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April 24, 1989





                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                                April 24, 1989




  PRESENT:  Dr. John M. Perry, Chairman; Dr. Dennis Hinkle, Secretary, Deans

                J. M. White, M. A. Ogliaruso, T. W. Bonham, M. A. Lewis, J.

                F. Marchman, R. S. Purdy; Drs. R. E. James, E. A. Brown, E.

                W. Carson, C. J. Dudley, W. E. Dugger, D. Dunay, M. E.

                Sanders, T. J. Greene, M.  Norton, R. Steinberg, R.

                Salvaggio; Karen Bishop for David Bousquet, Admissions; Wanda

                Dean, Registrar; Teresa Abbou and Kristen Cumberland, SGA


  ABSENT:   Drs. D. E. Egger, Jeffrey Burkette, Ninette Sadusky


  VISITORS: Nevin Frantz, VTE; Susan Trulove, Spectrum; Patricia White, Edu-

                cational Communications; Lewis Barnett, Arts and Sciences





      The meeting was called to order at 3:03 pm.


  2.  Three additional items were added to the AGENDA:


      a.  Teacher Education Proposals - M. A. Lewis


      b.  University Calendar 1990-91 - J. M. Perry


      c.  Course Proposal Log - D. E. Hinkle


  3.  The MINUTES of the March 27, 1989, meeting were approved.




      o   Marjorie Norton indicated that the issue raised regarding the "Food

          Specialist" option in HNF had been resolved by changing the name of

          the option to "Consumer Foods."  A motion was made, seconded, and

          approved for this option and the accompanying checklist.  (First

          reading was on February 13).


      o   The BFA Program in Art did not require action by CUS.  Approval was

          given previously (May 9, 1988).


      o   AS 1025-26, AS 2025-26, and AS 3025-26 were not submitted.


      o   A motion was made and seconded to waive the first reading of the

          following courses, programs and checklists:


          STAT 2004       Introductory Statistics - (New Course)


          GEOG 3304/GEOL 3304 Geomorphology - (Cross Listing)


          EDCI 1004       College Success Strategies - (New Course)


          EDCI 3144       Education for Exceptional Learners - (Revised

                          Course) Cross listed with FCD


          EDCI 3154       Psychological Foundations of Education - (Revised

                          Course) Cross listed with Psychology


          EDHL 3424       Health Promotion and Public Health - (New Course)

          EDHL 4544       Health in the Workplace - (New Course)


          Revision of Health Education major - checklist


          College of Business - Graduation Requirements - 134 to 128 hours




          -   Department of Accounting


          -   Department of Accounting (Info. Sys. Option)


          -   Department of Economics


          -   Department of Finance/Insurance and Business Law


          -   Department of Management


          -   Department of Marketing




      Certain programs in Vocational and Technical Education needed to be re-

      considered as part of the state-mandated restructuring of teacher edu-

      cation programs; the three programs are 1) Business Education, 2)

      Marketing Education and 3) Home Economics Education.  Due to the May 1,

      1989 deadline, CUS action was necessary.  Thus, a motion was made and

      seconded to waive the first reading followed by a motion to approve the

      three programs.  Following the discussion of the three programs, they

      were approved and will be submitted to State Council by May 1.  The

      discussions included the following:


      o   The Business Education program should not include computer in the

          title since no computer science courses are included in the pro-



      o   Regarding the Home Economics Education Program, Dr. Purdy asked

          that faculty from the College of Human Resources be actively in-

          volved in future planning and implementation of both the undergrad-

          uate program and the inservice program.  Dr. Frantz gave his

          assurance that the VTE Division would involve faculty from the var-

          ious departments in these activities.  Dr. Perry indicated that he

          would write the two college deans regarding this concern.


      o   Also, in regard to the Home Economic Education program, the concern

          was raised about the limited number of free electives.  Dr. Perry

          indicated that this issue is a university concern and it will be an

          item on the 1989-90 CUS agenda.




      The subcommittee raised two major issues -- 1) what is the purpose of

      the catalog? and 2) who should be in charge of it?  The recommendations

      of the committee related to these two issues as well as to the need for

      consistency across departments, the language used, and the legality of

      the document itself.  Of importance is the fact that the document

      should not be used as a recruiting tool; rather, its purpose is being a

      repository of academic policies and procedures, as well as the course

      curricula.  To this end, the catalog needs to be developed using a

      standard set of publication guidelines.  In addition, the catalog might

      also include additional information such as statements on restricted

      majors and sections out of the undergraduate credit report.  Dr. Perry

      thanked the committee for their report and assured them that action

      will be taken on the recommendations.


  7.  UNIVERSITY CALENDAR - 1990-91 - J. M. Perry

      After discussing the changes in the 1990-91 calendar, Dr. Perry indi-

      cated that he would be recommending that the 1990-91 Fall Semester be-

      gin on August 27, 1990 and that the Second Summer Session begin on July

      1, 1991.


  8.  COURSE PROPOSAL LOG - D. E. Hinkle


      Dr. Hinkle indicated that the course log has worked well over the past

      three months.  Next year, further improvements will be made in the doc-

      umentation and reporting processes.


  9.  CUS RESOLUTION 88-89 A - W. H. Dean


      Ms. Dean proposed a resolution acknowledging Dr. Perry's contribution

      to the University and specifically to the work of CUS.  The resolution

      passed without a dissenting vote.


  10. The meeting adjourned at 4:53 pm.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Dennis Hinkle, Secretary




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