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April 22, 1991




                            President's Board Room

                                April 22, 1991


  PRESENT:  Dr. E.F. Carlisle, Chair; Deans J. White, M. Ogliaruso, N.

                Spencer, J. Marchman, R. Purdy, M. Lewis; Drs. L. Geyer, R.

                Daniel, C. Shoulders, D. Morris, E. Brown, W. Etgen, M.

                Murray, K. Eschenmann; B. Sgro, Dean of Students; C. Burch-

                Brown; W. Dean, University Registrar; Susan Bambach for D.

                Bousquet, Undergraduate Admissions.



  ABSENT:   Drs. D. E. Egger, J. Taper, M. Deisenroth; W. M.  Kuster, E. Fox,

                P. McConnell, J. Hansbrough, SGA.



  VISITORS: Elizabeth Guertin, Joyce Williams-Green, L. Eng, J. Hillison.





      Dr. Carlisle called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


  2.  The AGENDA was approved as distributed.


  3.  The MINUTES of the April 8, 1991 meeting were approved as distributed.



      A motion was made and seconded to approve for second reading the April

      8, 1991 report.  The motion CARRIED.  A motion was made and seconded to

      waive the first reading of the April 22, 1991 report and approve as

      second reading.  The motion CARRIED.  The Commission requested that the

      University Provost grant temporary administrative approval of courses

      effective for Fall 1991 pending endorsement by the University Council

      during the 1991-1992 year.


      Courses approved effective Fall 1991:


      o   CLA   2444  Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology (revised)

      o   CLA   2454  Ancient Greek and Latin Literature in English (revised)

      o   CSES  4124  Soil Survey and Taxonomy (revised)

      o   CSES  4134  Soil Genesis and Classification (revised)

      o   CSES  4684  Soil Microbiology (cross listed with BIOL) (revised)

      o   CSES  4694  Soil Microbiology Laboratory (cross listed with BIOL)


      o   EDCI  2964  Music Education Lab Band

      o   EDCI  3144  Education of Exceptional Children and Youth (revised)

      o   EDPE  2264  Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

      o   EDPE  3204  Legal Issues Affecting Sport

      o   EDPE  3214  Ethical Issues Affecting Sport

      o   EDPE  4604  Practicum in Exercise Science (revised)

      o   EDPE  4614  Practicum in Sport Management (revised)

      o   EE      4104  Microwave Theory and Techniques (revised)

      o   EE      4304  Design in Power Engineering (revised)

      o   EE      4664  Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory

      o   EE      4684  Digital Signal Processing Laboratory I

      o   FOR     4114 Computer Applications in Natural Resources (revised)

      o   FR     3205,3206 French Culture and Civilization (revised)

      o   HIST  1214  History of the Modern World

      o   HORT  3524  History of Landscape Architecture (revised)

      o   MATE 2094  Analytical Methods in Material Engineering


      Courses approved effective Spring 1992:


      o   EE    3164  Fundamental Electromagnetic Theory and Applications


      Courses approved effective Fall 1992 :


      o   EDCI  4104  Teaching Reading & Language in a Developmental Program


      o   EDCI  4204  Assessment in Reading/Language Instruction (revised)

      o   EDCI  4224  Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School (re-


      o   EDCI  4234  Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (revised)

      o   EDCI  4244  Teaching Science in the Elementary School (revised)

      o   EDCI  4304  Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School (re-


      o   EE    4505-4506 Digital Design (revised)

      o   MINE  3014  Principles of Rock Mechanics (revised)

      o   MINE  3024  Principles of Rock Mechanics Lab (revised)

      o   MINE  3034  Surface Mining (revised)

      o   MINE  4184  Ground Control (revised)

      o   MINE  4045-4046 Mining Investigations (revised)


      Action on Curriculum Checklists and Options:


      o   Agriculture Education Checksheets, Teaching Extension, Training,

          and Development Options - graduating Class of 1992

      o   Agriculture Education Minor, Class of 1992

      o   Early Childhood Teacher Certification (NK - 5) option, FCD majors

      o   Women Studies (WS) concentration checksheet, revised, Class of 1992

      o   Exercise Science and Sport Management Option, Physical Education

          major, Class of 1992 (to appear on transcript)

      o   Materials Science Engineering Checksheet, Class of 1994

      o   Mining Engineering Checksheet, Class of 1996

      o   AOE Checksheet, Class of 1993

      o   HIDM option, Residential Property Management, Graduating Class of

          1992, to appear on transcript


      Action on University Core, Humanities -- Effective for Graduating

      Classes of 1992 - 96


      o   Addition of two clusters:  HORT 3524, LAR 4034; CLA 2444, CLA 2454


      Courses dropped:


      o   HIST 1215, 1216  History of the Modern World

      o   EE   4514           Special Purpose Digital Design




      o   Grant credit for ENGL 1105 (for students exempted from 1105 having

          earned a grade of C- or better in 1106 or H1204) effective Fall


      o   Department of Materials Engineering (MATE) name change to Materials

          Science and Engineering (MSE), effective Spring 1992.



      Dr. Spencer led a follow-up discussion of this issue introduced at the

      April 8, 1991 meeting of CUS.  She again voiced concern that there was

      persistent lack of communication between departments that discontinue

      courses and departments that require these courses.  Several members

      suggested that a renewed interest in the 30-day review process would

      allow departments an opportunity to voice concern and/or plan for re-

      placement courses.



      Dr. Ogliaruso asked if CUS would be able to share comments on the Re-

      port of the Task Force on Committees/Commissions.  He suggested that

      CUS discuss the report and forward comments to University Council.  Dr.

      Ogliaruso further explained that the report recommended a combining of

      CUS and CGS to form an Academic Affairs Commission and that the member-

      ship structure would be altered.  Dr. Geyer observed that the proposal

      does retain a large number of sub-committees where much of the work

      will occur.  Dr. Marchman commented that the university is adding an-

      other layer of bureaucracy as well as diluting representation.  Dr.

      Carlisle suggested that the commission vote on a resolution or members

      could ask to speak to University Council.  Dr. Ogliaruso suggested that

      the chair relate the consensus of the membership to University Council.

      A straw vote was conducted on the question, "Are you (members of the

      commission) prepared to take a position on the proposal?"  The majority

      of the membership voted no.


  7.  Meeting adjourned at 3:29 p.m.


                                     Respectfully submitted,



                                     Wanda Hankins Dean

                                     University Registrar

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