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May 2, 1990




                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                                  May 2, 1990




  PRESENT:  Dr. E. F. Carlisle, Chair, Deans D. E. Egger, M. A.  Ogliaruso,

                T. W. Bonham, M. A. Lewis, J. F. Marchman, R. S. Purdy, Drs.

                J. Dudley, Robert E. James, E. Brown, D. Morris, M. Norton,

                R. Daniel, Wanda Dean, University Registrar, Susan Bambach

                for D. Bousquet, Admissions; W. Kuster, and I. Sobieski, SGA


  ABSENT:   Drs. R. Salvaggio, W.E. Dugger, K. Eschenmann, R.  Lamy, D.

                Hinkle, J. F. Williams-Green, T. Abbou, B. Morris, B. Sgro.


  VISITORS: Carol Burch-Brown, Guy Hammond, Norrine Bailey Spencer, Susan

                Brooker-Gross, Jon Shepard.




      Dr. Carlisle called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.


  2.  The AGENDA - was approved as distributed.


  3.  The MINUTES of the April 23, 1990 meeting were approved as distributed.





      A motion was made and seconded to waive the first reading of of the

      Course Criterion Committee Report.  Motion CARRIED.



      A motion was made and seconded to approve


       CSES 4644 WASTE DISPOSAL TECHNOLOGY IN SOILS, effective Spring 1991


       Motion CARRIED.


      A motion was made and seconded to endorse



       for initiation in Fall 1992.


       Motion CARRIED.



  5.  LIBERAL EDUCATION FORUM  - Dr. E.F. Carlisle

      Dr. Carlisle welcomed members of the Liberal Education Forum and re-

      viewed with the commission the origins of the Forum.  He stressed that

      both the University Self-Study and the Provost staff had indicated that

      problems with the current university core required immediate attention.

      Since the Forum, realistically, can not provide a final report any ear-

      lier than Spring 1991, Dr. Carlisle requested that the Forum look at

      several different options for solving the immediate crisis situation.


      Professor Carol Burch-Brown, Chair of the Forum, provided the commis-

      sion with three "strategies" for dealing with the immediate problems of

      the core (refer to handout).  The Forum is suggesting temporary changes

      by:  increasing the core course options, reconfiguring or increasing

      certain course capacities and numbers of sections, and increasing

      available resources.  Dr. Carlisle suggested that the commission con-

      centrate on the suggestions under Strategy 1, since strategies 2 and 3


      dealt with issues of resources, which should be directed at the

      collegiate and provost level.


      Discussion ensued as to the appropriateness of altering the core,

      though temporarily.  Dr. Marchman expressed concern that these changes

      would be very difficult to administer for such a short period.  Dr.

      Spencer also expressed concern that the writing element remain as an

      integral part of the Humanities curriculum.  After further disscussion,

      Dr. Carlisle requested that the commission approve or deny specific

      options in Strategy 1.


      Action on the recommendations were as follows:


      The commission agreed that the processing order for student course re-

      quests for Fall 1990 would be freshmen, seniors, juniors, and

      sophomores.  The commission acknowledges that this ordering of the reg-

      istration will compound the core registration problems experienced by

      juniors and sophomores.  Several commission members urged the commis-

      sion to consider alternatives for the juniors and sophomores to amelio-

      rate this problem.


      A motion was made and seconded to temporarily increase the core offer-

      ings in the Humanities and Social Sciences division.  The additional

      courses will be those courses previously approved for the core.  These

      additions are effective Fall 1990 and are available to the Classes of

      1991-1995.  Motion CARRIED.


      Dr. Ogliaruso asked whether the additions to the core offerings must be

      brought before the commission for final approval.  Dr. Carlisle indi-

      cated that this was unnecessary, but the listing would be attached to

      the minutes of this meeting. He also agreed with Dr. Purdy's suggestion

      that these changes be communicated to both the students and the advi-

      sors prior to Fall semester.


      A motion was made and seconded to allow History core courses to be used

      to satisfy the Humanities or Social Sciences requirement.  While it is

      possible to place the history discipline in either the humanities or

      social sciences division, many members expressed disapproval of allow-

      ing the course offerings to count in either area.  After further dis-

      cussion, the motion was DENIED.


      Dr. Carlisle stated that if the Forum's review should take longer than

      anticipated, these temporary changes should be reaffirmed after a two

      year period.



      Dr. Ogliaruso discussed the charge of the committee and its findings.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve the Black Studies concen-

      tration. Some members of the commission expressed concern that the con-

      centration currently included a special studies course.  Dr. Ogliaruso

      explained that the committee felt that the new coordinator should be

      allowed the opportunity to influence the formation of the curriculum.

      Also, the Special Study was submitted to the same rigorous tests as any

      new course and he referred the committe to the attached syllabi.  After

      further discussion, the motion CARRIED.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve HUM 2984 and SOC 2024 as hu-

      manities core clusters. The motion CARRIED.


      A motion was made and seconded to approve HUM 2984 and SOC 2024 as so-

      cial sciences core clusters. The motion was DENIED.


      A motion was made and seconded to place the black studies concentration

      on the transcript.  Motion CARRIED.


  7.  The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,

                                     Wanda Hankins Dean for

                                     Dennis Hinkle, Secretary




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