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October 22, 1990




                            Burruss Hall Board Room

                               October 22, 1990




  PRESENT:  Deans J.M. White, D. E. Egger, M. A. Ogliaruso, N. B.  Spencer,

                M. A. Lewis, J. F. Marchman, R.S. Purdy; Drs. L. Geyer, K.

                Eschenmann, D. Morris, J. Taper, E. Brown, W. Etgen, M.

                Murray; C.  Burch-Brown; S.C. Clark for D. Bousquet, Admis-

                sions; W. Dean, University Registrar; B. Kuster, P.

                McConnell, J. Hansbrough, A. DeHart, SGA, B.  Sgro, Dean of



  ABSENT:   Drs. E.F. Carlisle, R. Daniel, C. Shoulders, M.  Deisenroth, J.



  VISITORS: Elizabeth Guertin, Stephen Foster, Wayland Winstead




      Carol Burch-Brown, serving as chair for Dr. Carlisle, called the meet-

      ing to order at 3:02 p.m.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved with changes.  Carol Burch-Brown announced

      deferral of agenda items 7 and 8 and the change in wording of agenda

      item 4 to "Student Perception of Budget Cuts."


  3.  The MINUTES of the September 24, 1990 meeting were approved as cor-





      Dr. Spencer explained that this agenda item was a continuation of the

      September 24, 1990 discussion of this topic.  She asked if there were

      any additional concerns noted during the recent Spring 1991 registra-

      tion period.  Jared Hansbrough voiced concern over the sparsity of

      business electives offered for Spring 1991.  Angela DeHart also noted

      that several of her major courses were offered at conflicting times,

      reducing her options for Spring.  Dr. Spencer suggested that enrollment

      statistics as of the drop deadline for courses added to the core cur-

      riculum would be of interest to the commission. Wanda Dean offered to

      gather that information for the next meeting.



  5.  UNIVERSITY PLAN, 1991 - 96 - C. Burch-Brown


      Carol Burch-Brown introduced Wayland Winstead, University Director of

      Planning.  Mr. Winstead, in introducing the first draft of the plan,

      explained that the "community involvement" phase includes responses

      from the commissions and committees in the university's governance

      structure.  He urged the commission to include in its formal response

      both the good and the bad aspects of the plan.  Carol Burch-Brown ex-

      plained that any suggestion made during this meeting will be distrib-

      uted at the November 12, 1990 meeting for formal approval.  Dr. Purdy

      opened the discussion by sharing concerns voiced by some faculty that

      their input was not requested.  Mr. Winstead responded that all college

      faculty associations were requested to formally respond to the plan and

      that any faculty member can express their concern to any faculty repre-

      sentative on commissions and committees of the university.  Drs.

      Spencer and Egger noted that academic advising was not an objective in

      the Undergraduate Education section. Dr. Egger suggested that career

      and academic advising be addressed. Dr. Egger also suggested that, as

      in the Graduate and Professional Education section, an objective rela-

      tive to financial support for continuing undergraduates be added to the

      Undergraduate section.  Several members of the commission questioned

      the measurability of the teaching effectiveness objective.  Mr.

      Winstead responded that the departments would be responsible for the

      evaluation and that the University Provost would be reviewing the de-

      partment's implementation during the program review process.  Dr. Etgen

      urged that the department's responsibility be clearly stated.  Dr.

      Geyer noted that the use of the word "senior" faculty implies best,

      which is not always accurate.  He suggested that "senior" be replaced

      with "best."  Jared Hansbrough asked that the objective in the Informa-

      tion Systems and Library section referencing access include a statement

      on public hours of the library.  Bill Kuster also suggested that the

      Lifestyle section include more specifics rather than a statement ex-

      pressing need for more amenities.  Mr. Winstead stated that Dr. Goodale

      left specifics out of this area to provide for greater flexibility in

      implementation.  Dr. Marchman questioned the absence of any reference

      to the need for more classrooms.  Mr. Winstead suggested that if the

      commission wishes to address capital outlay it should be included in

      the formal response of the commission.  Dr. Lewis observed that at no

      point does the plan address program quality.  She questioned whether

      there should be an objective in Undergraduate Education in support of

      development and fulfillment of undergraduate programs.  Carol Burch-

      Brown asked commission members to contact Wanda Dean before the next

      meeting if they wished to suggest additional comments.



      Bill Kuster presented the resolution from the Student Government Asso-

      ciation (SGA) relative to the priority hierarchy for course request

      processing.  Mr. Kuster indicated that the SGA supported the new policy

      of registering freshmen during summer orientation.  However, the SGA is

      asking that the priority order be restored for the Spring registration,

      with freshmen having lowest priority.  Angela DeHart stated that some

      juniors and sophomores experienced problems in obtaining classes and

      perceived that problem as an outgrowth of freshmen priority registra-

      tion.  Dr. Geyer requested clarification as to the reasons for the pol-

      icy change.  Wanda Dean indicated that there were two reasons: 1) to

      afford freshmen the opportunity to leave orientation with a schedule

      and thus avoid the confusion of add/drop week and 2) to complement the

      efforts of the university in solving the problems associated with reg-

      istration for core curriculum courses. Commenting on the latter, Dr.

      Spencer expressed concern that discontinuation of this plan will delay

      the university's attempt to resolve the registration problem in the

      core curriculum.  Dr. Ogliaruso also noted that, along with the ex-

      panded core course listing, a lenient substitution policy was included

      specifically to aid sophomores and juniors impacted by the change in

      priority course request processing. A motion was made and seconded to

      approve the resolution.  The motion FAILED.



      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the Sep-

      tember 24, 1990 report.  Motion CARRIED.  Courses approved effective

      Spring 1991 were:


      o   AGEC 2404 Agricultural Financial Management & Methods (revised)

      o   AGEC 3414 Cooperative and Agribusiness Management (revised)

      o   CE 4614 Advanced Civil Engineering Materials

      o   CE 4054 (BC 4054) Construction Law: Roles and Responsiblities (re-


      o   CE 3424 Reinforced Concrete Structures I (revised)

      o   CE 3684 Civil Engineering Materials (revised)

      o   CE 4014 (BC 4024) Estimating, Production and Cost Engineering (re-


      o   CE 4254 Photogrammetry (revised)

      o   CE 4324 Open Channel Flow (revised)

      o   CE 4404 Computer Analysis of Structures I (revised)


          Courses deleted, effective Spring 1991:

      o   CE 3114 Air Quality Resources

      o   CE 4454 Model Analysis

      o   CE 4684 Civil Engineering Materials

      o   CE 4255-4256 Photogrammetry

      o   CE 4214 Surveying III: Applied Problems and Design

      o   CE 4405-4406 Computer Analysis of Structures

      o   CE 4134 Environmental Engineering Laboratory


      A motion was made to present the October 22, 1990 report of the commit-

      tee for FIRST READING. Motion CARRIED.


  8.  Meeting adjourned at 4:07 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,





                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar




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