. John M. Perry, Chairman; Dr. Dennis Hinkle, Secretary; Deans

                J. M. White, D. E. Egger, M. A. Ogliaruso, T. W. Bonham, L.

                A. Padis, R. S. Purdy; Drs. Charles Dudley, W. E. Dugger, R.

                Salvaggio, Robert E. James, E. A. Brown, Donna Dunay, J. F.

                Marchman, and Marjorie Norton; Kristen Cumberland, Ninette

                Sadusky, and Teresa Abbou, SGA


  ABSENT:   M. A. Lewis, Richard Steinberg, M. E.  Sanders, E. W. Carson,

                David Bousquet and Bill Tyrell


  VISITORS: Susan Trulove, Spectrum



  1.  Call to Order and Announcements:


      Dr. Perry called the meeting to order at 3:02 pm.  Dr. Hinkle announced

      that guidelines for review of course proposals had been revised.  He

      also indicated that the guidelines should now be followed.  Dr. Hinkle

      will coordinate the process with the Commission on Graduate Studies and

      the Graduate School.


      Dr. Perry indicated that he had read the minutes of the  September 13,

      1988 Faculty Senate meeting regarding the discussion of the faculty-

      authored textbook policy.  He indicated that CUS has been given the

      charge to supervise the approval process outlined in the policy.  He

      also indicated that CUS was an appropriate forum for discussing the or-

      iginal policy as well as any new applications of it.  Thus, he recom-

      mended that report of the Faculty-Authored Textbook Approvals Committee

      (Dr. W. E. Dugger's letter of May 10, 1988 -- as edited in the CUS min-

      utes of September 12, 1988) be placed on the agenda for the October 10,

      1988 meeting of CUS.


  2.  Two additional items were added to the Agenda:



      a.  Posthumous degree for Gavin G. Starner


      b.  Proposed CUS Resolution 88-89A


  3.  The minutes were approved with two corrections:


      a.  Ms. Sadusky's name was misspelled on page 2


      b.  Item #7, regarding the status of courses under review, should be

          considered appended information rather than part of the minutes.


  4.  Course Criteria Committee Report - Dr. D. E. Egger.



      First Reading


      The following courses were submitted for approval:

          FST 3104 Dairy Processing - title change

          ANSC 4154 Applied Meat Animal Genetic - percentage change

          CS 4114 Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata Theory - revised course

          CS 4124 Theory of Computation - revised course

          MATE 4234 Electronic/Magnetic/Photonic Materials - new course

          ESM 3054 Mechanical Behavior of Materials - revised course

          ESM 3064 Mechanical Behavior of Materials - new course

          ESM 4024 Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials - title change

          AOE 4204 Ocean Acoustics - revised course


  5.  Faculty Authored Textbooks - Dr. W. E. Dugger.


      A  motion was made and seconded for a four-year approval of the follow-

      ing books:


          Cambell, H. G. (1977).  An introduction to matrices,  vectors,  and


          linear programmming (2nd edition).  Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-


          Hall. (For MATH 3524).  Four-year approval.


          Sundburg,  F.  A.,  &  Gilinsky, N. L. (Eds.).  (1988).  Historical


          geology laboratory manual.  Blacksburg, VA: Virginia: Virginia Tech


          Department of Geological Sciences.  (For GEOL 1114).  Four-year ap-



  6.  Posthumous Degree - J. M. Perry


      With the support of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Dean

      of the College of Engineering, a motion was made and  seconded  to  ap-

      prove  the awarding of a posthumous B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering

      to Gavin G. Starmer (277-66-4976).


      While there is no formal university policy regarding  the  awarding  of

      posthumous  degrees, the issue was discussed at the March 4, 1985 meet-

      ing of the University Council.  An excerpt from those  minutes  is  ap-



  7.  Proposed CUS Resolution 88-89A - J. M. Perry


      Dr.  Perry  indicated  that  the  resolution  was proposed by Dr. E. W.

      Carson and had been discussed  previously  by  the  Assistant/Associate

      Deans.    He  mentioned three issues that need to be considered: 1) the

      difference between courses that are offered only on  a  P/F  basis  and


      courses  that  students  opt  to  take  P/F; 2) the meaning of the word

      "pass;" and 3) the transfer of courses taken P/F to another college  or

      university.    In the subsequent discussion, two additional issues were

      raised: 1) the need to document the fifth "whereas"  statement  and  2)

      the  responsibility of the student when enrolling under the P/F option.

      Given the lack of support of the  resolution  by  the  commission,  Dr.

      Perry  indicated that he would discuss the above issues with Dr. Eugene

      Carson upon his return to campus.


      Related to the proposed resolution was the matter of  an  inconsistency

      on  page  33 of the 1988-89 General Catalog.  The first sentence of the

      third paragraph under the heading Pass-Fail System should read:


          Under the pass-fail grading system, a "P" is granted for earning  a

          "D-" or better in the course; otherwise, an "F' is given.



  8.  A Clarification - J. M. Perry


      The  clarification  of  the current procedures for awarding two or more

      bachelor's degrees was presented and discussed briefly.  Since the doc-

      ument clarifies the issue, no further discussion was deemed necessary.


  9.  The meeting adjourned at 3:53 pm.



                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Dennis Hinkle, Secretary






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