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November 12, 1990




                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                               November 12, 1990




  PRESENT:  Deans M.A. Ogliaruso, R. Smick-Attisano for J. White, N. B.

                Spencer, M. A. Lewis, J. F. Marchman, R.S. Purdy; Drs. L.

                Geyer, R. Daniel, K. Eschenmann, D. Morris, J. Taper, E.

                Brown, W. Etgen, C.  Shoulders, M. Murray; C. Burch-Brown; D.

                Bousquet, Admissions; M. Foushee for W. Dean, University

                Registrar; B. Kuster, P. McConnell, J.  Hansbrough, A.

                DeHart, SGA; B. Sgro, Dean of Students.


  ABSENT:   Drs. E.F. Carlisle, D. E. Egger, M. Deisenroth, J. White; W.



  VISITORS: E. Guertin, J. Williams-Green.




      Carol Burch-Brown, serving as chair for Dr. Carlisle, called the meet-

      ing to order at 3:00 p.m.  She announced that Marvin Foushee, repres-

      enting Wanda Dean, would be taping the meeting and reminded the

      commission that the next meeting is Monday, November 26, 1990.  Dr.

      Ezra Brown was introduced as the new chair of the sub-committee on re-

      stricted enrollments.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved.


  3.  The MINUTES of the October 22, 1990 meeting were approved as corrected.




      Carol Burch-Brown shared with the commission early enrollment figures

      for courses in the Humanities division for Spring 1991.  As expected,

      requests for Humanities division core courses exceeded capacities. The

      current overflow for these courses is 1,970.  The University Provost is

      taking various actions: the approximately 400 seats that remain in the

      new core courses will be advertised in the same manner as Fall term;

      advisors will be encourage to exercise a flexible substitution policy;

      and some additional financial assistance will be provided to hire grad-

      ers for large lecture classes.  She also noted that while other areas

      of the core may have oversubscribed sections, there exist opportunities

      for students to enroll in alternative sections within that division.

      In non-core courses, such as Public Speaking, Technical Writing, and

      Freshmen English, demand also exceeds available seats.  She also noted

      that additional sections may be offered in these areas.  Students were

      urged to continue attempts to register in the courses during add/drop.


  5.  REPONSE TO UNIVERSITY PLAN, 1991-96 - C. Burch-Brown


      Carol Burch-Brown led the commission in discussion of the draft listing

      of concerns and suggestions.  Dealing with each suggestion individ-

      ually, the commission indicated approval via voice vote.  The final ap-

      proved version of the suggestions are attached.  Bill Kuster asked if

      the commission would receive a formal response to their suggestions

      from the Planning Committee.  Carol Burch-Brown indicated that she

      would forward this request to Wayland Winstead.



      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Sep-

      tember 24, 1990 report.  During discussion, Dr. Ogliaruso renewed his

      objection to discussing the FCD request for restricted enrollment prior

      to the report of the Sub-committee on Restricted Enrollment. Dr. Purdy

      responded that the FCD request was an issue of expediency, timeliness,

      and fairness to students requesting enrollment in the Early Childhood

      Development option.  Carol Burch-Brown also indicated that Drs. Buffer,

      Ritchey, and Carlisle had met earlier and had requested that the com-

      mission consider the issue under existing policy rather than wait for

      any suggested new legislation.  Dr. Lewis added that, if approved, this

      policy will serve both the best interests of the students and the uni-

      versity by providing official university policy. An amendment motion

      was made and seconded to separate the FCD item from the remainder of

      the report.  Motion CARRIED.  The motion to approve the second reading

      of the remaining items in the September 24 1990 report was CARRIED.


      Courses approved effective Spring 1991 were:


      o   AGEC 3424 Food and Agribusiness Marketing Management

      o   AGEC 4604 Real Estate Law and Appraisal (revised)

      o   FOR  3524 Environmental Interpretation

      o   FOR  3534 Outdoor Recreation Field Studies

      o   FOR  3544 Outdoor Recreation Management (revised)

      o   FOR  3554 Outdoor Recreation Policy (revised)

      o   FOR  3564 Outdoor Recreation Planning (revised)

      o   MATH 3034 Proofs and Algebraic Systems (revised)

      o   HIST 3254 The Viet Nam War

      o   BIOL 4234 Algae (revised)

      o   ME   4234 (AOE 4234) Aerospace Propulsion Systems (addition of


      o   Legal Studies Option, Political Science, change in requirements


      Courses approved effective Fall 1991 were:


      o   AGEC 3454 (MGT 3454) Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

      o   FOR 1114 (FIW 1114/Wood 1114) Introduction to Renewable Natural


      o   FOR 2554 Wilderness, Parks and American Life

      o   FOR 3364 Survey of Forest Ecology and Management

      o   FOR 4534 Natural Resource Based Tourism

      o   AOE 4274 Computer Based Design of Ocean Structures

      o   AGE 4324 Nonpoint Source Pollution


      Courses approved effective Spring 1992 were:


      o   FOR 4544 Seminar in Outdoor Recreation


      Courses deleted:


      o   AGEC 4414 Advanced Agribusiness Management, effective Spring 1991

      o   FOR/FIW/WOOD 1115, 1116 Introduction to Forestry and Related Na-

          tural Resources, effective Fall 1991

      o   FIW 3554 Wildland Recreation Policy (crosslisting) effective Spring


      o   FOR/FIW 4554 Wildland Recreation Managment, effective Spring 1991

      o   FOR/FIW 4564 Wildland Recreation Planning, effective Spring 1991


      Action on concentration checklists effective Spring 1991:


      o   Appalachian Studies, approved to appear on transcript

      o   Classical Studies, change in requirements and approved to appear on


      o   Humanities & the Arts, change in requirements and approved to ap-

          pear on transcript

      o   Medieval and Renaissance Studies, change in requirements and ap-

          proved to appear on transcript


      Dr. Ogliaruso moved that the commission table the issue of the FCD re-

      quest for restricted enrollment.  Motion seconded.  During discussion,

      Dr. Purdy reiterated that the College of Human Resources could not con-

      tinue to enroll students without the ability to serve these students.

      The motion to table FAILED.  A motion was made and seconded to approve

      the request of Family and Child Development to restrict enrollment in

      Early Childhood Education and Child Care Administration Option, effec-

      tive Spring 1991.  The motion CARRIED.

      A motion was made and seconded to present the November 12, 1990 report

      for FIRST READING  Motion CARRIED.


  7.  Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Marvin Foushee for

                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar



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